The "New Mickey Mouse

Club" Episode Guide

Here it is folks, and though it's not complete, it's the closest to completeness you'll find anywhere on the Web so far. Read on, old Mousekafans, and see if your memory can be delightfully refreshed!

(Episodes that aired in August 1998 during The Disney Channel's "70's Week" have an asterisk [*] before their episode numbers. Episodes that aired in August 1999 during "70's Week 2" have a dagger [†].)

The "First Season"

(according to Disney)


*†C-001 -- Monday, it's a "Who, What, Why, Where, When and How Day" on the new Club. A special look behind the scenes is featured as the Mouseketeers talk about what it's like being put on the "New Mickey Mouse Club." "The Old Mill" an Academy Award-winning cartoon, is also featured.

†C-002 -- Tuesday, it's "Let's Go Day" with the Mouseketeers. "Self Control " the all-color Mousekartoon starring Donald Duck in a most difficult role -- calm, cool and collected. "It's a Small World" sing the Mouseketeers in a special Mouseketeer Showcase production number taped at Disneyland. The Mousekamovie Special is a film collage from Disney's animated classic film, "Fantasia." Mouseketeers are featured as clowns and teddy bears in a special Talent Showcase "Merry Go-Round."

*†C-003 -- Wednesday, it's Mouseketeer "Surprise Day" where anything can happen and usually does. Donald Duck has double trouble on his hands and in his apple trees as Chip and Dale eat his apples faster than he can harvest them in the all-color Mousekartoon, "Donald Applecore." Annette Funicello Gilardi , one of the most popular of the original Mouseketeers and Tim Considine, Spin of the "Spin and Marty" serials, sing and dance along with the new Mouseketeers.

†C-004 -- Thursday, it's "Discovery Day." When Pluto steals a bone from the mean bulldog next door he's in for some "Bone Trouble" in the all-color Mousekartoon for the day. The new Mouseketeers take us backstage as they rehearse for the production number, "The Mousekadance." The phrase "a chip on your shoulder" is explained by the Mouseketeers and Mr. Simply: "Simply said, a lot of things can be said more simply."

†C-005 -- Friday, it's "Showtime" with the Mouseketeers at Disneyland. Mouseketeer Lisa Whelchel and Kenia Hernandez (a special Showtime guest from Garden Grove, California) sing a duet. Singing/dancing twins Christine and Cheryl Gilbert from Jamul, California, are also featured. Goofy stars in the Mousekartoon all about the art of dancing in "How to Dance."

†C-006 -- Monday, Disney sound effects specialist Jimmy MacDonald visits the new Mouseketeers and show them a few tricks of his trade on "Who, What, Why, Where, When and How Day." And it's "Elmer Elephant" to the rescue when Tilly Tiger's house goes up in flames in the all-color Mousekartoon for the day.

†C-007 -- Tuesday, when Mouseketeers Scott, Lisa and Allison find a lost bear cub aboard the "Let's Go Day" boat, they decide to take him to Yellowstone National Park so that he can meet some friendly bears (Scenes from Disney's "Yellowstone Cubs" are featured). Ol' Humphrey the "Beezy Bear" gets himself in to a sticky situation when he tries to steal honey from Donald Duck's beehives in today's all-color cartoon.

C-008 -- Wednesday, it's a super "Surprise Day" for Mouseketeers Lisa and Scott when they learn how to fly a glider. Lisa sings the title song "Go Where the Wind Blows." "Dumbo" does some flying, too, in the Mouseka-Movie Special.

†C-009 -- Thursday, the Mouseketeers discover that there really is life on Mars when the Mousekartoon for the day takes a "Comic Look at Mars." The Mouseketeer Talent Showcase features Lisa as a wallflower who dreams about being the belle of the ball in " Won't Somebody Dance with Me?" The Mouseka-Movie Special includes Disney's "Sword in the Stone."

†C-010 -- Friday, "Showtime Day" features Trudy Stolz, a young flutist from Sepulveda, California, and Christi Christofferson, a country western singer from Modesto, California. And Little Red Riding Hood has "Big Bad Wolf" troubles when she decides to take the short cut through the woods to Granny's house in the all-color Mousekartoon for the day.

*C-011 -- Monday, Mickey, Donald and Goofy get all Wound up in their work in the all-color Mousekartoon "Clock Cleaners." "It's a turn on day..." when the Mouseketeers relive the fabulous Fifties in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Discovery." The Mouseka-Movie Special, features Pongo, Perdita and their "101 Dalmatians." Mouseketeer Angel Florez sings and Dances " Fortuousity."

C-012 --Tuesday, boxing and baseball are today's special feature. The Mouseketeers visit Johnny Flores' training camp for Golden Glove boxing and then travel to a Little League baseball game to watch Katie Thorpe (one of the first girls to break into the all-boy sport) play ball. In Episode One, "The Stowaway, " on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Chris Hollister (CHRISTIAN JUTTNER) and Stewie Withers (ROBBIE RIST) win a vacation at the Circle B ranch. When they finally arrive at the ranch, they are surprised to find Stewie's little brother, Doug (BOBBY ROLOFSON), in the luggage compartment of the bus.

†C-013 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeer Allison Fonte is in for an extra special "Surprise Day" when she has some adventures of her own in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Allison's Wonderland." The Mouseka-Movie features Princess Aurora dreaming about her handsome prince in song and dance form the Disney animated classic "Sleeping Beauty ."

C-014 -- Thursday, Mickey Mouse's life story is traced form the first sound cartoon, "Steamboat Willie," to his role as leader of the Club in the Mousekartoon Special, "The History of Mickey Mouse." And in Episode Two, "The Young Detectives, " on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Patty Bell (KIM RICHARDS) gives Chris, Stewie and Doug a tour of the Circle B Ranch. They become suspicious when they find salt licks by the road side.

C-015 -- Friday, multi-talented musician Scotty Plummer from San Francisco is the featured guest on "Showtime Day." Pluto has puppy problems in the all-color cartoon "Pluto's Quinpuplets."

C-016 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers visit Cougar Hill Ranch. Home of many famous animal actors, the ranch is owned and operated by trainer George Toth. His children, Nikki and Elizabeth, take care of the animals and during a tour of the compound explain the care, feeding and training of their charges. The Mousekartoon "Pests of the West" is also featured, starring Pluto, the wonder pup, trying to outsmart Bent-tail the coyote.

C-017 -- Tuesday, Donald Duck couldn't be happier with his new home until he meets his "New Neighbor," Pete, in the Mousekartoon for the day. In Episode Three, "Prime Suspect," on "The Mystery of Rustler's Cave," Stewie stays behind at the ranch, while Patty, Chris and Doug look for clues regarding the mysterious salt licks. The salt is gone, but tire tracks lead the youngsters to an abandoned line shack.

C-018 -- Wednesday, Greg Wilson, son of celebrated magician Mark Wilson, brings a hatful of magical tricks for a super "Surprise Day" with the new Mouseketeers. Donald Duck reminisces about the first time her met Daisy in the Mousekartoon, "Donald's Diary."

C-019 -- Thursday, Allison, Mindy, Nita, Shawnte, and Kelly star in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase production number, "Twinkle, Twinkle." Scenes from the animated classic, "Bambi" are featured in the Mouseka-movie special. In Episode Four, "Badman's Code," on "The Mystery of Rustler's Cave," Patty Bell, Chris and Stewie sneak back to the abandoned line shack after everyone is asleep and find a CB radio and code book.

C-020 -- Friday, Debbie Douglas, an 11-year-old acrobat from San Diego, and Christopher Gregory, a 13-yeard old singer form Las Vegas, are featured as "Showtime Day" guest talent. Goofy stars in the all-color cartoon, "How to Play Baseball."

C-021 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers take a tour of the Disney Studio animation department and learn the steps in making a cartoon. The Mouseketeer Talent Showcase presents the Mouseketeers on the Rivers of America at Disneyland for the production number " Ohio River Medley." Allison Fonte is also feature in a special talent showcase with a song and dance number she wrote herself, "Sing Music Sing." The Mouseka-Movie Special is "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs."

C-022 -- Tuesday, Mouseketeer Lisa Whelchel narrates a special feature about kids on skis. In Episode Five, "Thieves in the Night" on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Patty, Chris and Stewie overhear Waco (BING RUSSELL) and Charlie (DENNIS FIMPLE) talking about the cattle they are about to rustle. The next day, while preparing for the big Fourth of July celebration, Patty and Doug are caught snooping around in Buzz's (LOU FRIZZELL) room.

C-023 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeers Allison and Pop visit the KMPC radio station in Hollywood, where Gary Owens gives them a tour of the KMPC record library and newsroom, and invites them to participate in his afternoon radio show. The Mouseka-Movie Special features Baloo the bear, singing "Bare Necessities" from the animated film "Jungle Book." Pluto and Butch have trouble sharing in the Mousekartoon "Pluto's Purchase."

C-024 -- Thursday, Mickey and Pluto get plenty scared in the Mousekartoon "Mickey's Parrot." In Episode Six, "Escape from Apache Cliff," on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Patty and Doug sneak off to Apache Cliff and discover a secret cave, which leads into a box canyon filled with stolen cattle. They rush off to tell Ted (TED GEHRING), foreman of the Circle B Ranch, of their discovery.

C-025 -- Friday, Terri Perrotta, an 11-year-old tap dancer from Hyde Park, Massachusetts, and Kevin Brando, a 6-year-old trombone player from Santa Monica, California, are feature as Showtime Day guest talent. "Little Toot," a carefree little tugboat, stars in the cartoon for the day.

C-026 -- Monday, Donald Duck can't out-trick his nephews of Halloween, especially when Huey, Dewey and Louie have Witch Hazel on their side in the Mousekartoon "Trick or Treat." Nessie, the Loch Ness monster tells the history of monsters and of the legends that surround Loch Ness.

C-027 -- Tuesday. Mouseketeers Scott and Mindy join Rod Duff and the members of the Wind Drifters Hot Air Balloon Club for a Mouseketeer adventure special about hot air ballooning. In Episode Seven, "The Wrong Man" on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Stewie bets his and Chris' belt buckles that Chris will win the big Fourth of July horse race at the Circle B Ranch. Buzz tells the kids that he has been sneaking off at night to take painting lessons and Patty confesses that she thought he was one of the cattle rustlers.

C-028 -- Wednesday, Mouseka-alumni Darlene Gillespie and Cubby O'Brien make a special "Surprise Day" appearance. Cubby is featured on the drums and Darlene sings "Silver Threads and Golden Needles." The new Mouseketeers join the original "Mice" in the production number "Sing and Dance." It's a hot time in the old town tonight with Donald Duck as the "Fire Chief" in the Mousekartoon for the day.

C-029 -- Thursday, Mouseketeers Kelly and Todd discover the wonderful world of bicycles when they visit an antique bike show, the Los Angeles Police Bicycle Drill Team and an exciting motocross bike race. In Episode Eight, "Instant Army" on "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Patty, Stewie, and Chris discover that Ted, foreman of the Circle B Ranch, is really the boss of the rustling ring. Chris rides off to warn Buzz while Patty takes off to tell Brett (TONY BECKER) and his motocross team that the cattle are being moved out NOW!

*C-030 -- Friday, Wendy Holcombe, a banjo picker from Alabaster, Alabama, sings and plays "Whoa Mule" in the "Showtime Day" segment. Tracy Xepoleas and Jimmy Pastrone, an acrobatic dance team from Livermore, California, are also featured. Max Hare and Toby Tortoise star in the classic Silly Symphony cartoon "The Tortoise and the Hare."

C-031 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers set sail in King Harbor, California, and join a Sabot sailboat race. When Scott falls overboard, it's the Coast Guard to the rescue. Goofy demonstrates the proper way how not to water ski in teh Mousekartoon "Aquamania."

C-032 -- Tuesday, Jiminy Cricket discuses the importance of food, the fuel for "You, The Living Machine". In "Ambush on Johnson Road," the concluding episode of "The Mystery of Rustlers' Cave," Patty, Chris, and Stewie, with help from Brett, his motocross team, and kids form the neighboring ranches, "round-up" Ted and his band of cattle thieves.

C-033 -- Wednesday, Larry Groce, the "Junkfood Junkie," joins the Mouseketeers in an extra special "Surprise Day" full of song. A singer and songwriter, Groce shows the Mouseketeers how to develop a good song by making up tunes as he goes along. Pluto has gopher troubles in his garden in the Mousekartoon "Pluto and the Gopher."

C-034 -- Thursday, Donald Duck presents the Mouseka-Movie Special "Mickey and the Beanstalk." It's the Disney version of the classic fairy tale starring Mickey, Donald, Goofy and, of course, the terrible Giant.

C-035 -- Friday, Rowena Givens, a 13-year-old pianist from Wilmington, California, and Jodi Light, a 12-year-old vocalist from Lima, Ohio, are featured guest talent for "Showtime Day." Donald Duck gets all tangled up in the museum of "Modern Inventions" in today's Mousekartoon.

C-036 -- Monday, Humphrey the Bear is caught holding the bag -- litter bag -- in the Mousekartoon "In the Bag." Thrills and spills make up the exciting world of young motocross racers, today's special feature.

C-037 -- Tuesday, Donald Duck takes a geometrical journey into the fascinating world of mathematics in the Mousekartoon "Donald in Mathmagic Land ." The Mouseketeers are featured in a foot stompin' Talent Showcase, "The Maple Leaf Rag," and Julie Piekarski stars in her own Talent Showcase "Julie's Jazz Dance." The Mouseka-Movie Special highlights scenes of the Mad Hatter's tea party from "Alice in Wonderland."

C-038 -- Wednesday, Jiminy Cricket, expounds on the value of food and how to eat a balanced diet in " You and Your Food." . Kelly and Curtis are featured in a special Mouseketeer adventure all about kite flying when they visit a kite flying festival in Venice, California, where custom kites are the order of the day.

C-039 -- Thursday, the Academy Award-winning cartoon, "Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom" traces the development of music throughout the ages. Todd, Kelly, Mindy and Shawnte make some music of their own in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Give a Hoot." The Mouseka-Movie Special features scenes from Walt Disney's first full-length animated film, "Snow White."

C-040 -- Friday, Vicki Caneer, a 12-year-old roller skater from Huntsville, Alabama, and Mark James, a 10-year-old disco dancer from Oakland, California, are featured guest talent for "Showtime Day." All's fair in love and war when Chip 'n Dale vie for the attentions of Clarice, a torch-singin' chipmunk in the Mousekartoon, "Two Chips and a Miss."

C-041 -- Monday, Mickey Mouse tries to teach Pluto how to point in the Mousekartoon, "The Pointer." The special feature is all about skateboarding -- from making a skateboard to competing in national skateboard championships.

C-042 -- Tuesday, flying a plane is a lot harder than it looks, especially when the Goof is in the cockpit in the cartoon, "Goofy's Glider." Professor Bill Steed of Croaker College shows the Mouseketeers how her teaches frogs to jump. Scenes from "Jumping Frog Jubilee," the international frog jump held in Calaveras County, are also featured.

C-043 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeer Allison learns all about Mouseka-magic when magician Abb Dixon visits the "Club" and literally breaks Allison in to pieces. "Casey at the Bat," the Mousekartoon special, is from the animated feature, "Make Mine Music." The cartoon is based upon the famous poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.

C-044 -- Thursday, "Always let your conscience be your guide" -- but which conscience? Poor Donald Duck is confused in the Mousekartoon, "Donald's Better Self." Mouseketeer Curtis is featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Have You Ever Thought About A Flower?" Mini-Mouseketeer Mindy has a Talent Showcase of her own, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." The Mouseka-Movie is "Robin Hood."

C-045 -- Friday, Tim Syverson, a 12-year-old singer from Portland, Oregon, and Adrena Jensen, a 14-year-old singer from Sepulveda, California, are featured on Showtime Day at Disneyland. Pluto stars in the Mousekartoon, "Canine Casanova."

C-046 -- Monday, the "Mouse Club" goes to the dogs -- especially when Mouseketeer Lisa explains how and why the dog has become man's best friend and partner with scenes from Disney's "Alaskan Sled Dog," "Barry, of the Great St. Bernard," "Greta, the Misfit Greyhound," and "The Ugly Dachshund." Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck star in a cartoon about Mouseka-magic in "Magician Mickey."

*C-047 -- Tuesday, cowboy and clown Wilbur Plaugher stars in a special feature all about rodeo clowns, the rodeo cowboy's best friend. Everybody's doin' the "Mousekadance," today's Mouseketeer Talent Showcase production number. Tired of being a 98-pound weakling, Goofy tries to take some bodybuilding lessons in the Mousekartoon, "Goofy Gymnastics."

C-048 -- Wednesday, Shere Khan, the tiger, is in hot pursuit of Mowgli, the Jungle Boy, in exciting scenes from "The Jungle Book," the Mouseka-movie Special. The Mouseketeer are also pursued, not by a tiger but by a gorilla, Bob Burns, in a zany "Surprise Day." The Mousekartoon, "The Brave Engineer," stars Engineer Casey Jones trying to get the mail through despite numerous hassles and catastrophes. Mouseketeers Curtis and Nita are featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Chim Chim Cher-ee."

C-049 -- Thursday, Mickey, Donald and Goofy take a vacation to the tropical paradise, Hawaii, in the Mousekartoon, "Hawaiian Holiday." Young Soap Box racers Chris Noyes and Diane Mills are featured in a Mouseketeer Adventure Special all about racing in the Soap Box Derby at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio.

C-050 -- Friday, Mark Rhodes, a 12-year-old rock singer and dancer from Houston, Texas, and Lori Genelin, a 7-year-old singer and tap dancer from Fresno, California, are the "Showtime Day" guests. Mickey, Donald and Goofy are out to get your ghosts in the Mousekartoon, "Lonesome Ghosts."

C-051 -- Friday, Greg Palumbo, a Nine-year-old pianist from Santa Ana, California, and ten-year-old violinist Josiah Steiner, From Scottsdale, Arizona, are featured on "Showtime Day" at Disneyland. Jiminy Cricket stars in a cartoon special about "You and Your Senses of Smell and Taste." (Note: This episode premiered on a week which featured repeats of episodes C-006, C-037, C-008, and C-039)

C-052 -- Friday, Shawnte & Scott Welcome 12-year-old organist Jimmy Questa from Cincinnati, Ohio, who performs "The William Tell Overture," and 12-year-old Kim Fedena from Westtown, Pennsylvania, who sings "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever," on "Showtime Day." Later, Julie teaches Mindy about electricity with a little help with Jiminy Cricket's "I'm No Fool with Electricity." (Note: This episode premiered on a week which featured repeats of episodes C-011, C-047, C-003, and C-034)

C-053 -- Monday, it's off to the stables with the Mouseketeers. Lisa, Julie, and Shawnte take a riding lesson at Foxfield Riding Academy in Westlake, California, where they meet a young rider, Kathy Perry, who invites them to attend the Santa Barbara Horse Show to watch her jump in competition. It's a thrill for the Mouseketeers when they are asked to present the awards, especially when their friend, Kathy, is one of the winners and Goofy shows his equestrian expertise in the Mousekartoon, "How To Ride A Horse."

C-054 -- Tuesday, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," becomes Pluto's motto in the Mousekartoon "Camp Dog." In episode one of "The Monkey's Uncle," "Exploring the Possibilities," Merlin Jones (Tommy Kirk) is awarded legal custody of Stanley, the chimpanzee, by Judge Holmsby (Leon Ames). Merlin wants to prove that Stanley can be taught to work and think on a college student level. Mouseketeers Julie and Todd are featured in a comedy skit involving some Mouseka-magic.

C-055 -- Wednesday, When Mouseketeers Pop and Todd get into an argument over a game of marbles, the rest of the Mouseketeers interfere and point out the importance of friendship in the production number, "Friends." Goofy and Donald Duck get stranded in the Sahara Desert in the Mousekartoon "Crazy with the Heat." The Mouseketeer Talent Showcase production "A Taco and a Burger," features Mouseketeer Scott Craig singing about the problems of falling in love with a fast food waitress (Mouseketeer Kelly).

C-056 -- Thursday, Mickey is in for a lot of surprises when the gang gets together to throw him a birthday party in the cartoon "Mickey's Birthday Party." Episode two of "The Monkey's Uncle," "Learning New Tricks," features Merlin Jones trying to teach Stanley all abut civilization through sleep learning. Sparks fly when Lisa (Cheryl Miller), the babysitter, arrives to watch Stanley, the chimp, and Merlin becomes more interested in her than Jennifer (Annette Funicello), his girlfriend.

C-057 -- Friday, Carlos Andres, a 13-year-old dancer from Las Vegas, Nevada, and Lollypop Jones, a 14-year-old fiddler form Sacramento, California, are featured as "Showtime Day" special guests. Winnie the Pooh, is the Mouseka-Movie Special and Donald has chipmunks in his cockpit in the Mousekartoon "Test Pilot Donald."

C-058 -- Monday, Mouseketeers Nita and Scott are invited aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation for a fun and exciting Mouseka-adventure with the U.S. Navy. The game of football is defined, described and finally destroyed by Goofy and his teammates in the Mousekartoon "How to Play Football."

C-059 -- Tuesday, Mouseketeers Allison and Pop tale a journey to the North Pole with scenes from Disney's True-Life Adventure "White Wilderness." In Episode Three, "Complications Set In" on "The Monkey's Uncle," Merlin Jones is invited to pledge the Mu Mu Fraternity on the condition that her tutor the football players for their English Lit. exams.

C-060 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeers Lisa and Todd trade in their mouse ears for coonskin caps when they trace the life and legend of Davy Crockett with song and scenes form Disney's "Adventures of Davy Crockett." Neither rain, sleet nor snow will dampen Pluto's spirit to get the mail through on time at the North Pole in the Mousekartoon "Mail Dog." "You're Really Terrific" is a special Mouseketeer Talent Showcase featuring Mouseketeers Kelly and Todd. Todd portrays a hockey player who has just lost the big game. Kelly tries to convince him though song and a little soft shoe that he's really terrific.

C-061 --Thursday, "Susie the Little Blue Coupe" is featured as the Mousekartoon of the Day. Merlin Jones, Norman (Norman Grabowski), and Leon (Leon Tyler) are accused of cheating on the English Lit. exams and Jennifer walks out on Merlin when she spies Lisa, the babysitter, coming out of his shower in Episode Four, "Message for Merlin" on "The Monkey's Uncle."

*C-062 -- Friday, Derek Mithaug, 10-year-old pianist and accordionist from Seattle, Washington, and Molly Ringwald, 9-year-old jazz singer from Citrus Heights, California are featured in Showtime Day. Goofy stars in the Mousekartoon, "Knight for a Day." Peter Pan teaches the Darling children to fly in the Mouseka-Movie Special.

C-063 -- Monday, Mouseketeers Shawnte and Todd seaplane over to Catalina Island for an Outward Bound Survival course. The course, which includes kayaking, rock climbing, and the traditional ropes course, is conducted by Lee Maynard, director of Southwest Outward Bound in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who lends the Mouseketeers a helping hand and an lot of moral support. Donald Duck first runs into Chip 'N Dale in the Mousekartoon "Chip 'n Dale."

C-064 -- Jiminy Cricket is featured in the "I'm No Fool" series and give some safety tips to bicycle riders. Problems arise for Judge Holmsby and the football team when Midvale College is promised $1 million dollars under the condition that the game of intercollegiate football is abolished in episode five, "Egos Are Soaring" on "The Monkey's Uncle."

C-065 -- Wednesday, old time movies are the theme of the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Silver Screenies." All the Mouseketeers participate in a spoof on the "Golden Oldies" with slapstick comedy routines, pie throwing, singing, dancing and a lot of belly laughs. Donald gets himself into a sticky situation when he raids a local beehive in the Mousekartoon "Bee on Guard."

C-066 -- Thursday, Mouseketeers Lisa and Pop are featured in a hysterical comedy skit "A Spoonful Of Sugar." Duchess and her three kittens meat Thomas O'Malley Cat in the Mouseka-Movie Special, "The Aristocats." Julie dons her toe shoes for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Julie's Polka." Judge Holmsby and the football team may be saved but it's all up to Merlin Jones in episode six, "The Ten Million Dollar Boost" on "The Monkey's Uncle."

C-067 -- Friday, Gregory Smith, a 13-year-old marimba player and dancer from Spokane, Washington and Jeff Farley, a 13-year-old fire-knife dancer from Round Lake Park, Illinois, are featured on "Showtime Day." The Mousekartoon special is "Lambert the Sheepish Lion."

C-068 -- Monday, it's off to the recording studio for Mouseketeers Allison, Kelly, Lisa, Curtis and Scott where the record the popular new hit, "Disco Mouse," an upbeat disco version of the "Mickey Mouse Club March." Then they go to the record pressing plant and learn how "Disco Mouse" and all other records are made. Pluto makes some sweet music of his own in the Mousekartoon "Pluto's Blue Note."

C-069 -- Tuesday, Mouseketeers Mindy and Pop are featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Special "Never Smile at a Crocodile," and Lisa and Scott have a Talent Showcase of their own, "When I'm 64" (both taped at Disneyland). Merlin Jones gets Leon up in the air but can he keep him flying? That's the problem in episode seven, "Giant Steps Backwards" on "The Monkey's Uncle." Three little kittens get together and sing their "Scales and Arpeggios" in the Mouseka-Movie Special, "The Aristocats."

C-070 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeers Todd and Allison rediscover the wonderful world of the 1890's when they visit Ted Bowers and his warehouse of antique musical instruments. Bambi meets all his little forest friends in the Mouseka-Movie Special, "Bambi."

C-071 -- Thursday, the Mouseketeers sing and dance to the production number, "Joy to the World." Chip n' Dale break up Donald's romance in the Mousekartoon, "Crazy Over Daisy," and Merlin Jones, with the help of liquid strength, overcomes his fear of flying in the concluding episode of "The Monkey's Uncle."

C-072 -- Friday, Christina Henson, 14-year-old opera soprano form Dallas, and Kelsey Ketterer, 14-year-old flamenco dancer from Seattle, are featured on "Showtime Day." Goofy takes on the world of sports in the Mousekartoon, "How To Become An Olympic Champ."

C-073 -- Monday, Princess Violin of Symphony Land and Prince Saxophone of the Isle of Jazz make sweet music together in the Mousekartoon "Music Land." The Mouseketeer girls are featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase fantasy production, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes." The Mouseka-Movie Special is "Sleeping Beauty."

C-074 -- Tuesday, The Legend of "Pecos Bill," sung by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers is the Mousekartoon special feature. Mouseketeers Pop and Scott spoof commercials with an amazing new product: "Curl-A-Way."

C-075 -- Wednesday, baseball is the theme of "Surprise Day." The Mouseketeers have a World Series of their own and Goofy joins the team for songs and comedy skits. "Casey Bats Again" staring the mighty Casey of Mudville and his daughters is the Mousekartoon of the Day.

C-076 -- Thursday, Mouseketeer Allison presents the special feature, "Click, Click," all about the art of animation and how you can make animated movies in your home. "Morris the Midget Moose" proves that two heads are better than one on Today's Mousekartoon.

C-077 -- Friday, Wendy Holcombe, 14-year-old banjo player form Alabaster, Alabama, and Shyamali Roy, an 11-year-old dancer who specializes in classical Indian dances, are featured as "Showtime Day" guests. Jiminy Cricket presents the "I'm No Fool" series and gives safety tips for pedestrians.

The "Second Season"

C-078 -- Monday, Mouseketeers Julie, Shawnte and Angelo have a hobo hoedown when they sing and dance "Bare Necessities." The Mouseka-Movie Special is "Lady and the Tramp." Peg (Peggy Lee), the dog pound Pekingese, is featured singing "He's a Tramp."

C-079 -- Tuesday, Julie, as Dr. Sigmund Frog, discusses the strange and wonderful world of dreams with scenes form Disney's "Alice in Wonderland," "Perri" and "Thomasina." Somehow, discipline and Donald Duck just don't mix in the Mousekartoon, "Spare the Rod." Mouseketeer Scott, featured as the Old Philmousepher, states that "Life is not always a bowl of cherries."

C-080 -- Wednesday, there's plenty of singing, dancing and just plain fun when the Mouseketeers spoof Daytime TV in the comedy skits "Morning Muscles" with Rip Ligament (Todd Turquand), "The Cantankerous Cook" (Scott Craig), "Sadness and Sorrow" (Julie Piekarski and Lisa Whelchel), "You Bet Your Toys" (Pop Attmore and Curtis Wong), "Doctor's Lunch" (Todd Turquand and Kelly Parsons), and "Slick" (Allison Fonte). The Mouseka-Movie Special is " 101 Dalmatians". "Jillion Dollar John," the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, features Angelo, Scott, Curtis, Todd and Kelly as super jocks who make more money doing commercials, and Mindy as their demanding director.

C-081 -- Thursday, Mouseketeer Allison Fonte discovers swing, rebop, bebop, blues, modern, progressive, Dixieland, boogie woogie and "All That Jazz" with scenes from Disney's "Make Mine Music" and "Melody Time." Mouseketeers Lisa, Julie, Shawnte and Curtis really get cookin' to the beat of "The Boogie Woogie Bakery Man." When fishing season turns into hunting season, Humphrey the Bear has to head for the hills in the Mousekartoon "Hooked Bear." The Old Philmousepher, Scott Craig, quotes a pun with a mighty sharp point.

C-082 -- Friday, the popular Keane Brothers, stars of their own summer television series, are featured "Showtime Day" guests at Disneyland. 13-year-old Tom and 12-year-old John sing "God Loves Little Girls" and are joined by Mouseketeers Lisa, Allison, Shawnte and Kelly for "I Want To Get Back On The Floor And Boogie." Donald Duck gets star crazed as he star gazes in the hilarious Mousekartoon "Autograph Hound."

C-083 -- Monday, a peek behind the scenes and into the rehearsal hall is featured as the Mouseketeers get ready for their live stage show at Disneyland. Allison becomes a piano playin' Mouseketeer for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Piano Playin' Poppa," with Todd, Pop, Angelo and Scott singing back-up for her ragtime tune. Goofy becomes a motor maniac in today's Mousekartoon "Motor Mania" and the Mouseketeers get down to the boogie to the Mouseka-beat in "Mousekadance."

C-084 -- Tuesday, the Truth About Mother Goose (Lisa Whelchel) is uncovered when the Mouseketeers trace the origins of nursery rhymes with comedy skits and Disney animation. Mouseketeers Lisa and Nita are featured in "Poet's Corner." Lisa's poem is about brothers and Nita's poem is about fathers and mothers.

C-085 -- Wednesday, behind the cameras at Disneyland as the Mouseketeers get ready for the Main Street Parade and their live show taped at Disneyland during Easter Week of 1977. Mickey, Donald and Goofy star in the Mousekartoon "Boat Builders." Professor Word Power (Julie Piekarski) explains the word "corpulence." The Mouseka-Movie Special is from Disney's latest animated film, "The Rescuers."

C-086 -- Thursday, Mouseketeers Julie and Kelly travel to Keystone, Colorado to skate with 10-year-old championship skater Mark Henry of Arvada, Colorado. Kelly and Todd are featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase production number "You're Really Terrific." There's a lot more to hockey than just chucking the puck when Goofy cracks the ice in the Mousekartoon "Hockey Homicide."

*†C-087 -- Friday, it's Showtime with the Mouseketeers, live on stage at Disneyland. Mouseketeer Lisa and her ventriloquist dummy, Arthur, sing "Wherever We Go." Julie taps a Zip-a-dee Doo-dah medley, Shawnte sings "Mr. Melody," Mindy sings "Your Mama Don't Dance," and all the Mouseketeers sing and dance "Children of the World" and "Everything is Beautiful" (This show was taped during a performance at Disneyland during the Easter holiday, 1977). The Mouseka-Movie Special features Wendy Darling walking the plank in Disney's classic "Peter Pan."

C-088 -- Monday, Mickey Mouse stars as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in the Mouseka-Movie Special "Fantasia." Ruth Young, of Enchanted Village, introduces the Mouseketeers to Edith the tarantula in "Meet the Uglies." The Mice are lively chimney sweeps in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Step In Time."

C-089 -- Tuesday, Mouseketeers Mindy and Shawnte discover the wonderful world of elves, fairies, sprites and leprechauns with scenes from Disney's "Darby O'Gill and the Little People." Mickey and Pluto go organic in the Mousekartoon "Mickey's Garden."

C-090 -- Wednesday, Ms. Nimble Thimble (Lisa Whelchel) and her magic mannequins (Scott Craig and Kelly Parsons) trace the history of fashion with comedy skits and songs, featuring scenes from Disney's "Cinderella." Mouseketeer Shawnte stares as a far-out freaky fortune teller in "Mouseka-Coo-Coo." Trouble steps in when Mickey steps out in the Mousekartoon "Mickey's Delayed Date," and Professor Word Power (Julie Piekarski) explains the word "affable."

C-091 -- Thursday, when Todd's voice changes, he's afraid he won't be able to sing with the rest of the Mouseketeers. But the Mice fond a happy alternative to the situation with scenes from Disney's "Almost Angels." Scott Directs the Mouseketeers in the "Hallelujah Chorus" and Todd becomes a super kid in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Organize Your Time." Donald Duck stars in the Mousekartoon "Slide Donald Slide."

C-092 -- Friday, Kelly Burch, a 14-year-old tap dancer from Memphis, Tennessee, and David Kim, a 14-year-old violinist from Columbia, South Carolina, are featured as "Showtime Day" guests. The bears from Country Bear Jamboree dance with the Mouseketeers in "Country Bears," taped in front of Disneyland's Frontierland depot. Donald Duck puts one over on his nephews and suffers the consequences in the Mousekartoon "Don's Fountain of Youth." The Old Philmousepher (Scott Craig) gives some words of wisdom and Professor Word Power (Julie Piekarski) explains the word, "altercation."

C-093 -- Mouseketeers Julie, Pop and Curtis trace the history of rocketry form the ancient Chinese to the modern day Space Shuttle. The Mouseketeers also make a model rocket of their own and blast it off at the Disney Ranch in Newhall, California. The Old Philmousepher (Scott Craig) adds some words of wisdom about absence.

C-094 -- Tuesday, the Mouseketeers discover the fascinating world of model trains. Donald Duck makes a model of his own in the Mousekartoon "Plastics Inventor" and Mouseketeer Curtis is featured in "Poet's Corner" with a poem about performing.

C-095 -- Wednesday, Patsy Naugle, President Carter's inaugural interpreter for the deaf, visits the Mouseketeers and teaches them all about sign language. Patsy sings and signs "When You Wish Upon A Star." And "The Mickey Mouse Club March." Humphrey Bear meets his match with Donald Duck in the Mousekartoon "Grin and Bear It." County fairs and picnics are spoofed in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase, "Calistoga County."

C-096 --Thursday, Todd & Pop witnesses Goofy's battle of the bulge in the Mousekartoon "Tomorrow We Diet." Later, they join Allison in welcoming the Los Angeles Rams' Fred Dryer, who gives the mouseketeers a lesson in nutrition.

C-097 -- Friday, the Mouseketeers present a Mexican-American folk dance ensemble, Ballet Folklorico Infantil de Sacremento, as Showtime Day guests. Mouseketeers Mindy, Todd and Shawnte are featured in "Poet's Corner" and the classic Silly Symphony "The Grasshopper and the Ants" is the Mousekartoon for the day.

C-098 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers take a look at nature's perfect predator, the shark, and trace its evolution form prehistoric times. Professor Word Power (Julie Piekarski) explains the word "charisma." Donald and his nephews set sail for an unseaworthy adventure in the Mousekartoon "Sea Scouts." Mouseketeer Pop is bugged by fly germs (Mouseketeers Shawnte, Mindy, Nita, and Lisa) in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Fever Fever."

C-099 -- Tuesday, Mouseketeer Nita presents a story about ballet with the help of scenes from Disney's "Make Mine Music" ("Two Silhouettes" sung by Dinah Shore) and "Fantasia" (Dance of the Hours). When Donald discovers Huey, Dewey and Louie playing hooky, it spells trouble for everybody in the Mousekartoon "Truant Officer Donald."

C-100 -- Wednesday, Mouseketeers Pop, Todd and Lisa try to help Mindy decide what to do when she grows up in a Mouseka-spoof on careers and job opportunities. The Mouseketeers sing "What Do You Want To Be." Donald gets washed up in the Mousekartoon "Donald's Dog Laundry" and Professor Word Power explains the word "indolent."

C-101 -- Thursday, it's an old-fashioned bake-off when the Mouseketeers and the students at Taft College in Texas make the world's largest sandwich (464 ft. long and 1200 lbs.). Kelly, Pop and Julie offer some outrageous safety tips and Jiminy Cricket offers some tips of his own in the "I'm No Fool" series on having fun.

C-102 -- Friday, Patrick Romano, a 14-year-old trick cyclist from North Hollywood, California, and Brad Roth, an 16-year-old banjo player from Corvallis, Oregon, are featured as Showtime Day talent. Mouseketeers Julie, Shawnte, Kelly and Allison sing and dance "If I Wore a Tulip." Donald Duck finds that it's tough to be a bird in the Mousekartoon "Contrary Condor."

C-103 -- Monday, Mouseketeers Lisa and Curtis go on a Frisbee flying adventure with top United States Frisbee Champions. Also featured are different Frisbee throwing techniques and sports. In other segments, Scott spoofs hair commercials in "Curl-A-Way," Mindy recites "Being a Kid" for "Poet's Corner," Pluto stars as a dog on the docks in the Mousekartoon "Dog Watch" Mouseketeer Nita sings "Isn't It Nice To Know" for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase.

C-104 -- Tuesday, Allison takes the Mouseketeers south of the border for their geography lesson with some scenes from Disney's "Saludos Amigos." Nita, Todd, and Angelo are featured doing the "Mexican Hat Dance," and "Aquarela do Brasil" is the Mousekartoon for the day.

C-105 -- Wednesday, Mindy is kidnapped by Professor Nefarious and his cohort in crime, Flip-Lip (Scott Craig), and the Mouseketeers call on Sleuth and his niece (Lisa Whelchel) to rescue the Mini-Mouseketeer in Part One of "Sleuth." Goofy stars as a not-so-famous shamus in the Mousekartoon "How to Be a Detective." The Old Philmousepher (Scott Craig) gives some words of wisdom on money and happiness.

C-106 -- Thursday, Sleuth and his niece, Lisa, rescue Mindy from Professor Nefarious' College of Criminal Knowledge in Part Two, "Crash Landing," of the Mouseka-mystery "Sleuth." Ruth Young of Enchanted Village brings Frankie, a Columbian Boa Constrictor, to the Mouseka-Clubhouse in "Meet the Uglies." Donald gets a case of the guilties when he raids his nephews' piggy bank in the Mousekartoon "Donald's Crime."

C-107 -- Friday, 10-year-old Alexis Kelley, a tap dancer from Marietta, Georgia, and 16-year-old Nina Bodnar-Horton, a classical violinist from Santa Barbara, California, are featured as Showtime Day guests. Humphrey Bear goes into hiding when Donald becomes the hunter in the Mousekartoon "Rugged Bear." Ruth Young of Enchanted Village returns to introduce Bonnie the Caiman, a South American alligator, to the Mouseketeers in another "Meet the Uglies" segment.

C-108 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers spoof "Wreckreation" with the song and skit "He's Gonna Have Fun If It Kills Him." Shawnte is featured in "Poet's Corner" with her poem about "Pets." Donald Duck should've stayed home in the Mousekartoon "Donald's Vacation" and Scott and Kelly are featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Taco and a Burger."

C-109 -- Tuesday, Chief Dan George joins the Mouseketeers and tells the story of "Little Hiawatha." A great train robbery, a bungling peddler, five French kids, a headless horse and some fifth dogs are the major elements of the hilarious and exciting "The Horse Without a Head." In Part One, "A Plan Is Hatched" when notorious French thief, Schiapa (Herbert Lom) goes over the details of what is to be the most daring mail robbery ever attempted in France.

C-110 -- Wednesday, the Mouseketeers spoof spaghetti westerns and ghost towns in "The Ballad Of The Peanut Butter Kid," a musical comedy special. Pop Attmore stars in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase production number, "Mr. Bojangles," and Pop is also featured in "Poet's Corner" with his poem "Ghetto Land."

C-111 -- Thursday, Mouseketeer Lisa and her horse Brandy introduce a special segment, "Horse Sense," all about horses." In Part Two of "The Horse Without a Head," "Invitation to Millions," Roublot (Leo McKern), a pot and pan peddler, becomes the gang's contact in the village. He picks a fight with neighboring gypsies and is able to move closer to the railway tracks without arousing suspicion.

C-112 -- Friday, 15-year-old Ricky Tanner, a singer form Salt Lake City, Utah, and 14-year-old Naomi Uyemura, a pianist from Coral Gables, Florida, are featured as Showtime Day guests. Mouseketeer Allison Joins Naomi in a clasical piano duet of "Twinkle Twinkle." Chip 'n Dale pull a fast one of Mickey and Pluto in the Mousekartoon "Squatter's Rights."

C-113 -- Monday, Mouseketeer Angelo Florez gets into his bear skin and presents the story of "Bongo," an animated featurette from the Disney movie "Fun and Fancy Free." The Old Philmousepher (Scott Craig) gives some words of wisdom on prevention and chicken fat.

C-114 -- Tuesday, Pistol Pete meets his match in the Goof in the Mousekartoon "Two-Gun Goofy." Ruth Young brings Prince, a Colorado River Toad, to the Mouseka-Clubhouse in "Meet the Uglies." In Part Three, "The Railroad Rip-off," of "The Horse Without a Head," Roublot is arrested for drunk driving on his way to meet Mallart (Lee Montague) at the secret hiding place.

C-115 -- Wednesday, the Mouseketeers go Mouseka-Coo-Coo with comedy skits and songs. The Mice spoof Laurel and Hardy, fortune tellers, cavemen, George Washington (and his mother) and chorus girls. Donald Duck and Jose Carioca "Blame It on the Samba," the Mousekartoon of the day.

C-116 -- Thursday, Mouseketeers Pop and Curtis explore the unknown in a special segment all about UFO's. Alice meets the Cheshire Cat in the Mouseka-Movie Special "Alice in Wonderland" and Scott is featured in "Poet's Corner" with his poem on "Summer Vacation." In Part IV, "The Secret to the Cash," on "The Horse Without a Head," Mallart hides the key to the deserted toy shop, where he had hidden the stolen money, in the headless horse.

C-117 -- Friday, 12-year-old Shelle Monahan, a singer from Philadelphia, PA, and Mark Henry, 10-year-old dancer from Arvada, Colorado, are featured on Showtime Day. Mouseketeers Julie and Nita join Mark in a jazz dance. Allison is featured in "Poet's Corner with her poem called "Blame It on the Instruments." Donald Duck stars in the Mousekartoon "Trombone Trouble."

C-118 -- Monday, the Mouseketeers take a look at laughter and find their own "laughing place" with scenes from the Disney movies, "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs," "Dumbo," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Sword in the Stone," "Bambi" and "Song of the South." Mickey and Pluto star in the Mousekartoon "Simple Things" and Allison is featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Lavender Blue."

C-119 -- Tuesday, Donald Duck suffers insomnia in the Mousekartoon "Drip Dippy Donald." The Mouseketeers sing and dance "Let's Go Day." In Part Five, "The Hijacked Horse" of "The Horse Without a Head," Shiapa orders his henchmen to steal the headless horse in order to retrieve the key to the abandoned toy factory. The Old Philmousepher (Scott Craig) gives some words of wisdom about peanut butter.

*C-120 -- Wednesday, the Mouseketeers trace the advance of communication from the cave men to a laser beam system of the future with a series of comedy skits with Allison featured as communicator from the 25th century. Mouseketeers Nita and Curtis take a dance tour through the 20th century starting with the Cake Walk to the Disco sound of today in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Disc to Disco." Scott emcees the Mouseka-trivia segment on Disney's "Zorro," and Alice meets the Queen of Hearts in the Mouseka-Movie Special "Alice in Wonderland."

C-121 -- Thursday, Mindy is featured in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "It's Tough to Be Eight." The Mousekartoon "Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive," stars Donald Duck as the wild game hunter and Goofy as the wild game. In Part Six, "Cash In Hand," of "The Horse Without a Head," the kids find the key to the toy factory and unknowingly discover the stolen money.

C-122 -- Friday, 13-year-old Kelli McNally, a tap dancer from Cincinnati, Ohio, and 13-year-old Stuart Duncan, a country-western musician from Santa Paula, California, are featured as Showtime Day guests. Stuart plays "Hoedown" on the Fiddle and the Mouseketeers join in for an old-fashioned country square dance. Everything and everybody break up in in the Mousekartoon "The China Shop."

C-123 -- Monday, Dr. Bird Reynolds (Scott Craig) visits Mouseketeer Lisa for a special showing of some scenes from "It's Tough To Be A Bird," an Academy Award-winning Disney short, wherein comedienne Ruth Buzzi sings "When The Buzzards Return to Hinkley Ridge." The Silly Symphony, "The Ugly Duckling," another Academy Award-winning cartoon is the Mousekartoon of the day. Country music and rock music blend in the Mousketeer Talent Showcase "Dancin' is Dancin'," featuring Mouseketeers Julie and Pop.

C-124 -- Tuesday, the Oscar-winning Silly Symphony, "The Three Little Pigs," is the Mousekartoon for the day and in Part Seven of "The Horse Without a Head," "Appointment With Danger," Schiapa and his men follow Marion (Pamela Franklin) and the gang back to the toy factory. Nita sings "The Good Ship Lollipop" for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase.

C-125 -- Wednesday, Huey, Dewey and Louie teach Donald how to boogie in the Mousekartoon "Mr. Duck Steps Out." "The Mousekadance" is featured as the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase and in the conclusion of "The Horse Without a Head," it's Marion and the dogs to the rescue.

C-126 -- Thursday, Dr. George Fischbeck, renowned scientist and weatherman for KABC-TV, Los Angeles, joins Mouseketeers Nita and Scott for a special segment all about the weather. Dr. George also shows the Mouseketeers and viewers how to simulate tornadoes and clouds in your own home. It's Chip 'N Dale against Donald Duck in the Mousekartoon "Trailer Horn."

C-127 -- Friday, Cindy Peters, 11-year-old baton twirler from Canfield, Ohio, and Carrie McDowell, a 14-year-old singer from Des Moines, Iowa are featured as Showtime Day guests. Jiminy Cricket presents the "You Are A Human Animal" series.

C-128 -- Monday, scenes from "The Vanishing Prairie," Disney's true-life adventure classic are featured in the Mouseka-Movie Special. Goofy has an incurable case of insomnia in the Mousekartoon "How To Sleep" and the Mouseka-gals get into the spirit of the Roaring Twenties for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Charleston."

C-129 -- Tuesday, Windwagon Smith and his pretty Polly are featured in the Mousekartoon Special, "The Saga of Windwagon Smith," the story of the original prairie schooner. Lisa and Pop are featured in "A Spoonful of Sugar," a musical medical Mouseketeer Talent Showcase.

C-130 -- Wednesday, eight and a half year old Wally Naughtin, Jr., the world's youngest bear trainer form Circus Vargas, is featured in "Big Top," a Mouseketeer Special all about growing up in the circus world. Donald Duck teams with Amos the elephant in the Mousekartoon "Working for Peanuts." Julie Piekarski is featured in "Poet's Corner" with her poem "Things I'm Grateful For."

C-131 -- Thursday, the Mouseketeers go to Super Bowl '77 to perform in the Disneyland half-time show. Goofy hits a lot more than just backboards in the Mousekartoon "Double Dribble" and Winnie the Pooh joins the Mice for the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase "Pooh Polka."

C-132 -- Friday, Lisa is featured in "Country Flavor," a Mouseketeer Talent Showcase taped at Disneyland. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," is the Mouseka-Movie Special and Mickey Rooney, Sean Marshall, and Elliott the Dragon sing "Boo Bop Boobop Bop" (I Love You, Too) form Disney's latest animation/live-action movie musical fantasy "Pete's Dragon." Julie Piekarski sings "It's Nice To Be Alone" in the Mouseketeer Talent Showcase.

Unfortunately this is the best I can come up with now, there are numerous other "lost" episodes, enough -- I suspect -- to fill up an entire third season. Notable missing pieces include the serials "The Misadventures of Merlin Jones," "The Three Skrinks" (AKA "Emil & the Detectives"), "Toby Tyler," and "A Horse Called Comanche"; other lost episodes include famous magician Harry Blackstone, Jr., and the mysterious Cast Album track "Showtime for Everyone," -- neither I myself nor any other Mousekafan I've been touch with can recall ever watching its corresponding Mouseketeer Talent Showcase. If you old Mousekafans can recall anything else that doesn't appear in this Guide, E-mail me and I'll add it here.

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