Descendants of Mary (YAROLIMEK) Brueske

Descendants of YAROLIMEK MARY (23 April 2005)

A : MARY YAROLIMEK, born in SMOLOTELY, PRIBRAM, CZ the 2 February 1901, died in WABASHA, MN the 25 February 1993, married RAY(C) BRUESKE, the 4 November 1924 in ROLLINGSTONE, MN (born the 25 June 1892 in WABASHA COUNTY, MN and died the 8 May 1980 in ROCHESTER, MN, son of TBD BRUESKE). She had 3 children : -------------

B.1 : RAYMOND(JR) BRUESKE, born in PLAINVIEW, MN the 1929, married (1°) IVA(MAE) JOHNSON, the 28 June 1950 in PLAINVIEW, MN (born the 10 September 1929 and died the 8 January 1954 in ROCHESTER, MN), (2°) EVELYN SPECHT, the 2 February 1963 (born 1934). He had 3 children : -------------

C.1.1 : (1) SUSAN BRUESKE, born in 1953, married STEVE GESSNER, the 18 October 1980 (born 1958). She had 2 children : -------------

D.1.1.1 : BENJARMIN GESSNER, born 1981. -------------

D.1.1.2 : NEAL GESSNER, born 1985. -------------

C.1.2 : (2) MARK(JOSEPH) BRUESKE, born 1970, married LISA BREIDER, the 11 November 1992 (born 1969). He had 2 children : -------------

D.1.2.1 : MATHEW(JACOB) BRUESKE, born 1993. -------------

D.1.2.2 : AMANDA(MARIE) BRUESKE, born 1997. -------------

C.1.3 : (2) JOSEPH BRUESKE, born the 25 October 1971, married MAREN(MICHELLE) DENNIS, the 17 September 2005. -------------

B.2 : FRANKLIN BRUESKE, born 1936, married ROSE(MARIE) WARNER, the 29 July 1958 in NASHVILLE, TN (born 1936). He had 3 children : -------------

C.2.1 : JOHN BRUESKE, born 1960, married (1°) SUE JULIANO, the 18 August 1984 in SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (2°) DIANE HOPKINS, the 1 May 1998 in UNION, NJ. He had 2 children : -------------

D.2.1.1 : (1) DANIELLE BRUESKE, born in SAN FRANCISCO, CA the 1990. -------------

D.2.1.2 : (1) KAITLYN BRUESKE, born in SAN FRANCISCO, CA the 1994. -------------

C.2.2 : CHRISTINE BRUESKE, born 1965. She had 3 children : -------------

D.2.2.1 : CASSANDRA TBDBRUESKE1. -------------

D.2.2.2 : BEN TBDBRUESKE2. -------------

D.2.2.3 : MADISON TBDBRUESKE3. -------------

C.2.3 : ANN BRUESKE, born 1968. -------------

B.3 : KENNETH BRUESKE, born in PLAINVIEW, MN the 1945, married RAE(ELIZABETH) WILLIAMS, the 25 September 1971 in GULF BREEZE, FL. He had 2 children : -------------

C.3.1 : PAUL BRUESKE, born 1976. -------------

C.3.2 : PETER BRUESKE, born 1977, married CASEY BURK, the 21 August 2004. -------------

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Obituary; Mary (Yarolimek) Brueske 2/93 (2nd gen):
Obituary; Ray(C) Brueske 5/80 (husband of Mary) (2n gen):
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United States


From: paul brueske []

Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 5:24 PM

To: Dean R. Yarolimek; Ken Brueske; Mark Brueske; Mark Brueske; Neil Gessner; peter brueske; Steve Gessner; Dean Yarolimenk; Olga! Mencnarowska;

Subject: Jablonna Visit

Hey Guys,

Attached should be a few pics from Jablonna and Prague...Actually filmed most of the visit on digital camera but snapped a few digital photo shots too...

Arrived by bus early in the AM...had to walk about a mile from where they dropped me off to Jablonna...arrived in the village and came across some folks sitting on a bench near the town convenice store...I said "Ahoy" "And how are you"? in Czech... Ja Sem is Paul...mam rad Goulash (I like Goulash)...they looked at me like I was an alien, pretty funny scene actually for those of you that know my sense of humor....but one guy did say "Jarolimek"...I nodded then he took me to Rosa SeDivey home where she gave me beer (9:30 AM)... She showed pictures from earlier Jarolimek / Brueske family visits...she keeps a bag full of pictures and letters from earlier visits over the years...

Some kids asked the an older gentlemen who lived across the street from Rosa SeDivey ..he showed me the statue monument right next to the chapel with "MJ" inscribed on it but it "1861" on the back which sounds a little too long ago so who knows...this was located just next to the chapel...He spoke for some time but I didn't understand a word...think he was talking about the chapel was built originally by the Jarolimek house and that is moved or reubuilt at its current spot...I filmed him speaking though and I will have some of my Czech athletes translate for me later...think he was talking about Matej and Adolph's visit back to the village when this man was a young boy...he mentioned Adoph quite a few times and California...that is all I could make out...

Stayed in the village till about 1:15 when the bus came and got me to take me back to Pribram... Towards the end of the visit a elderly woman was summoned who did speak pretty good English but most of the time they spoke and pointed and we drew pictures on the ground or paper to communicate...

Franklin had recommended I take a cab to the village...but I decided instead to take the bus..It was an adventure getting to the village by bus...had fun trying to communicate with the people on the bus and in neighboring villages and Pribram...most people were very friendly and tried to help me...

Actually not much to see in Jablonna though...originally planned to stay until 8:15 PM...but after a few hours I had seen all I needed to see...saw the house, chapel, the well where the gun was hidden...talked to a toothless woman who kept saying "USA fooey" and "Bush Swine" while trying to feed me some of her bottled wine at the benches right next to convenice store...seemed like most folks were not ashamed to drink a beer or two in the morning there across from the old Jarolimek home at those two benches against the building across street


From: paul brueske []

Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 6:50 PM

To: Alex PRice; Bill Parker;; Buck Master; Caroline Shanklyn; caroline shanklyn; Chris Nemith; Chris Nemith; cristel; David Anderton; Dean Yarolimenk; Elaine Fitzgerald; drewodaniel; JAMIE SOLLOSE; Jay Odom; Jeff kavalunas; jeff kavalunas; Jennifer Brogger; Jennifer Brogger; jenny harris; John Cissik; Julie kovach; kavalunj; Michelle Geers;; Olga! Mencnarowska; Shawn schleizer; Steve Gessner; Tim Glover; Tim Jacobs; Toby Madison; Toni Davis

Subject: "South" Alabama update

Gulf Breeze, FL Native, South Alabama Alum Paul Brueske Named Head Women’s Track Coach

Paul Brueske, a native of nearby Gulf Breeze, Florida and former Jaguar track athlete, has been named Head Women’s Track and Field Coach at the University of South Alabama, Director of Athletics Joe Gottfried announced today. Brueske will also oversee all administrative aspects for the entire track and field and cross country program.

Brueske has spent the last two years as head coach of both the men’s and women’s programs at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, where he led the boys’ team to back-to-back Alabama High School Athletic Association Class 5A outdoor state championships in 2006 and 2007. The Saints were also the 2007 indoor champions. Additionally, 15 student-athletes earned individual state titles during his tenure.

“We are excited to have Paul Brueske heading our women's Cross Country and Track and Field program,” Gottfried said. “He brings a background of tremendous success to us. We have followed Paul's career closely since graduation and, with the timing of hiring a women's head coach, he fit our profile.”

Prior to his arrival at St. Paul's, Brueske worked with the UMS-Wright Preparatory track & field program, helping the Bulldogs to three consecutive state championships in both the girls and boys divisions during his time there. At UMS-Wright, he worked primarily with the field events and has worked with 15 individual 4A state champions in the throws, high jump and pole vault. He assisted UMS-Wright athletes establish new school records in the pole vault, javelin and shot put. Brueske was also an assistant with the UMS-Wright varsity football team that compiled a 38-4 winning record and won the 2002 4A state championship.

“I am grateful and excited about the opportunity to return to South Alabama,” Brueske said. “I plan to work very hard to build a competitive program at USA.”

Brueske spent two seasons as the field events coach at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., from 2000-02. At Ferris State, he produced 14 NCAA qualifiers, including five All-America performances in the throwing events. He also helped design strength training programs for the Ferris State golf, hockey and volleyball programs.

Brueske began coaching at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, where he spent three seasons. As the Assistant Head Coach, Brueske helped build McGill-Toolen into a 6A county and sectional champion.

A 1998 graduate of South Alabama where he was a member of the track team, Brueske holds USA Track & Field Level II certification in the throwing, jumping and combined events. He is a certified specialist in Sports Conditioning by the International Sports Science Association, a USA (Olympic) weightlifting certified club coach, and a USA Track & Field Level I Instructor. On a part time basis, he has worked for the past five years as strength coach for the nationally-ranked tennis program at the University of South Alabama.

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