Huntington Junior College

This page is going to be all about my school and friends.  My teachers are great, they work with you and much more.  My college has alot to offer everyone.  This page will have pictures of my teachers and friends too. 

My major is Computer Information Systems.  Hopefully when I get my Degree, I will get a great job working with Computers.  Computers are very awesome once you get the feel for them.  They can teach a person so much.  For example; the Internet a person can make so many friends and meet new people from all around the world. 

Now I am gonna show a few pictures of my Professors and friends.  I hope you enjoy this page because there will be updates.  While I am going to school, I will try to get as many pictures of My teachers and friends to show everybody. 

Debbie one of my professors

Jeanie another Professor

Jamie and one of her friends

Stacy another student

Micah, Courtney, and Kerrie

Another student

Picture of my College

Greg another student

This page was last updated January 27, 2001.