The Christy Fiction Series

adapted by C. Archer

Based upon Catherine Marshall's bestseller Christy,
this series contains expanded adventures
filled with romance, intrigue and excitement.

* * * * * *

The Bridge to Cutter Gap, Vol.1

Nineteen-year-old Christy Huddleston leaves her family to teach at a mission school in the Great Smoky Mountains. On the other side of an icy bridge lie excitment, adventure, and maybe even the man of her dreams...but can she survive a life-and-death struggle when she falls into the rushing waters below?

Silent Superstitions, Vol.2

Christy's students are suddenly afraid to come to school. Is what Granny O'Teale says true? Is their teacher cursed? Will the children's fears and the s' superstitions force Christy to abandon her dreams and return to North Carolina?

The Angry Intruder, Vol.3

Someone wants Christy to leave Cutter Gap, and they'll stop at nothing. Mysterious pranks soon turn dangerous. Could a student be the culprit? When Christy confronts that late-night intruder, will it be a face she knows?

Midnight Rescue, Vol.4

The mission's black stallion, Prince, has vanished, and so has Christy's student Ruby Mae. Christy must brave the guns of angry moonshiners to bring them home. Will her faith in God see her through her darkest night?

Christy's Choice, Vol.5

Christy should be thrilled when David Grantland, the handsome minister, proposes marriage, but her feelings of excitment are mixed with confusion and uncertainty. Several untimely interruptions delay her answer to David's proposal. Then a terrible riding and blindness threaten all Christy's dreams for the future.

The Proposal, Vol.6

When Christy is offered a chance to teach in her hometown, she faces a difficult decision. Will her train ride back to Cutter Gap be a journey home, or a last farewell? In a moment of and danger, Christy must decide where her future lies.

The Princess Club, Vol.7

When Ruby Mae, Bessie, and Clara discover gold at Cutter Gap, they form an exclusive organization, "The Princess Club." Christy watches in dismay as her classroom--and her community--are torn apart by greed, envy, and an understanding of what true wealth really means.

Family Secrets, Vol.8

Bob Allen and many of the residents of Cutter Gap are upset when a black family, the Washingtons, moves in near the Allen's property. When a series of threatening incidents befall the Washingtons, Christy steps in to help. But it's a clue in the Washingtons' family Bible that may hold the real key.

Mountain Madness, Vol.9

When Christy travels alone to a nearby mountain, she vows to discover the truth behind the terrifying legend of a strange mountain creature. But what she finds, at first seems worse than she ever imagined!

Stage Fright, Vol.10

As Christy's students are preparing for a school play, she reveals her dream to act on stage herself. Little does she know that Doctor MacNeill's aunt is the artistic director of the Knoxville theater. Before long, just as Christy is about to debut on stage, several mysterious incidents threaten both her dreams and her pride!

Goodbye, Sweet Prince, Vol.11

Prince, the mission's stallion, is sold to a cruel owner, then disappears. Christy Huddleston and her students are heartsick. Is there any way to reclaim the magnificent horse?

Brotherly Love, Vol.12

Everyone is delighted when Christy's younger brother, George Huddleston, visits Christy at the Cutter Gap Mission. But the delight ends when George reveals that he has been expelled from school for stealing. Can Christy summon the love and faith to help her brother do the right thing?