Bruce woodley!

Personal Information:

He was born in Melbourne on 25th July 1942. He attended Melbourne High School. Like Athol he was an Advertising Executive, before entering the music world on a professional basis. Like the other two male Seekers members he stated playing in local coffee bars. His height is just over 6ft, and he has blue eyes. His favorite singers are: Dusty Springfield, Andy Williamís, John lennon, and also the Weavers. His hobbies are: collecting Folk songs, and spending time with friends, or on his own listening to records.

Favorite Food and Drink:

He likes Indian Curries and home cooking. His favorite drink is cold Melbourne beer.

Miscellaneous Likes:

Being on time. Worm Weather. Spike Milligan.

Miscellaneous Dislikes:

People who snores. Getting up early. Insincerity. Talking just for the sake of it.

Musical History:

He plays five string Banjo, and Spanish Guitar. Both of which were self taught! He is a very accomplished song writer, occasionally takes lead vocal for the group.

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