Christy - A story of faith beyond measure,
and courage beyond belief

At nineteen, Christy Huddleston left home to teach school at a backwoods mission in the Great Smoky Mountains. A sheltered city girl, she was not prepared for the harsh realities that awaited her as a teacher in the poverty-stricken community of Cutter Gap. But once there, she came to know and care for the wild mountain people, with their fierce pride, dark superstitions. . .and their yearning for beauty and truth. Through faith and hard work - and with the guiding influence and wisdom of an incredible woman (Miss Alice Henderson) - Christy struggled to win the respect of these proud people and make a real difference in their lives. But in these primitive surroundings, Christy's faith would be severely tested by the unique strengths and needs of two remarkable men - and challenged by a heart torn between desire. . .and love. Christy's desperate fight to bring love and hope to the people of Cutter Gap would prove to be an experience that would change her forever.