Cookie's Chatter Gingerbread Fridgie

Materials Needed:
1 piece of 7 H to the inch plastic canvas mesh, small amounts of black and white 4-ply yarns, part of a skein of 4-ply yarn in  nice brown or cinnamon color.  I used Red Heart No. 280 Medium Clay for the sample.  Plastic canvas needle and fridge magnet to glue on back of Gingerbread Boy.  Optional:  small length of black embroidery floss, divided into 2 strand pieces.

Cut magnet according to graph.  Work the eyes in white (5) and 1 black tent stitch.  Fill in entire area with the brown yarn working in tent stitches.  Work white French knots for buttons and long tent stitches placed as shown for icing mouth, belt, sleeves. Use the brown yarn to finish edges in overcast stitch with your brown.  If desired, work black outline stitch around the eyes.  (I recommend either leaving this alone or using 2 strands of black embroidery floss for outline instead of the black 4-ply.) Glue fridge magnet to back when done.  Make sure you get a large enough piece of magnet to hold the Gingerbread Boy to the surface if you are using magnetic tape and cutting your own pieces (about an inch long should do).

NOTE:  I reworked the pattern for a better version after I did a sample.  The graph is not identical to the sample shown which is a little asymetrical as it was my first experiment on this design.

COMING NEXT ISSUE:  Cookie's Chatter Plastic Canvas Stationery Holder for the 8 1/2" X 11" stationery available for free off the website.  (Website stationery, ruled, must be printed on your own printer off templates we have provided at the website)
You can also obtain Cookie's Chatter stationery from us if you don't have internet access or a color printer.  This is for a cost, however.  If you want more information, please contact:  Debbie at to get stationery through the mail.