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From: Kristen Chandler (
Date: Sun Sep 19 18:24:41 1999

NEW New Mouse Club Fan

This show was on a year or two before I was born, but when I saw that scene in the first episode with the kids in their clubhouse, I could have sworn I had seen this before! I hope this comes back to the Disney Channel. I don't know why, but they keep showing the same episodes of the 50's version, and it's getting old.
I never knew older boys had crushes on 8 year old girls and carried them to high school, but if that's what got this on the Disney Channel, then God bless Mindy! I wonder what the webmaster thinks of Kim Richards. When I first saw Mindy, I just assumed they were sisters because of the uncanny resemblance and the fact that they both had contracts with Disney. Anyway, this is a great site.

From: Chantelle timberlake :O) (
Date: Wed Sep 15 12:26:24 1999

*Nsync lover!!! exspecially Justin timberlake!

Hey everyone out there! im so glad these people came out with a mickey mouse club! this is wiscked awesome! well if anyone reads this and wants a penpal feeel free to e-mail me at or
Okay! kewl! well i think i better go now so i can catch up on some online freinds!
Love always,
Chantelle timberlake <~~~ Justin's wife! :O) heheh... stay *Nsync

From: Court (CMisur00)
Date: Tue Sep 14 20:03:24 1999

hi again

Hi again! I saw my last message was cut off cuz I must have wrote too much! LOL!! anywayz, I really liked the show when it was on last month and ended up taping the DisneyWorld special too. I hope it comes on again soon cuz it was really cute and I love the little musical numbers. It was also cool to see Blair from the Facts of Life singing and dancing like that. I commend the webmaster of this site for having this site so younger MMC fans like myself can learn about the show too. Bye! Stay *NSYNC and I'll MMC-ya!! :)

From: Court (
Date: Sun Sep 12 16:07:42 1999

This show was kinda cool

Hi! I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the 90's MMC that had JC and Justin, Keri, Christina, Britney, Tony, Ryan, Dale and the others. I didn't even know the 70's version existed until I thought mine was going to be on but they showed it last year to my surprise!!
Honestly, I wasn't sure what to think, but the more I saw, the more I liked. I even taped the special at Disneyworld. I think the 70's version is adorable and I love little cute musical numbers like they did.
I commend you and everyone with a 70's MMC website to get it noticed and for people to learn more about it like myself.
Take care, Stay *NSYNC and I'll MMC-ya!!

From: Court (
Date: Sun Sep 12 16:03:06 1999

This show was kinda cool

I'm actually a HUGE HUGE fan of the 90's MMC (JC and Justin from 'N Sync, Keri Russell, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Tony Lucca, Ryan Gosling, Dale Godboldo, etc.) (oh and I'm only 20 years old = show was on before I was even born) so anyway, and my friends and I were all excited last year in '98 after many times of trying so hard to get our MMC back on the air that when we saw in the tv Guide the New Mickey Mouse Club was coming on again, we thought it was ours. However, to our surprise, it was the 70's version, a version I didn't even know existed!! I thought it was sooo cheesy at first, cuz when you're used to seeing the 90's show and being a person who lived in the 90's generation of the show it's a far cry from what I was used to.

However, I saw it on again this year and watched it. The more I watched it, the more I actually liked it!! It was really cute and I like watching cute little musical numbers like they did. I mean, it was

From: Matthew C. Clark (NC2764@AOL.COM)
Date: Mon Aug 23 03:32:13 1999


I was so amazed that the Disney Channel showed the first 7 episodes of the NMMC series. I live in Sanford, Michigan near Midland, Michigan. I was 12 years old when they finally showed the NMMC back in September of 1977 thru January of 1979. I really like Allison Fonte. She was my favorite. I am tired of the original fifties show so bring back that 1977 show back on the Disney Channel. It brings me back great memories. My favorite song from the NMMC series is "Let's Discover Discovery Day". That show (as well as "The Bugaloos" the Sid & Marty Krofft series now showing in TV Land) are two of the best children's shows of the 70's decade! Keep up the great work! Matt

From: Heather (
Date: Sun Aug 22 01:05:27 1999

All New Mickey Mouse Club fan

Thanks for the web site. Its great.
I too am a big fan of the All New Mickey Mouse Club. To this day I still have the All New Mickey Mouse Club album with the color poster that came inside it. I wish I had kept my metal lunch boxes too from the show. Thanks to Disney airing some of the shows I now have them on VHS.
Mindy and Nita were my favorites as a child. I think because I was closer in age to them.
Thanks again for your web site.
In all honesty, I loved all the Mouseketeers and its great being able to relive it all over again!

From: Bob (
Date: Fri Aug 20 19:06:45 1999

The Mickey mouse Club 1993 cast

I really like 1993 Mickey mouse Club(3rd version). Do you know anything that you can tell me? E-mail me, but ask for BOB!!!! Do you have a scheadual for that MMC?? If so e-mail it to me!!!

From: Bret Kawasaki (
Date: Fri Aug 20 12:14:51 1999

Kudos and Cheers--for Mousekanostalgia!

WOW! After nearly twenty years of dormancy, it looks as if one positive "disco-motion" series from the late 70s is finally reawakening. Thank goodness for people like you who have likings for nostalgia--especially that which appeals to the kids in all of us! I never realized that The New Mickey Mouse Club had so many fans still out there, hoping to be able partake in the reliving of it. Here's hoping there will be more--and that it will become a regular thing for all of Walt Disney enterprising.
By the way, I must tell you that you have some competition (in a good hearted sense): I myself was a big fan of Mindy--I even had a gigantic crush on her during those times. (I must admit I still have a bit of it remaining even now!) I'm glad that for you, "having it bad" enabled you to launch this effort and resurrect the New Mickey Mouse Club. Hats off to you!

From: Howard Miller (
Date: Tue Aug 10 05:05:59 1999

full circle

Life is a circle. I remember watching every episode back in the 70's - (has it been that long?) Twenty years later I find web-sites and fans that watched the show with as much love & enthusiasm as I did. I remember finding out that Allison's birthday was the same date (including the year) as mine - that was supposed to be some magical link!! Whew! The daydreams I had! I took pictures of the TV and audiotaped nearly every episode! Mom thought I was nuts! And now, all those wonderful memories are rekindled through fans and the internet. Truly overwhelming!!

Who else is interested in a reunion of cast/crew/fans? Is anyone planning one? If not, let's set a date and do it!

Everyone have a super day! :) Love to hear from some other Disco Mice!
Howard Miller

From: Peter Joseph (
Date: Sat Aug 7 19:13:04 1999


Wow! I can't believe that other people were fanatics about this show like I was. I remember hearing about NMMC auditions in our town (Seattle) when I was 12. I was a pretty good performer and I BEGGED my mom to take me to the audition. She refused. And to this day, I wonder if I would have been chosen...Oh, well. I guess I'd better build a bridge and get over it!

Curtis and Lisa were my favorite mouseketeers. I liked Curtis because he was my age and he could tap dance really well. And I liked Lisa because of her personality. I loved to watch her perform. I had (and STILL have) the NMMC album. My sister and I used to memorize the songs and the dance moves and force family and friends to watch us perform them. Were we GEEKS or what!?! The funny (or maybe scary) thing is that we can STILL perform those musical numbers today!

Thanks for the great site. I can finally "come out of the closet" and admit that I am still a NMMC fan!

From: Ryan (
Date: Mon Jul 26 22:39:20 1999

New Mickey Mouse Club

I just finished browsing through the website,and have fallen in love once again with a great childhood memory.I can't believe how long ago this was,but the memory is strong.I was devoted to the show,and I wanted to be just like them,I guess they inspired me to perform.Thnx!

From: Lisa Williams (
Date: Mon Jul 26 17:56:26 1999


I was totally in love with the New Mickey Mouse Club as a child. Lisa Welchel was my favorite and I read anything I could find on her and did not miss an episode. I had the album, poster, anything I could get, but I do not have any of it now. I have found a New Mickey Mouse Club fun book through the internet and it should be on it's way soon. I hope Disney will air the episodes so I can tape them and listen to the old songs I use to LOVE as a child.

From: Vince Nowell (
Date: Tue Jul 20 16:45:38 1999

Remembering "The New Mickey Mouse Club"

I always wanted to be one of the Mouseketeers on "The New Mickey Mouse Club"!! Watched it everyday!

From: Jayson Dodge (
Date: Mon Jul 5 17:04:24 1999

I love this web site. I watched the NMMC every day after school. Kelly was my favorite Mouseketeer. Long live the revolution and bring back the NMMC (and the cast album)!

From: anonymous
Date: Mon Jul 5 15:11:16 1999

How strange that this show was so popular and I never realized it until now. I went to school with Allison Fonte and was fortunate enough to get to know her pretty well. What a sweetheart she is! However, I never thought of her as any type of celebrity and still don't probably because I never watched the show and saw her all the time. She was, and still is, a highly energetic, creative and intelligent person. In fact, she's one of the smartest people I've ever met and as beautiful and talented as she is, I always was more impressed by how smart she was and by how hard she worked at whatever she was doing. I don't know if I would call it a crush but let's just say that every day I saw her and talked to her was a special day. Unfortunately, we never dated because I was too stupid and shy to ask her out (and she had a boyfriend). Certainly, that is something I regret. Perhaps one day I will tell her how much I liked her. I am happy to report that she is still a friend after

From: Tiffany (
Date: Sun Jun 6 12:18:19 1999

Hey Mouseketeers!!!!!

Hey if you like the MMC,or want to be a mouseketeer? Join my MMC its very fun,we have pics of all the mouseketeers from 1955 to 1992,we also have scrambler games and Ill tell you some kool MMC websites just email me at!!!! :)

From: Michael Wuergler (
Date: Sat May 29 14:48:04 1999


My dad produced this show two years before i was born...He started telling me stories about was then that I became interested. This is cool to see all this love for my dad's's wierd how one mans idea (the re-birth of MMC) can change lives. If it wasnt for the revamping of MMC...everyone would of walked home from school...and nobody would know how to tap dance. Since everyone here liked the show...I love all of you.

From: tom aleman (
Date: Mon May 10 10:22:58 1999

your site

thank you for this site you are truly a remarkable person your friend from nyc tom.

From: Melissa Kroeker (
Date: Mon May 3 13:27:37 1999

I love to go to disneyland, I never been in there so I want to go.

From: Shelly (
Date: Tue Apr 27 11:12:21 1999


I like to put my sisters in the mickey mouse club but how ? Nice pages good job!!!!!!!!

From: Louise
Date: Sun Apr 25 20:02:15 1999


Hi! This is my first time on the net.I live in
Canada.I am in grade 3 and 9 years old.My dad brought this computer home so I have been bugging
him about it.

From: Deanna (
Date: Wed Mar 24 00:21:12 1999

Am I in Heaven???

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! I love you for bring this back! I am an OLD fan alright! I auditioned for the NMMC way back when (I think I was 9) at Disneyland (made second cut) and then spent the rest of the '70's going to Disneyland to see them all perform.

I bet I can dance and sing all of the songs! My brother (God rest his soul) distroyed my albumn and of course, it went out of print by that time. I don't have a clue where my 45 of "Disco Mouse" went to...

PLEASE let me sign up to be a part of this! I am so happy! I am 33 years old and I am jumping up and down about this!

Please email me on how I can join the group! Again, THANK YOU!

I look forward to hearing from you.


From: Deanna Constable (
Date: Wed Mar 24 00:14:07 1999

Am I in Heaven???

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! I love you for bring this back! I am an OLD fan alright! I auditioned for the NMMC way back when (I think I was 9) at Disneyland (made second cut) and then spent the rest of the '70's going to Disneyland to see them all perform.

I bet I can dance and sing all of the songs! My brother (God rest his soul) distroyed my albumn and of course, it went out of print by that time. I don't have a clue where my 45 of "Disco Mouse" went to...

PLEASE let me sign up to be a part of this! I am so happy! I am 33 years old and I am jumping up and down about this!

Please email me on how I can join the group! Again, THANK YOU!

I look forward to hearing from you.


From: Heidi (
Date: Tue Mar 16 17:58:10 1999

More stuff I forgot

I missed the NMMC shows on Disney, was living in a hotel room last fall for 6 weeks. (My hubby is Army and we were relocating). Would love to see copies, would pay for copies of tapes. Email me for this, or just to shoot the breeze about teen life in the Disco Age. I watched to show on channel 22 in Dayton Ohio. I remember the hubbub for auditions, and since I had had dance experience starting from age 2, mom let me play hooky one day to see a local kids' show Clubhouse 22 on channel 22 because they were announcing the mailing address to tryout. I received a postcard with Mickey saying, "Although your achievements are admirable...da are not accepted for the Showtime segment...I kept that card for years and don't know what happened to it. I did see the House against the Mouse, and vaguely remember Todd going down a big slide. I did see Todd in Burnt Offerings, laughed myself silly because that psychotic hearse driver looked like one of our friends.

From: Heidi Crabtree (
Date: Tue Mar 16 17:35:25 1999

new mickey mouse club

Hi there, from an old (not that old) fan who used to watch everyday after school and bugged her mom to buy the latest teen mags for pictures of the group. I actually still listened to the album from the show as late as high school, me and another gal used to dance around my room like maniacs, laughing. Good thing there were no video cameras then...Love your site. i am all for seeing the shows on the Disney Channel.

From: Candy Uvero (
Date: Mon Mar 15 19:26:57 1999


I loved this show! I remember hurrying home afterschool so that I could watch a half hour of Bugs Bunny and then the NMMC. My favorite song was "Showtime" and I knew most of the dance that went along with it. My little sister and older brother also loved it. My sister got their album for her birthday and she loved "Walking the Dog".
I'm definitely going to write in and DEMAND that they show this wonderful show on the DisneyChannel. My daughter would definitely love it too!

From: Greg Turquand (
Date: Mon Mar 1 20:33:36 1999

It is a lot of fun to see that so many people are still interested in the MMC. Good web site

From: elizabeth hostetler (
Date: Thu Feb 25 21:29:03 1999

MMC rock the house

I am a huge fan of MMC, both the NMMC and the 90's version. Anyone who is a NMMC or MMC90's please email me. I am always accepting new email friends of any age, sex race, etc..

From: Sherrell Lykes (B Owens
Date: Fri Feb 19 09:16:30 1999

Number 1 Fan

Hi Mickey Iam Sherrell Lykes and Iam your number 1Fan.

From: Sherrell Lykes (B Owens
Date: Fri Feb 19 09:14:37 1999

Number 1 Fan

Hi Mickey Iam Sherrell Lykes and Iam your number 1Fan.

From: Kathleen
Date: Wed Feb 17 20:35:08 1999


This is a great site and I am thrilled to be part of it. I watched the re-runs of the fifties MMC and when they brought the '70 NMMC on TV when I was 12 I thought that was the greatest. It gave me a chance to "be a Mouseketeer" also. I was almost running home to see and perform with the show. Thanks to everyone that is helping with our memories!!!!! This is the best!!!!

From: Melinda (
Date: Tue Feb 2 03:09:46 1999

NMMC--more than I could ask for

Well...I am overwhelmed after running across a thread I started a couple years ago--I forgot about what I wrote until I went searching on Altavista again. There are web pages galore and even my favorite male mouseketeer was around! Now if I could only make it out to Vegas!

From: Lisa Williams (
Date: Sun Jan 31 16:35:25 1999


I am a total fan of this show and hope Disney will bring it back!

From: Kerry Kleinbergen (
Date: Sun Jan 24 20:28:57 1999

Finally!!! Someone is appreciating the show!!!!!!!!!!!

After all these years, I find out I am not alone!
I have been a fan of nmmc since the pilot they showed in 76<?> with Lisa hang gliding. I was born
in 1964 and fell in love with that show (and Lisa). I have alot of old audio tapes from the original show (songs) and of course the album.
My visi(first) to Disneyland was in 1987 to celebrate the NMMC 10th anniversary!

From: Chris (
Date: Fri Jan 15 03:20:57 1999

great page!

i was surfing the web and I am glad i found this page! I used to luv the New Mickey Mouse Club! I would tune in every day to see Lisa and Kelly! Viewing this page brought back some fun memories of junior high and the New Mickey Mouse Club

From: Karen (
Date: Fri Dec 11 14:37:22 1998

This cool website

What a great website!!!! I was very little when the show aired (4-5) and my favorite memory of the show was the song "Discovery Day" and the gang fixing up a barn. My favorite was Mindy. I could relate to her because she was the youngest and so was I. I didn't even know she was related to Cory Feldman. I have to check out that E! Hollywood story. Anyways, good job!!!! Just when I thought they where forgotten they are not.

From: Scott Schar (
Date: Mon Dec 7 07:04:19 1998

Almost young(er) again

WOW! After 20 years of not giving the show alot of thought, it all of the sudden popped back into my head and I discovered this website. At 13, Living in Owensboro Ky., I walked home early from school more than once, in the snow and everything else, to watch Kelly! That is until my mom came around the corner in a car we had bought the night before, and of course I didnt recognise it. She stopped the car and chased me around a tree in the snow and after much great effort, she caught me. 2 hours before I was supposed to be home!
She still gives me a hard time over that. She allowed me to call the MMC where the kids were taping, but I missed them by a month and was'nt able to talk to Kelly. Alot of very fond memories. Thanks!

From: Kieran (
Date: Thu Nov 19 21:22:59 1998

I'm *so* old!

This site really dates you, doesn't it? I remember racing home after school every day to watch the show on Channel Nine in Sydney, Australia. The show really meant a lot to me; or should I say Kelly really meant a lot to me? She was my first really serious crush (except possibly for Michelle at school -- was she post or pre-MMC?). Anyway, as this guest book shows, there are a lot of us out there with some very positive childhood memories of this show. Keep up the great work!

From: (
Date: Tue Nov 10 17:12:37 1998

New Mickey Mouse Club - Inspiration

This is my most cherished website. I was so obsessed with The New Mickey Mouse Club that I actually started tap lessons during its run in case more auditions came up! Who would have thought it would lead me to where I am today... I have a degree in Theatre, I've been a member of The Screen Actors Guild for a decade, and I'm proud to say I've been able to make a decent living as an actor, thanks to the inspiration I received from The New Mickey Mouse Club. On a side note, when I was 13, my sister and I searched for Julie's phone number in the St. Louis phone book at our local library. We called all the Piekarski families until we found her. She spoke with us a couple of times, and eventually sent us an autograph picture. Then the phone bill came... we sure did catch h--l from our parents for calling long-distance to Missouri all the way from California! Thanks, Joel, for the great memories.

From: Dave (fortheme@aol)
Date: Sat Nov 7 01:26:52 1998

Remembering Kelly P. & Friends

I just was wondering what happened to all the friends that Kelly introduced to me. Thanks Kelly, for the great memories! By the way if you get this message say Hi to your mom and kim. I love your short hair, It shocking to see that after remembering you with long hair.

From: (
Date: Wed Oct 21 20:34:13 1998

Fan Club President


My name is Karen. Yes, that Karen. I was the President of The Mouseketeer Fan Club.

Lots of great memories.

Really enjoyed reading the guest book entries. Scott, if you see this, send me a message!!!!!!


From: Broderick (
Date: Fri Oct 16 22:48:00 1998


I like NMMC I tape Only 1 Show.

From: Patrick (
Date: Fri Oct 16 21:18:35 1998

What Wonderful memories!!

I never missed the New Mickey Mouse Club!! I had a really BIG crush on Allison!! Even twenty years later she is by far the PRETTIEST New Mousketeer!!! Keep up the good work!

From: cindi
Date: Wed Oct 14 02:47:55 1998

new mickey mouse club

great job! keep up the updates. i enjoy reading the new stuff you have added. thank you for bringing back some memories from childhood!

From: Michael Shane Owen (
Date: Mon Oct 12 03:25:30 1998

Kelly Parsons

I watched the show when I was ten years old in
1976 and still I love Kelly Parsons! I think
someone should start a web page just for
her! I would love to hear from other Kelly
Parsons fans.

From: cindi
Date: Wed Oct 7 04:35:09 1998


loveg the site keep updating it!!!!!

From: Jerry Hall (
Date: Sun Sep 27 14:00:43 1998

I Loved the show (thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat) much!

I saw the 70's Mickey Mouse Club for the first time when they showed it on Disney. I taped all the episodes and loved it. I'm a huge fan of all the shows, 50's, 70's, and 90's.
Jerry Hall,

From: Cheryl (
Date: Fri Sep 25 22:31:42 1998

Great job!!!

I used to LOVE this show!!! I was a fan of the 50's show so of course I watched the NMMC from day one. I used to have the hugest crush on Todd and used to wish I was Lisa. (I even remember bringing a picture of her to the hairdresser so I could have my hair cut just like her's) =)
I would be love to hear from other fans or any members. Any news on what everyone is up to these days is always appreciated.
Keep up the good work!!!
Cheryl =)

From: Susan Rinehart (
Date: Tue Sep 22 17:57:10 1998

New Mickey Mouse Club

What a fun page! I was a huge fan of the New Mickey Mouse Club and would absolutely love it if Disney would air the shows again. 8 episodes was not enough, especially since I only caught the last two. I will join in the push for getting it back on the air.

I was 13 yrs. old when the show first aired. I had always watched the old Mickey Mouse Club and had liked it, so when the new one came on I was absolutely hooked! I was rather obsessed with it for a couple years. I audio taped many, many episodes. Unfortunately ALL of those tapes are broken. Well, it has been 20 years! I also made scrapbooks of every magazine article I could find. Still have those!

Kelly Parsons was my favorite. She just seemed to sparkle. I wanted to be just like her.

Keep up the good work Joel. And here's hoping!!!

Susan Rinehart
Montgomery, TX

From: Michael Curtis (
Date: Thu Aug 27 13:11:58 1998

The New Mickey Mouse Club

Hey, great site! I was a HUGE fan of the NMMC in the seventies. The only thing I have from it is the record album. I always wondered what happened to everyone (except Lisa, of course.) I was shocked, surprised, and disappointed to see the shows airing again at 12:30AM PT on the Disney Channel. (Disappointed because I didn't know they were there until it was too late... I was only able to tape the last one.)

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who has updates as to what became of the New Mousketeers. I'm currently working as a writer and executive producer of the show "Friends," but anyone can e-mail me at



From: Jay Barron (
Date: Mon Aug 24 16:50:10 1998

I loved the show!

I'm glad to see that there are people out there who still remember and love the New Mickey Mouse Club! I loved the show, even though it wasn't aimed at my age group (I was 20 at the time). I was surprised to see that Disney was running some of the old episodes... unfortunately missing most. That is what inspired me to check the net to see if there was anything out there on the show. I love the site and hope it sticks around for a long time.

From: chad (
Date: Mon Aug 17 14:19:05 1998

disco mousekateers

What a way to get those old childhood feelings back for a moment. Thanks for the rush! By the way, Alison still makes my heart jump.

From: MindyFAN2 (
Date: Mon Aug 10 14:03:54 1998


I love your page, ,"MOUSE MAster,"! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves , the Disco Mouseactears, Espiecally MIndy! I enjoy talking to you in the room, and ICQ. LOve you. DISCO mouse Forever!

From: Kristen (a)
Date: Wed Jul 8 17:07:31 1998

I loved this show.

I watched it all the time when I was a kid.
This is so funny to see.

From: Lora (
Date: Fri Jul 3 15:29:43 1998

This Is Simply Amazing!!!

I love this site! What a wonderful childhood memory. I watched the show every day and listened to the album. Audio taped the shows and used to re-enact with my Barbie Dolls. Yes, I was a little wierd - so what!!!!

Scott, if you read this, I am really sorry, but I went through a stage at that time in my life where boys are yucky and my friends and I drew on you and all the other boys red eyes on my poster from the album. I regret it all now! I can't believe we did that when my friend had a crush on you, and I had one on Todd. But, now that I have gotten that regret off of my chest, I can now go on with my life! :)


From: Reggie Solomon (
Date: Sun Jun 28 22:31:00 1998

I really miss the the NMMC...

Hew guys!
I,m glad to see that you all have web page. I was in the 5th. grade in Dania, Florida, when I watched the show. I also tried to do perform all the moves and sing all the Songs(Its Show Time)was indeed my favorite-also, because that particular segment aired on Friday afternoon at 3 or 4pm. Boy, I can't believe its been over 20 years now! I hope one day that either Disney or Nick. can put the show back on the air. Former Members, please feel free to e-mail me. That would be awesome!!

From: Krystalyn (
Date: Tue Jun 23 11:07:50 1998

Mickey Mouse Club

This is really a great site. I was only 4 when the show came on but I remember I loved it and watched it every day. Julie was my imaginary friend. =) Does anybody have some of the show on tape? I've always wanted to see it again.


From: Ken Kirkup (
Date: Wed Jun 10 00:06:08 1998

New Mickey Mouse Club.

Wow what a page you have. you have inspired me to do a page too at
I spent many days at Disneyland in the late 70's taking pictures of the Mouseketeers. Myself along with a group of devoted fans went to all appearances and took pictures. From celebrity softball games to telethons, we were there. I still look forward to hearing one day from those other Mouseketeer groupies. Ken

From: Diane Blake (
Date: Fri Jun 5 20:41:21 1998

I'm Back with the Info.

Hey gang, I'm back. With all of the action going on I just have to check back each day. Here's my updated info. 1. I watched on WNEW Channel 5 out of New York. I know it was on after school and I believe the time slot changed a few times between 3 and 4. 2. I did see all three of the specials. I believe I may have some audio tape of them. The search is on! 3. I'm going to have to think about those pre and post Club performances and get back to you. 4. Nope, no live performances or personal encounters (except maybe in my dreams!) 5. Oh yes, tons of merchandise. I'm going to have to put on the big search but so far I've found the following: 2 copies of the May 14-20, 1977 issue of TV Guide which features the "The New Look Along Snow White Boulevard" article, "The New Mickey Mouse Club Book" compiled by Howard Ashman, Mickey Mouse Club Coloring Book "let's go day", 2 copies of the LP with posters, the Walkin' the Dog 45, "Mickey Mouse Fifty

From: Julie (JK1124@AOL.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 5 19:41:16 1998


I realized when I went back all the information
you wanted.Well,I remember watching the NMMC
on KTTV channel 11 in Buena Park,California.I
remember their premiere show..before the first
air date Mindy would do a little spot,she would
say,shh..I'm not supposed to be here yet,etc.
It was cute.I used to go to Disneyland all the
time to see them.Nita and I became very good
friends.We did alot together,we used to have so
much fun.We lost touch about 7 years ago.
I know Nita did the Little LuLu after school
specials with Robbie Rist,she also did the
Mobile Maidens after school special..she did
Fantasy Island,She did a short lived series with
Brad Maule from (General Hospital) called
Upbeat Aesop,based on the fables.
Does anyone have any video from anything?
I didn't know they had so much stuff from the
show that some of you have mentioned.My family
didn't have alot of monney so I wouldn't have
been able to get any of it anyway.(I used to
get into Disneyland fre

From: JULIE (JK1124@AOL.COM)
Date: Fri Jun 5 19:26:16 1998


I just love this,it is like we are family.I do
have some of the NMMC on video.It isn't very much.
I hope they do bring the show back in one form or
another.Oh,I saw Julie on a new York carpet world
commercial about 6 months ago in North Carolina.
I also saw Mindy on the Sally Jessy Raphael show
about 4 or 5 years ago,she was on there with her
Keep up the great site.


From: Scott
Date: Sun May 31 19:57:51 1998

Hi Guys and Gals

Just stopped by to check this out. Im Scott from the show and I cant beleive any one's still interested! I do enjoy reading the responses and hearing about all of you. As for my I left LA 7 years ago for Vegas and am having a great time here. Idont see much of the others but know they are all doing well. Mostly we send holiday cards and some of our mothers stayed in touch so I hear things that way Oh well doing the show was pretty wild and strange but quite fun and Im glad to see that people enjoyed it. I'll check in soon to hopefully see some more. Scott

From: Diane Blake (
Date: Fri May 29 21:32:32 1998

The New Mickey Mouse Club

This has to be my best internet find to date! I absolutely loved the New Mickey Mouse Club and never never missed an episode. In those days before VCRs, I actually made audio tapes of my favorite songs and skits. Todd Turquand was the love of my life!! It's great to know that so many others loved the new MMC just as I did. Hail! Hail!

From: Larry (
Date: Fri May 29 19:44:44 1998

Great job!

Nice to know that there were other MMC 70's fans out there. BTW, Kelly Parsons became Miss California 1986. Keep up the good work!

From: Helen C. O'Boyle (
Date: Sun May 10 06:32:01 1998

Another MMC-70 fan says, "Cool!"

As I said to you in private e-mail, my closet is full of what's probably one of the world's largest New MMC collections -- all the Hallmark stuff, an unopened album, all the books, coloring books, "rare" audio tapes, mouse ears of almost every color imaginable, t-shirts, etc.

I almost never missed the show, and when the local TV station stopped carrying it in 1978, and the only other station within receiving distance carried it only once a week early on Saturday mornings, I gamely got up at 6:30am, tossed wires and antennas out my window onto the roof, and sat in front of a snowy TV picture from a station 120+ miles away, watching my favorite TV show.

My favorite Mouseketeer was Scott Craig (cute!).

I came pretty close to auditioning for the Club and still have letters from the casting director about it. I was a _serious_ fan! ;-)

If anyone out there has videotapes of the club, I'd really like to hear from you!

From: Giggles (,
Date: Tue Apr 14 11:11:35 1998

Dude, You Rock!!!

Hey DM One, this website is pretty cool. I wasn't able to go through the NMMC experience like everybody else since I wasn't born till '79. But I think your site is quite thorough in recapping all the cool stuff about the show. I hope that the Renaissance Project will reach its goals so that my generation and others can experience the fun too! Till then, we just haven't lived yet.

From: Lisa (
Date: Fri Apr 10 22:00:36 1998


Thank you so much for starting this project. I was a HUGE fan of the 70s MMC. I had the record album (I think I still have it somewhere), the Viewmaster, puzzles, lunchboxes, you name it. I hope that the Disney Channel will reair these episodes at some point!! Keep up the good work!

From: Jeffrey (
Date: Fri Apr 10 04:51:05 1998


Just stopping by to check out what is here. I too am an old fan who would just like to know what has become of all of the "old" mouseketeers. You are doing a great job. Jeff

From: Daniel (n/a)
Date: Thu Mar 12 05:24:55 1998


wow! I cant believe it..... i thought i was the only one who loved that show and
wondered what happened to it, and why there never ever was a rerun!!
I used to watch it every afternoon! Then suddenly it disappeared! My favorite
Mouseketeers were Nita, because she was such a great dancer, y Julie, along with Lisa! It would be neat if you could put up a photo gallery or something like that for all of us nostalgia buffs!

From: John H. Nelson (
Date: Thu Mar 5 20:48:27 1998

Great Job

I can remember when all I looked foreward to was this show. Thanks I sure needed this. I would sure like to go back to those days. Come see me at the zoo:

From: Joe Turinsky (
Date: Sat Jan 24 16:35:26 1998


Joel you deserve a pat on the back for all your time and labor and love that has been dedicated to the New Mickey Mouse Club.
I looks GREAT to me, but thats coming from someone who loves the New mickey Mouse Club as much as you do.

Listen closely and you will hear the cork popping
as I celebrate this site. Thanks Joel!

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