Christy Trivia

Test your Christy knowledge!

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1. What is Christy's middle name?

2. Where are David and Miss Ida from?

3. Who played Fairlight Spencer?

4. What religion is Miss Alice?

5. Who is the director of the mission?

6. How old is Aunt Polly, the oldest woman in the Cove?

7. How does Jeb Spencer make a living?

8. What is the name of the local mailman?

9. In the Pilot episode, who is injured on the way to get Christy from the train depot?

10. In the Pilot, what is the date written on the chalkboard?

11. What is the name of Creed Allen's raccoon?

12. In the Pilot, what book is Lundy Taylor reading when Christy encounters him in the woods?

13. What was Mountie O'Teale's first word?

14. What position does Uncle Bog hold in the Cove?

15. In A Closer Walk, what family heirloom of David and Miss Ida's was ruined in the fire?

16. In Both Your Houses, what famous play does Christy use to demonstrate to the children that feuding is wrong?

17. In Both Your Houses, who saves Bird's-Eye Taylor from the "hanging tree"?

18. In what episode is Miss Alice injured from a falling telephone pole?

19. What meat is Ruby Mae always fixing for the those at the mission?

20. In Eye of the Storm, what hospital offers Dr. MacNeill a position in Baltimore?

21. In what episode does Dr. MacNeill restore Becky O'Teale's sight?

22. In To Have and To Hold, what stone was in the ring David used to propose to Christy?

23. Who does Miss Ida marry?

24. What is the name of Sam Houston's dog?

25. In The Hunt, what is the name of David's childhood friend who comes to visit Cutter Gap?

26. In the Hunt, what fruit does Ruby Mae go all the way to El Pano to find?

27. What is the name of the mission's donkey?

28. What university in New York offered Rob Allen a full college scholarship?

29. What is the name of Miss Alice's daughter?

30. In Amazing Grace, where is Mr. Theodore Harland from?

31. In The Sweetest Gift, what is the name of the tracker who helped the people of Cutter Gap hunt Thanksgiving dinner?

32. Who played Christy's mother?

33. In what episode do Miss Alice and Christy visit Freedom, Kentucky?

34. What is the name of Daniel Scott's fiancee?

35. In The Lie, which student told the lie that nearly ruined Christy's future in the Cove?

36. In The Hostage, who kidnaps Christy and Sam Houston?

37. What is the name of Christy's baby sister who died of scarlet fever?

38. In what episode can Neil be seen wearing a kilt?

39. In Babe in the Woods, what is the name of the the mother who leaves her baby at the mission?

40. In Babe in the Woods, what do the McHones name their new baby?

41. In Second Sight, what wealthy benefactor visits Cutter Gap?

42. In Second Sight, who ends up selling their land?

43. In The Road Home, where is the imfamous Tea House located?

44. Who was the novel Christy written about?

45. What is the very last sentence in the novel Christy?

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