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    A Christian Perspective
    on the un-Christian Tactics of the anti-Masons
    1995, 2002 Anthony Harper,

          The following pages are an excerpt from my manuscript.

This book contains more than ten chapters, covering...

The Truth to over Seventy anti-Masonic Myths and Lies;

Over One-Hundred Different Reference Sources Used, Covering over Four-Hundred Years of History;

Addresses to Every U.S. Grand Lodge, and their current Membership Status;

Learn How Masonic Charities Benefit the Public;

The History of the Masonic Fraternity, which is possibly the most accurate of any publication;

Learn the Truth behind the Lies of some of the best known, so-called "Christian" (anti-Masonic) writers;

Over Forty Scriptural References Used;

Addresses to over a Dozen Masonic Periodicals;

Titles to over Two Dozen Masonic Films and Videos;

Over Three-hundred Famous Masons, in over a Dozen Categories, Including: Sports, Politics, Religion. Business, Television, Industry, Medicine, Music, and More;

Plus... You Will Learn Every Word Contained in the True Masonic Secret.

Advance Praise for Conspiracy of Hate

"All in all, a fine piece of work... You are to be commended for your diligent work. It is a very hard-hitting, powerful book refuting the sludge spewed forth by the Anti-Masons."
Craig Campbell, Grand Lecturer
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Wisconsin

"Congratulations on this extensive rebuttal to the critics of Freemasonry... We need more dedicated, hardworking, articulate Brethren, such as you, to help Freemasonry fulfill its mission asa builder of better men... Keep up the good work."
Dr. John Boettjer, 33̊
Managing Editor, The Scottish Rite Journal

"I wanted you to know that we in the Scottish Rite appreciate what you are endeavoring to do... and I want to compliment you on the book; Conspiracy of Hate."
Robert Ralston, 33̊
Sovereign Grand Commander,Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite: Northern Jurisdiction

"I applaud the goal of your book and am impressed. it is factually accurate, easily verified, and well written. I particularly like your title."
S. Brent Morris, Ph.D., 33̊
Book Review Editor, The Scottish Rite Journal

"Thank you for your book: Conspiracy of Hate, which will give more information about Freemasons, and this information will be very helpful."
Richard Fletcher
Executive Secretary, The Masonic Service Association

"I wanted to acknowledge your contribution... Conspiracy of Hate reflects much research and what you say needs to be said."
Allen E. Roberts* Past President, Secretary
The Phililethes Society

My Mother Lodge | My Local Lodge
The Grand Lodge of Florida
The Grand York Rite of Florida | Sarasota York Rite

Mr. Harper is currently serving his second term as Grand Secretary for the Grand Chapter of the Widows Sons in Florida. The Widows Sons is an International Masonic Motorcycle Riders Association.

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*Brother Allen E. Roberts is deceased.