Note: This Character (Yellow area) was randomly generated using the Gamma World 4th Ed. Character Generator by Reginald Blue and Scott Kent! Nothing was changed, except adding fields for "Experience points", "Domars" and picture of character.

FINALLY! He is in ZorOne's (Jimmy's) PBeM!
NAME: Cholf
PS (15) 15 +2
DX (13) 18 +3
CN (14) 14 +1
MS (12) 12
IN (11) 11
CH (13) 13 +1
SN (16) 16 +2

Hit Points
Robot Recog.
Base Speed
Fly Speed
Swim Speed
THAC Melee
THAC Ranged
Player: David Little
Genotype Altered Human
Base Stock
Read / Write
Swim / Ride

Physical Attribute
Radiating Eyes
Force Field

  Update: 16 May 00

Class Enforcer
Experience Points
Combat Leadership
Makeshift Weapon/Armor.
Size-Up Opponent

Sex:  Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'10"
Weight:  200 lbs
Hair color: Dark Blond
Eyes: Blue-changes color according to his mood: Happy-blue/angry-brown/etc.. or according to background.
Build: Medium-see picture.  Cholf can pass himself-off as a PSH when wearing clothing.
Cholf was raised in a simple village area; his mother was a second generation mutant and his father was a sixth generation mutant.  His pre-adult time was mainly spent in hunting. Basic interests include the use and employment of non-powered weapons (his duality mutation helps with this), and he has a special knowledge of the effects of plants and herbs, which he gained while hunting for the tribe. 
EQUIPMENT: Padded Armor (AC+1, WT 4), Uniform, Jumpsuit fatigues (four shades of Gray), and boots.  Backpack, bedroll, 50 matches in a box (Box required for lighting), 7 Days rations, 20 meters of rope, lantern, 2 flasks of oil, 2 water skins (full),   Longsword, hunting knife  Crossbow, quiver, and 20 bolts
ARTIFACTS:  gas mask, AIR BREATHER, Compass, flashlight, binoculars, and super glue. chemical energy cell, BATTLE RIFLE, with 50 rounds of Ammunition, 2 smoke grenades (unknown colors), Empty Healers' box with red cross on outside. (Inside is some multi-colored water), LASER RIFLE
NOTES: (Just starting campaign) PBeM is at:
I am called Cholf.  I come from a small village in the forest to the south of the Land of Hue.  I am a warrior and hunter for the my village. During my many trips in the forest I have obtained an extensive knowledge of plants and herbs used for healing and spices.
     My village elders heard of a war and several battles to the north in the Land of Hue.  My village was attacked several times by raiders from some of these battles, but we were always successful in repulsing their attacks.
     My leaders sent me to the north to scout and determine what the situation was. While traveling, I was set upon by a troop of Badders.  I slew a few, but the numbers were too great so I ran.  As I was running from the Badders, I came upon a troop of soldiers from the land of hue. We then proceeded to defeat the Badders and then the soldiers took me prisoner!  I've been rotting in this place since!  I now know that you cannot trust the people of the Land of Hue.
     Now the King of Hue, wants my help in discovering why the river of Hue has lost it's properties, so that his ill daughter can be saved.  During my time as a prisoner, I have never seen the princess, but I have heard that she always seemed to be very nice and considerate, not to mention beautiful.
     The king has offered me my freedom in exchange for doing this service.  I have decided to do it for both the freedom and to save the princess, if there really is one.  She seems to be the only honest and nice person in the leadership around here.  If saved from her illness, she could inherit the throne and bring about an era of peace for the land.
     I went through a few days training to learn about the rifles we will use, and then the expedition started out.  After several days, the group split into a couple of parties and went different ways.  One of the groups was ambushed and wiped-out.  My group discovered that a civil-war had broken out and that we had to dissapear or also be killed.
     We were in the area of the big lake and had a couple of choices to make: 
1) Open a door found near the deathlands; 
2) Go behind the waterfall leading into the lake, or 
3) Enter the lake and swim down to the "installation" found on the bottom of the lake.
     We were initially going to open the door, but we overheard one of the King's groups getting ready to kill us, so we ran to the lake.
     After diving into the lake and observing the installation, we discovered that there was no way into the installation from the water.  Upon resurfacing, Groal (one of the group members), noticed an altered bear sitting on the shore, with a live-metal approaching him.  Jade (another group member), talked to the live-metal, afterwhich the live-metal seemed to summon other live-metals out of the cave behind the waterfall and start to pursue the group of soldiers.  At this time, a large amount of bubbles broke the surface of the lake near the party, and a disk with a dome attached to a cable appeared.  The dome opened up and revealed couches inside it with food and drink.  Due to the situation,  the party got inside.  After getting inside, I took a metal box that had the healers' symbol on the side while the disk desended down in the depths and attached itself to the side of the installation laying on the bottom of the lake.  We all decided to wear our breathers.
     After opening, we were met by a metal man who asked us to help them.  The metal man seemed to be damaged. They led us to a room and asked us to press a button on a pillar standing in the middle of this room.  The metal man stated that the room damaged metal men and they could not enter it to fix a problem. When we got to the room, I noticed that the floor of this room was covered with the multi-colored water that we were looking for! I suspected that we were going into a trap. The door of this room was invisible, and the metal man did something to make the invisible door go away.  After entering the room, I started to fill the healers' box with the multi-colored water and also noticed  a couple of dead metal men laying next to some crates.  One of the dead metal men had some kind of rifle.  Chii (another group member) pressed the button, and then the metal men attacked!  Chii then pushed the button again!  I KNEW we shouldn't have trusted these metal men!  Jannos fell on the ground screaming with some kind of large projectile sticking in his leg.  Small "things" were crawling out of it and going into Jannos!!  Jannos kicked a few times and died.
     A couple of the metal men fell lifeless, and I saw that there were several boxes in the room and racks of a strange sort of rifle.  Using my duality mutation, I picked a rifle from a rack, and then saw a large crystal embedded in the side of the wall. 
At this time, William (another party member), covered us with one of the new rifles, and started to talk into a small device. To our growing horror, Jannos started to twitch and seemed to start coming alive again! Groal charged William, and I and Nano fired at the crystal.  The crystal cracked, then shattered!  The room was flooded and we were all swept out of the room into the water of the lake.
     We all ended up on the shore of the lake at night.  Looking up at the stars in the sky, we could see that several weeks had passed since we went down into the underwater installation. (!?!?).  Jannos had dissappeared and William was unconcious.  Several of the boxes from the room were also scattered around.  In the distance we could see a light. Everyone passed-out only to be awakened by the rising sun and several men riding Podogs approaching us.