See What the Critics Said about Christy

- the novel, by Catherine Marshall

~ Boston Globe ~

"A powerfully moving book of great depth"
~ Atlanta Journal and Constitution ~

" epic novel."
~ Dallas Times Herold ~

"Deeply moving...filled with suspense, adventure, humor, and even comedy."
~ Pasadena Star News ~

"It has something that keeps the reader reading...
Relevant and heart-opening...
Rich, dramatic."
~ Fort Worth Star-Telegram ~

"Mystery, romance, well-researched history,
and feuding 'n' fighting in true mountain style...
A charming story."
~ Fort Wayne News-Sentinel ~

"An affirmation of faith...
A clear impression of the proud Scotch-Irish mountaineers
and their harsh, lonely lives."
~ Library Journal ~

"An inspiring story.
With skill Catherine Marshall has described human qualities common to all people everywhere--
common yearnings, failings, motivations and dreams."
~ Boston Globe ~

"For those who have been asking,
'Why don't they write nice books like they used to?'
--somebody has. She is Catherine Marshall."
~ The Detroit Free Press ~

"A novel of celebration...
Wholesome, inspiring...
Enjoyable reading."
~ St. Louis Post-Dispatch ~

"An alive and moving love story
with an authentic Americana background."
~ Hartford Courant ~

"A good deal more than an inspiring story--
it is a first-rate novel written in a style that is both skillful and gripping,
a novel to be read more than once with undiminished enjoyment."
~ Richmond Times-Dispatch ~