The Characters

-from Christy, by Catherine Marshall

CHRISTY RUDD HUDDLESTON, a nineteen-year-old girl.
Her father, mother, and brother George

ALICE HENDERSON, a Quaker mission worker from
Ardmore, Pennsyvania.

DAVID GRANTLAND, the young minister.

IDA GRANTLAND, the spinster sister of David.

DR. NEIL MACNEILL, the physician of the Cove.

JEB SPENCER, a ballad-singing mountain man.
Their children: John, Zady, Clara, Lulu,
and Little Guy.

BOB ALLEN, keeper of the mill by Blackberry Creek.
MARY ALLEN, his superstitious wife.
Their children: Rob, Festus, Creed, Della May,
Nuda, Little Burl

AULT ALLEN, Bob's older brother, head of the clan.

JOHN HOLCOMBE, another mountain man.
Their children: Arrowood, Lizette, John,
Sam Houston, baby girl.

UNCLE BOGG MCHONE, the country squire,
humorist of Cutter Gap, teller of tall tales.
TOM MCHONE, one of Uncle Bogg's grown sons.
OPAL MCHONE, Tom's wife.
Their children: Issak, Toot, Vincent.

NATHAN O'TEALE, rough highlander.
SWANNIE O'TEALE, his wife.
Their children: Wilmer, half-witted, epileptic son;
Smith, Orter Ball; Mountie; George, Thomas, Mary.

OZIAS HOLT, the host of the "working."
REBECCA HOLT, his wife.
Their children: Wraight, Zacharias, Becky, Will,
Dicle, Larmie, Jake, Vella.

BIRD'S EYE TAYLOR, feuder and blockader.
LUNDY TAYLOR, his seventeen-year-old swarthy son.

KYLE COBURN, mountain man.
LETY COBURN, his wife.
Their daughter Bessie, thirteen

DUGGIN MORRISON, glum mountaineer, and hsi wife.
Mrs. Morrison's daughter, Ruby Mae, red-haired
girl who lives at the mission house.

THE BECK FAMILY, whose cabin is close to the
Big Mud Hole.
Their children: Will, Clarabelle, Rorex, Wanda,
Ann, Joshua Bean.

AUNT POLLY TEAGUE, ninety-two, oldest woman
in the Cove.

LENORE TEAGUE, Aunt Polly's daughter-in-law.

GRANNY BARCLAY, mid-wife of Cutter Gap.

LIZ ANN ROBERTSON, married at fourteen.

MR. HAZEN SMITH, weathy Knoxville businessman.

University Club, Knoxville

GENTRY LONG, United States marshal.

JAVIS MACDONALD, the train conductor.

MRS. TATUM, the boarding-house lady.

BEN PENTALND, the mailman.

The Characters,
by Catherine Marshall