I think I'd pay to see these tiny birds outside my window, and the joy they bring is well worth the time it takes to feed them.

They bring out the kid in all of us. You have a sense of wonder again, just seeing them. Fun for kids and for those of us that just like feeling as if we were a kid again!

For how can science explain away the fact they fly backwards??? Or ruin the aura that surrounds hummingbirds, with explanations? A magical world where amazement and laughter creeps in everyday life...

It is not hard to feed them and I've found a few tips that makes my feeders busy all day long and until dark.

I give one certain type hummingbird feeder as gifts, with a few red canna bulbs, book on hummingbirds, and some blackberry tea. Presto! Instant gift for people that are hard to buy for, or those spending alot of time alone.

1. THE feeder to get is one that has a red glass or plastic tank for the liquid. Harder to find but I found a glass one that is hand etched and worth the money, at around $22.00. (Picture of it and Link Below)

I have seen a red plastic one from Perky Pet shaped like a strawberry or apple for around $9.00-$10.00 at farm supply shops, that will do the same thing. (Link Below)

2. You can make the hummers favorite snack, plain white sugar in water. No Instant Mix, or special nectar needed. RED COLOR IS NOT needed.

My feeder is clear and the liquid is also clear, guess what? They pass the neighbors feeders with the Instant Nectar colored red and hit mine everytime! They like the clear sugar water that has been boiled, better than the package nectar.

Here is the recipe:

Mix 4 cups water to 1 cup white sugar in a pan. (or 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of white sugar, for a smaller batch) Bring water to a boil and stir in sugar. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Let cool. Excess liquid can be stored in a tightly covered jar in refrigerator for one week.

Do not use honey or brown sugar or any type of artificial sweeteners; NO red coloring!

I use a bulb type plastic meat baster to fill the feeders without spills. Easier for me than a funnel or trying to pour the nectar.

3. A few red Canna Bulbs planted does wonders. The neighbors gave me some from their garden last year and I planted them. This year I have seen more hummingbirds use my feeder than ever before.

Doesn't take many, I have 4-5 red ones planted.

4. I bought a shepherds' crook hanging plant stake from a farm store for about $10.00. It is iron and about 5' tall, and it has an anchor that you just stick into the ground by hand. I put mine in front of the window, and hung the humminbird feeder on it.

Wanted to see those critters I am feeding. I do have solar film on my front window so I can view them really close, without them seeing me and being afraid. Now? They come up to any window where I am and just look in.

Mostly? Take time to enjoy them...

Coffee Break for me and Time to check out my own feeders!


NOTE: The Feeder sells for $22.00-33.00 on Amazon, was $50.00. The price changes from week to week, so you have to keep checking back to get the feeder for $22.00!

I am NOT getting paid by Amazon, or anyone else. Just think the red color feeders are the best to use to get results.

The etched glass feeder is more the color of the close up picture, before you even fill it.

Original etching by Gary Schrodt of three flying hummingbirds and tiger lilies.

Cap and base are lathe turned by hand

Dish cover is solid brass with kiln fired powder coated copper flowers

12 inches in height, the feeder holds 1 pint of nectar

Made of redwood, brass, and etched glass, this tropical, fun feeder uses three copper-colored flowers to attract brilliant hummers. Because the wide base gives the birds plenty of room to land, you can hang the feeder just about anywhere.

Filling the feeder is easy: simply flip it over, pop off the base, pour in a sugar solution (directions included), and quickly flip it back.

Removing the base requires a bit of force, and you have to be careful not to damage the flowers when you grip, but, overall, this is a very solid, long-lasting feeder.

These two are from Perky Pet and both are red plastic, and hummers use them often.

Yellow flowers on a hummingbird feeder attract bees and wasps, so the newer feeders are now made using white or red flowers.

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