Northern California, Winter 2002

. Rhianna with kelp near Monterey
. . Durandy with sea lace near Monterey
. . . Snow at Bear Valley
. . . . More snow at Bear Valley
. . . . . (l-r, back): Jim, Margaret, Ashley, Craig, Grant
(l-r, front): Durandy, Barbie, Rhianna

. Making Snow Angels
. . Durandy on Cross Country Skis
. . . Rhianna Helping Clear the Deck
. . . . A Good Time Was Had by All!

Colorado, 2002

A long overdue return to some of my favorite spots and a few new places:

. A cataract in the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area
. . Coffee with Dad
. . . Looking North over the Upper Cataract Lake
. . . . At Mirror Lake (Mount Meridian on the right, Mount Powell on the left)
. . . . . On top of Gray's Peak (14,270 feet) with Reid

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Ride the Rockies

Ride the Rockies is an annual sponsored ride--The Denver Post and
other corporate sponsors provide maps, baggage transportation, and
on-route refreshments.  We provide the leg power.  Typical rides 
involve two or three mountain passes and 70 or 80 miles per day for 
six days through the heart of Colorado's most beautiful mountains.

My dad, my brother, and I have done three of them, in 1993, 1994, and 
1995.  The first snapshot is me and my Dad (he's on the right) with 
the headwaters of the Colorado River over his left shoulder.  We had
just ridden over Trail Ridge Road and felt pretty invincible.  The 
next shot is my brother and I (he's on the left) at the top of 
Berthoud Pass, the highlight of an insane pre-Ride-the-Rockies 
training ride that we did the week before the tour.

Ride the Shamrocks

At the end of my first research trip to England, I hopped a flight to Dublin 
and rented a bike.  I rode three hundred miles to the Kerry peninsula (from
the middle of the east coast to the southwest coast) in about a week, staying
at hostels overnight and touring castles and pubs by day.  It was glorious.

I don't have any pictures of me actually on the bike, but the occasional
stranger offered to take a picture of me at the side of the road . . .

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