1. Matej Jarolimek (taken from the book "Panorama"/no date/looks 
     like an obituary) Matej Jarolimek 
2. Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN 6 Feb 1980 3. 50th Anniversary Party (newspaper article dated 25 Feb 1942) 4. Obituary Mary (Dragoun) Yarolimek) Mary (Dragoun) Jarolimek
5. "A Poachers History" by Matous Jarolimek 6. "Experiences of Mrs Mary (Dragoun) Jarolimkova" (May 1937) 7. "The Pilgrimage of Adolph Whitney" 8. A two page note written by one of Adolph Whitney�s children 9. Pribram History 10. Mary (Dragoun) Yarolimek Death Certificate (DOB 11 Jan 1873) 11. Matej Yarolimek Death Certificate (DOB 2 Nov 1869) 12. Joseph Yarolimek Death Certificate (DOB 6 Jun 1837 13. Joseph Yarolimek Death Certificate (DOB 6 Nov 1902) 14. George Yarolimek Birth Certificate (DOB 6 Aug 1912) 15. Fred & Rose (Peters) Yarolimek Marriage Certificate (19 Aug 1939) 16. Rose Marie Martha Peters Birth Certificate DOB 9 Jul 1923) 17. Enlisted Record and Report of Separation, Honorable Discharge, Fred J.Yarolimek (dated 27 Oct 1945) 18. Record of existence of Mariana Jarolimek living in Jablonna in the year 1650 Mariana Jarolimek 19. 20. Wall of Honor Records (dated 22 Oct 1998) 21. Declaration of Intention, Matej Jarolimek, 24 Aug 1904 22. Declaration of Intention, Joseph Jarolimek, 2 Jan 1905 23. Petition for Naturalization, Matej Jarolimek, 31 Oct 1908 24. Oath of Allegiance, Order of Court Admitting Petitioner, Affidavit of Witnesses, Matej Jarolimek, 15 Mar 1909 25. FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE SUMMARY Matej and Marie (Dragoun) JAROLIMEK arrived in America in 1904. The spelling of the family name was changed from JAROLIMEK to YAROLIMEK on 15 Mar 1909 when the family was naturalized. Following their immigration, Matej and Marie resided in Winona county (Wiscoy Valley, Rupprecht�s Valley, town of Rollingstone and the city of Winona) their entire life. They had fourteen children; nine boys (Adolph, Alois, Ben, Ed, Frank, Fred, George, Jerry, Joseph) and five girls (Agnes PECK, Emma DRENCKHAHN, Marie JAROLIMEK, Mary BRUESKE, Rose PESHON) JAROLIMEK/YAROLIMEK FAMILY HISTORY 1650 The widow, Mariana Jarolimek lived in house number 24 in Jablonna. Presently (April 2001), this is the farm/home of descendents of the Sedivy family that purchased the property from the Jarolimek family when they immigrated to the United States in 1904. 6 Jun 1837 Josef Jarolimek (Matej�s father) was born in Bohemia. 11 Feb 1869 Matej was born in Jablonna, Pribram, in St. Hory, CZ (death certificate states DOB 11 Nov 69). Book in Rollingstone, MN - Luxembourg Heritage Museum erroneously states DOB to be 11 Jan 1868. Matej was christened in the Dolnich Hbyt church (probably nearby Dolni Hbity). 1872 Matej�s grandmother Cerny lived nearby (within walking distance). Matej had a cousin who was a little older than he. Josef Jarolimek (Matej�s father) was a tailor. Matej had a cousin named Vaclav FIRT who lived nearby. Matej�s gma CERNYCH (Barbara CERNY�s mother) had a pear orchard. A neighbor�s name (in Jablonna) was Bartosuv FRANTISEK. (Since Frantisek is a common first name, the neighbor may have been named Frantisek BARTOSUV. 1 Nov 1873 Marie (DRAGOUN) Jarolimek was born in Smolotel, Pribram, CZ. 1875 Matej started school when he was six. 1882 Matej finished school when he was 13 1/2 years old. 1885 Matej started catching and selling birds and rabbits when he was 16 years old. Matej�s friend, Emanuvah HULY, owned a gun. Matej shot and sold his first deer. He received five Zloty for the meat. (WHAT WAS THE BUYING POWER IN 1885 OF 5 ZLOTY ?) Answer to the foregoing question provided by Miroslav Dragoun. A man named Hulovi helped arrange the sale of the deer. Kouta was the name of the game warden�s son. Matej spent six weeks in jail at #4 Karlova Avenue in Prague. A new, younger game warden was named Anyz. Someone named Frantsek (Frantiska) Svec warned gpa of officials coming. An aunt lived in Hbytech (maybe Dolni Hbyty). Matej weighed 220 pounds. 1 May Duke of Dobrise came to the area to hunt a six prong deer. 16 May Once before St. John Nepamuckeho (Nepomucene) on Saturday before 16th of May, there was a big open market in Prague. It was there that Matej promised to deliver four deer. The Jablonskeho forest was past Pribrami. Matej had a friend named Kralicvkov. Another warden was named Vaclav. North of Smolotel (Smolotely) was a group of ten small houses called Drahach. A rabbit cost "a gold piece and 50 krjcaru". (HOW MUCH WAS 50 KRJCARU?) Answer to the foregoing question provided by Miroslav Dragoun. 1892 There was a silver mine near Pribrami. A thousand men were killed in a fire at the mine. (According to Pribram History, 319 men died as a result of the 1892 Pribram mining disaster.) Pribram History 24 Feb 1892 Matej & Marie got married in Smolotel (Mary weighed 115 pounds). 22 Feb 1893 Adolph was born. 1893 Bohemia had a cold winter. Matej had a friend named Klibiki (footsie). Footsie hunted deer in the Hluboskemo forest (3 hours from Jablonna). 14 Apr 1894 Marie was born. 13 Oct 1895 Frantisek (Frank) was born. Oct 1896 Marie died. Church records in Dolni Hbity, CZ indicate she died of TBC. 20 Nov 1897 Alois was born. 6 Mar 1899 Anezka (Agnes) was born. 2 Feb 1901 Marie (Mary) was born. (Note: This was the second daughter named Marie. The first one was born in 1894 and died in 1896.) Adolph & Frank�s teacher�s name was Pinta. 6 Nov 1902 Josef (Joe) was born. 16 Jun 1903 Saturday before, Matej went hunting in the Lazne mountains. Balaman was the name of a warden who helped capture Matej. The gun was never found. It was always hidden on a shelf in the family (water) well. The well still existed on the family farm (now owned by Sedivy�s) in Nov 1997 when Dean R. & Marianne E. visited Jablonna, CZ. Frantisik Sedivy told Dean the story about hiding the gun in the well and proudly showed him the well. Josef Huly and his brother came along on the hunting trip. Josef Samlik published a newspaper in Morave called "The Farmers Voice". 1904 Matej farmed for 12 years in Jablonna. 11 Jul 1904 Jaroslaw (Jerry) was born (was still being nursed on the boat to America in Oct). In the summer of 1904, Matej was sentenced to nine months in jail for poaching but never spent a day in jail. He was allowed to return home for 14 days to finish up his business before he was to begin the nine month sentence. When the 14 days were gone, he pleaded with the court to give him a few more days and that too was granted. On the day he requested the extension, he and Adolph took a wagon load of coal to a blacksmith in Skrysova (Skrysev), a trip which took about 3 hours (blacksmith�s name was Stanislaw NACHACEK). Adolph returned to the farm alone. Matej proceeded to a friend�s house (local attorney) in Benesova, by way of Sedlcanv. Matej had served with the friend in the 102 army regiment). Following that, he went to Bremen, Germany. 3 days later Matej sent a telegram from Bremen saying he was on a boat to America. 09 Aug 1904 Matej proceeded to America as Stanislaw Nachacek aboard the ship, Kronprinz Wilhelm which left Bemen, Germany. (Matej used Stanislaw Nachacek�s passport to escape to America from Brem (Bremen). Stanislaw Nachacek�s papers were later returned to him.) 16 Aug 1904 Matej arrived in New York as Stanislaw Nachacek aboard the Kronprinz Wilhelm. Aug 1904 Matej spent first few days with his cousin, Joseph CERNY in Winona. 24 Aug 1904 Matej filed a Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen in Winona. Aug 1904 Shortly after arrival, Matej went to work on the Anton PRUCHA farm in Wiscoy. The 1910 census identifies the family as Anton & Mary Purka (a CZ farmer who arrived in America (in 1875) with his parents James (85) & Mary (72) Pruka (note the difference in spellings of their last names on the 1910 census). (James & Mary lived on a farm adjacent to Anton�s farm. Mary had 5 children, 3 lived.) 1910 census of Wiscoy Township, Winona County The following Purka children were living at home at the time of the 1910 census; Frank 19 Lizzie 16 Elsie 13 Anton Jr 11 Ammie 8 Eva 6 Eddie 3 Stanley 10 months. (Note: The census states Anton�s wife had 9 children which lived, yet only eight of them are listed on the census. No doubt, one of them had already "left the nest".) Oct 1904 3 months later the family came to Minnesota. Marie Jarolimek sold the farm (to the Sedivy family) and paid passage for all who traveled with her. 22 Oct 1904 They traveled the 11 day trip, from Bremen to New York, as steerage (the cheapest way possible). The family had enough money to travel second class but Matej felt they should retain some money in reserve for emergency so they traveled as steerage. They sailed on a German-Lloyd Line ship "Friedrich der Grosse" from Bremen (departed Bremen on 22 Oct and arrived in NY on 1 Nov. (item #6 states the trip lasted three weeks): "Friedrich der Grosse" departed Bremen. Marie (Mary BRUESKE) was three years old (oldest child, Adolf, was 11 years and youngest child , Jaroslaw (Jerry) was 3 months). The children got lice on the fifth day of the trip. The food included cooked unpeeled potatoes (some people got two or three helpings whereas others didn�t get any). Another food item was boiled beans. Immigrants disliked them so much they dumped them in the ocean. The ship didn�t have bathing or washing facilities. Diapers couldn�t be washed. Diapers were used and then thrown overboard. 1 Nov 1904 (Tuesday) The last day of trip, 2000 steerage passengers were herded to the top deck. 1 Nov 1904 (Tuesday) When leaving the boat, all were ushered into a large immigration building on Ellis Island (Marie, accompanied by Matej�s father, Josef, Marie�s seven children (Adolph/11, Frantisek/8, Alois/7, Anezka/4y, 9m, Marie/3, Josef/1y, 6m, and Jaroslaw/3m) and her sister, Berta (Dragoun) Kiral (traveled as Berta Jarolimek/20) and Berta�s young girl friend Anna ? (traveled as Anna Jarolimek/18). 1 Nov 1904 The family boarded a train for Winona, MN. 3 Nov 1904 (Thursday) After two days and two nights (per item #6), the train arrived in Chicago. They left Chicago that night. Map of Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Route Map 1891 4 Nov 1904 The next morning (Friday) at about 3 AM, they disembarked the train at a small station called Simpson Junction near Rochester. (The family had missed the Winona station.) 5 Nov 1904 The next morning (Saturday), the family arrived in Winona and were taken to the farm where Matej was working the following Tuesday (8 Nov). They stayed in a house next to St John�s CZ Catholic church in Winona during that short period of time. Shortly after arrival, the family purchased a 80 acre farm near Wiscoy and stayed there for 5 years. OBTAIN LAND RECORDS 2 Jan 1905 Josef Jarolimek, Matej�s father, filed a Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen in Winona. 1906 Bertha Dragoun married Joe Kiral. 1910 census provides the following; Joe age 28, married 4 years; Bertha age 28, married 4 years (had 4 children, 3 lived); Emma age 3; Joe age 2; George age1; Lizzie age 66 (Joe�s mother, had 12 children, 7 lived) 6 Feb 1906 Ben was born (Wiscoy). 12 Mar 1908 Rose was born (Wiscoy). 31 Oct 1908 Matej Jarolimek filed a Petition for Naturalization in Winona. This document states that he lived in the state of Minnesota for five years since Aug 1903. Joseph Cerny, 527 E. Third Street, believed to be a cousin, was a witness to the filing of the petition. (Joseph Frisch, 521 E. Third Street, was the second witness.) 15 Mar 1909 Matej Jarolimek took the Oath of Allegiance, received the Order of Court Admitting Petitioner and received a signed , Affidavit of Witnesses. Joseph Cerny, 527 E. Third Street, believed to be a cousin, was a witness at the swearing in ceremony. (Joseph Frisch, 521 E. Third Street, was the second witness.) Had to renounce allegiance to Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria as part of the petition. 12 Apr 1909 Emma was born (Wiscoy). 15 Mar 1909 The entire family (Matej (40), Marie (35), Adolph (16), Frank (13), Alois (11), Agnes (10), Mary (8), Joe (6), Jaroslaw (5), Bennie (2) & Rose (1)) was naturalized. Note: Bennie and Rose were born in Wiscoy Valley. It appears that they were included in the naturalization process so that the spelling of their name would be changed to YAROLIMEK along with the rest of the family. Matej�s father, Josef was not naturalized with the family on this document (Certificate of Naturalization # 7250). 1909 Matej sold the farm in the fall of 1909 and moved about 30 miles to a farm in Rupprecht Valley near Rollingstone (Norton Township) OBTAIN LAND RECORDS The family settled in Rollingstone MN, a community of people predominately from Luxembourg. The family were the only outsiders (non-Luxembourgers) in the community. 1 Jan 1910 CENSUS: (Farm Schedule # 51, Norton Township) Matt age 41, married 18 years, spoke Ger-Bohemian Mary age 36; Adolph age 17; Frank age 14; Alois age 12; Agnes age 11; Mary age 9; Joe age 8; Jerry age 6; Ben age 4; Rose age 2; Emma age 1; (Note: Josef Jarolimek, Matej�s father, was not listed on this census); 12 Sep 1910 Ed was born (Rupprecht Valley, Norton Township). 6 Aug 1912 George was born (Rupprecht Valley). (Book in Rollingstone- Luxembourg Heritage Museum states he was born in Minnesota City.) 1913 An income tax law was passed. When Matej had his taxes prepared, the people of Rollingstone became aware of how well he was doing. From that time on, the family was accepted in the community. 6 Mar 1916 Fred was born (Rupprecht Valley) (Mary was 42 years old). (Book in Rollingstone-Luxembourg Heritage Museum states DOB 6 May 1911.) 28 Mar 1916 Adolph married (Florence WHITNEY). 1 Jan 1920 Census: (Farm Schedule # 51, Norton Township) Matt age 51; Mary age 46; Joseph age 85, Matej�s father; Joseph age 17; Jerry age 15, born in CZ, school since 1 Sep 1919; Ben age 14, born in the US, school since 1 Sep 1919; Rose age 13, born in the US, school since 1 Sep 1919; Emma age 10, born in the US, school since 1 Sep 1919; Edward age 9, born in the US, school since 1 Sep 1919; George age 7, born in the US, school since 1 Sep 1919; Fred age 5, born in the US 8 Mar 1920 Anezka (Agnes) married (Claude PECK). 30 May 1920 Josef, age 20, died in Winona, MN. Died of complications following an operation for a ruptured appendix. 6 Jun 1922 Josef, Matej�s father, died on the Rupprecht Valley farm. 8 May 1924 Frank married Florence M. HITCHCOCK. 4 Nov 1924 Mary married Raymond Brueske. fall 1924 Matej sold Rupprecht Valley farm and moved to a more modern, better located farm between Rollingstone and Minnesota City (were they live now, 25 Feb 1942). 27 Apr 1927 Ben married Pearle Martin. 11 Oct 1927 Jerry married Lucille Wolfe. 15 Nov 1927 Emma married Earl DRENCKHAHN. 10 May 1932 Ed married Viola MUELLER. 3 Apr 1934 Rose married Peter Peshon (Book in Rollingstone-Luxembourg Heritage Museum states DOM 2 Apr 1934) 14 Apr 1934 George married Johanna MUELLER, Viola�s sister. (Book in Rollingstone-Luxembourg Heritage Museum states DOM 14 Aug 1934.) 1935 Adolph visited CZ for three months with Florence and their 18 year old daughter daughter Mary (Emma). Traveled by car in CZ. Pilzen to Pribram (30 miles), Pribram/ Jablonna (6 miles) Holy pilgrimage place, Svata Hora, the Holy Mountain (near Pribram). 365 covered & enclosed steps from the city to the top of the hill. Svata Hora in Pribram (Written in Czech)
Note: Dean & Marianne Yarolimek visited this Holy Mountain in 2001. They said; It is a "must visit" site for all family members who visit "the old country". Svata Hora in Pribram (Written in English) CERNY�s still lived in Jablonna. Sedivy�s still own the farm Marie Jarolimek sold to them in 1904. Sevcik is a small town/village near Jablonna. 18 Jun 1936 During a period of time that Adolph & Florence were on a trip, Mildred (about 17 years old) "ran off" and got married. Word has it that Adolph & Florence were irate. 11 Dec 1936 Matej & Mary Yarolimek visited CZ just before the outbreak of WWII. On this trip, they were in London at the time of the coronation of King George VI who reigned from 11 Dec 1936 to 6 Feb 1952. (The coronation is believed to have taken place 11 Dec 1936.) May 1937 Marie Yarolimek wrote item # 6 (weighed 170 pounds). Marie�s brother and sister (Dragoun) still lived in Praha (Prague). 19 Aug 1939 Fred J. Yarolimek married Rose Marie Martha Peters. Rose�s father, Anthony Peters, is believed to have come to Watapou Township, Wabasha County MN, from Glasscow, MN (Crow Wing County). Her mother was Mary Theis. Mary was the daughter of German born immigrants (1910 census shows the year of their arrival in America), Anna and Frank Theis. The 1910 Rollingstone Township census shows the following: Theis, Frank age 46, married 23 years; Anne age 43, married 23 years; (14 children, 10 lived); Frank age 17; Rose age14; Leo age 10; Albert age 9; George age 8; Edward age 6; Edmund age 4; Fall 1940 Alois Yarolimek, age 42, was involved in a farming accident while harvesting buckwheat on the C.C. Mahoney farm, four miles south of Kellogg, MN. His right hand was amputated at St Elizabeth�s hospital in Wabasha, MN. 25 Feb 1942 Matej & Marie Yarolimek had a Minnesota City address. Their 50th anniversary party was held on the Sunday before their actual anniversary date, Tuesday (24 Feb 1942), so more family members could attend. Buffet at noon/50 people attended; Emma Drenckhahn made a five tier cake. Adolph made a movie of the group. WHERE IS THAT MOVIE?) Edward is now doing the farm work. 12 of the 14 children are living. All their children attended the party other than Alois and Jaroslaw (Jerry). Matej & Marie have 38 grand-children and two great grand-children. 22 Dec 1943 Fred joined the Army. 14 Jun 1944 Fred was shipped to Europe (WWII). 26 Jul 1944 Fred was wounded. DETERMINE WHICH BATTLE HE WAS WOUNDED IN, NORMANDY, NORTHERN FRANCE or RHINELAND. 1944 Matej & Marie moved to 1267 West Broadway, Winona, MN. OBTAIN PURCHASE RECORD 17 Oct 1945 Fred returns from Europe. 27 Oct 1945 Fred was discharged. 3 Nov 1945 Matej died at 1267 West Broadway, Winona. 13 Sep 1947 Marie Yarolimek, 73, of 1267 West Broadway, died at 10 PM Saturday after a 10 month illness. 17 Sep 1947 Marie�s funeral held Wednesday from J.J. Kelly funeral home. Marie was a resident of the city of Winona for three years. Family survivors are: 8 sons; 4 daughters; 1 sister (Bertha Kiral); 44 grand children; 10 great-grand children; 5 nephews; 3 nieces A very interesting flick from the 1940s era can be viewed at: Decade of the 40s 12 Feb 1951 Ben married Louise Schumacher 1965 Someone, probably Adolph, brought Joe NACHACEK (the great grandson of the man who had loaned Matej the passport) to the U.S. for a 6 month visit. (Note: "The Pilgramage of Adolph Whitney", states gpa brought him over. Since gpa Matej died 3 Nov 1945, it is assumed that the writer was referring to his gpa Adolph.) DETERMINE IF JOE NACHACEK IS STILL LIVING, CHECK CZ PHONE BOOK 23 Jul 1965 Jaroslaw (Jerry) died in LaFarge, WI 27 Mar 1968 Ben died in Wabasha, MN. 28 May 1968 Alois died in Pomona, CA. 9 Feb 1970 Ed died in Winona, MN. 21 Jul 1976 Frantisek (Frank) died in Wabasha, MN. 29 Oct 1982 Adolph died in Chino, CA. (Book in Rollinstone-Luxembourg Heritage Museum states DOD 28 Oct 1982.) 2 Jul 1984 Fred died in Winona, MN. 28 Jun 1986 George died in Winona, MN. 24 Sep 1988 Anezka (Agnes) PECK died in Winona, MN. Sep 1990 Bernice Hayes submitted the name "The Matej and Marie Jarolimek Family" for placement (panel #206) on "The American Immigrant Wall of Honor" at Ellis Island, NY. 10 Nov 1991 Emma DRENCKHAHN died at home, on the farm, on Oak Ridge. 25 Feb 1993 Marie (Mary) BRUESKE died in Wabasha, MN. Notes: FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE The "Friedrich der Grosse" was built by AG Vulcan, Stettin in 1896 for North German Lloyd of Bremen. She was a 10,531 gross ton ship, length 159,40m x beam 18,29m (523ft x 60ft), two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 15 knots. There was passenger accommodation for 226-1st, 235-2nd and 1,671-3rd class. Launched on 1/8/1896, she sailed from Bremen on her maiden voyage to Australia via Suez on 11/11/1896. On 4/4/1897 she commenced her first voyage from Bremen to Falmouth (to pick up passengers from the "Konigin Louise" which had broken her steering gear) and New York. On 22/3/1907 she started her first Naples - New York crossing and made her last Genoa - Naples - New York sailing on 25/7/1912 (16 round voyages). On 22/11/1913 she started her last Bremen - New York voyage and on 21/1/1914 started her last Bremen - Australia voyage (14 round voyages to Australia). She transferred to the Bremen - Baltimore service on 4/6/1914 and made her last Bremen - Philadelphia - Baltimore sailing on 9/7/1914. In August 1914 she took refuge in New York and in April 1917 was seized by the US authorities and became the US Government ship "Huron". In 1922 she went to the Los Angeles SS Co and was renamed "City of Honolulu". While on her first Honolulu - Los Angeles crossing she was damaged by fire on 12/10/1922, and on 17/10/1922 was sunk by gunfire by the US transport "Thomas". (probably because she was a danger to navigation). [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.2, p.559] - [Posted to The ShipsList by Ted Finch - 16 April 1998] The steamship FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE was built for Norddeutscher Lloyd by AGVulcan, Stettin (ship #231), and launched on 1 August 1896. 10.531 tons (the first German vessel over 10,000 tons); 159,4 x 18,29 meters (length x breadth); 2 funnels, 2 masts; twin-screw propulsion, quadruple- expansion engines, service speed 14.5 knots; accommodation for 216 passengers in 1st class, 227 in 2nd class, and from 1,671 to 1,964 in steerage; crew of 175 to 222. 11 November 1896, maiden voyage, Bremen-Suez Canal- Australia. 4 April 1897, first voyage, Bremen-Falmouth (to take on passengers from the KONIGIN LUISE, whose rudder had broken)-New York. 1902, enclosed bridge added; 10,696 tons. 22 March 1903, first voyage, Naples-New York. 25 July 1912, last voyage, Genoa-Naples-New York (16 roundtrip voyages). 22 November 1913, last voyage, Bremen - New York. 21 January 1914, last voyage, Bremen-Australia (14 roundtrip voyages). 4 June 1914, first voyage, Bremen - Baltimore. 9 July 1914, last voyage, Bremen-Philadelphia- Baltimore. 3 August 1914, took refuge at the Norddeutscher Lloyd pier at Hoboken. 6 April 1917, seized by the U.S. Government; renamed HURON (transport). 1919, transferred to the U.S. Shipping Board; oil firing; chartered to the Munson Line, New York, for its New York-Buenos Aires service. 1 December 1921, leased to the Los Angeles Steamship Co; major rebuilding; renamed CITY OF HONOLULU. 23 September 1922, first voyage, Los Angeles-Honolulu. 12 October 1922, on return voyage, damaged by fire 575 miles from Los Angeles; all on board taken onto the U.S. Army Transport THOMAS, and the freighter WEST FARALLON. 17 October 1922, sunk by gunfire from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter SHAWNEE as a threat to navigation [Edwin Drechsel, Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, 1857-1970; History, Fleet, Ship Mails, vol. 1 (Vancouver: Cordillera Pub. Co., c1994), pp. 167-168, no. 96 (photographs); Arnold Kludas, Die grossen Passagierschiffe der Welt; eine Dokumentation, Bd. 1: 1858-1912 (2nd ed.; Oldenburg/Hamburg: Gerhard Stalling, c1972), pp. 18-19 (photographs); Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 2 (1978), p. 559]. Also pictured in Michael J. Anuta, Ships of Our Ancestors (Menominee, MI: Ships of Our Ancestors, 1983), p. 104, courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum, East India Square, Salem, Massachusetts 01970, - {Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer - 17 April 1998]

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