From The NEW Mickey Mouse Club Funbook, Copyright 1977, Walt Disney Productions.

Hard work is not new to twelve-year-old Mouseketeer Allison Fonte. "She never does anything half-heartedly," says her mother, Dorothy Fonte, "and she works hard and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done."

"I started singing and dancing when I was still in my crib," declares Allison, "so my mother gave me dancing and singing lessons when I was four or five. By the time I was seven, I needed an accompanist so I started piano lessons."

The biggest decision came or Allison when she was only eight. At that time, Allison, who has brown hair and brown eyes, was also a gymnast. Her coach, Scott Crouse, was a member of the SCATS gymnastic team, the organization that trains many of the U.S. Olympic hopefuls like Cathy Rigby. Crouse felt that Allison had great potential and wanted her to quit other activities and concentrate on gymnastics.

But Allison couldn't give up her first love, the piano. (After all, she hadn't yet learned to play "Bumble Boogie.") She also loves to write poetry and put it to music. "Sing, Music, Sing," an Allison Fonte composition, is featured on one of the "New Mickey Mouse Club" shows.

Since she was nine, Allison has performed at local shopping centers. For a time, she was a regular at the "Old Town Mall" in Torrance. Interested in getting a new act together, Allison went to the Al Gilbert Studio to coordinate a new routine. It was here that a talent scout took notice of her, and a year later, in March, 1976, Allison received a phone call telling her that she had an interview for the "New Mickey Mouse Club." After three more call-back auditions, she became a new Mouseketeer!

"You know," laughs Allison, "my friends would tease me because I was always practicing piano and dancing. They couldn't understand why I never had time to play. I told them that it would all pay off some day. And look, I'm a new Mouseketeer! Now all my friends are busy taking music and dance lessons."

The daughter of Dorothy and Anthony Fonte, Allison was born on June 6, 1964 in Anaheim, California. Her father, an attorney, was at one time mayor of Buena Park, where her family now lives. She has two older brothers, Doug and Brett, an older sister, Debbie and a younger sister, Diona. Allison's professional credits include appearances in commercials for Pacific Gas & Electric, Lawry's and two episodes of "Juvenile Jury," all of which she made when she was seven. She also accompanied "Sing Out, Young Generation" when the group appeared at Disneyland.