Sunset - A Poem

As seen through the eyes of Christy Huddleston

As I stand here,
Gazing, in awe, at a glorious mountain sunset,
The faces of those I treasure most,
Flash before my eyes.

I see Miss Alice. . .
Her gray eyes -- pools of quiet thought,
Sparkling with love.
A love that lives and breathes forgiveness.
And, though once wounded,
Now faces evil, and ever rises triumphant.

I see Neil. . .
And I think of all that we share.
I see in him a willingness
To give every piece of himself to these people he loves.
And I long to possess the same unyielding devotion.
How lost I would find myself without him!

I see David. . .
His struggles, his triumphs.
Striving, to replace generations of dark superstition
With the Hope of God's love.
He is ever lending his strength to others. . .
And to me.

I see the children - my children. . .
Their eagerness to learn,
Only surpassed by an intense love of life and heritage.
I pray that in the years ahead,
They may taste the joy of dreams fulfilled.
How I long to leave an impression of love on their lives!

I see Cutter Gap. . .
A place and a people I have come to know --
And to love,
With a heart that is fuller than ever before.
And hands that are open. . .
And willing to hold on to joy.

- by Connie Wellington

1998 Constance