Introducing the NPC Fast Kill Table for Gamma World!
(This table was adopted from the Morrow Project RPG, by Timeline, Ltd.)

How many times have you got into a BIG fight, only to have to spend hours rolling damage, record keeping, ad-nausium for all those NPCs?

..............Meanwhile, the players are falling asleep while waiting for you to finish rolling for all of the NPCs.

Introduce the NPC Fast Kill Table!

This table is for use with firearms, spears, arrows etc.. and area effect weapons.  Not for edged, blunt or melee weapons.  You can design your own table for blunt and edged weapons (if you do, let me know).  This Table can be used for all editions of Gamma World.

NPC Fast Kill Table
Roll 1D10:
Hit with Single shot
(Effect on NPC)
Roll 1D10:
Hit with Area weapon, Shotgun, 
grenade, or Automatic weapon
(Effect on NPC)
No effect
May complete 2 Actions before death
May complete 2 actions before death
May complete 1 action before death
May complete 1action before death
Immediate death
Immediate death

Example: Mutated human "Italian Mobster" lobs a frag grenade at a group of 4 Knights of Genetic Purity.  The grenade lands right in the middle of them!

1. Referee uses the Area Weapon Table: (right side) He rolls 1 die for each NPC, rolling: 4,6,9,1.

2. Consulting the Table, he comes up with the following results:

A. Die roll 4: The first guy gets to pull his Mark VI Blaster, then looking surprised, topples dead.
B. Die rolls 6, 9: The 2nd and 3rd guys get blown into bite-sized chunks of Alpo.
C. Die roll 1: The 4th guy sees his buddies blown apart, and, eventhough he is mortally wounded, pulls his bazooka and fires back at the PCs, grimly continuing the fight to rid the world of the mutant scum! Yelling curses at the mutant subspecies, he then succumbs to his wounds and expires.

I think this is a little better than rolling damage for each NPC.  It also gives the edge to the PCs.

Remember, the PCs are the "heroes" of Gamma World and are supposed to be better than the average Joe.  Not only that, but Gamma World is deadly enough as it is, plus the Referee can always throw more cannon-fodder into the meat grinder.

This table is not intended for use with "live-metal".  These are supposed to be hard to kill!

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