Lordsburg- (Click on Map for full size)
Population: 728
Tech Level: II
There is a castle in the middle of town!  After the Apocalypse, a group of SCA hobbyists banded together and re-established the feudal system in this town.  They used survivors to build the castle.  Each member (and spouse) became "nobles", while the masses became the peasants.  The members then conducted a tournament to determine who would be king.  Over the years, the title has once again become hereditary, and the King's "right of first" is in effect.  (This is where the king beds all brides on their wedding night).  This is considered (by the nobles) to be a great honor. If the King/Queen dies without a heir, another tournament is held to determine the new King.  The hereditary blood line also switches to the new King. They also speak funny;  I.E.: Hast thou a good time! Or,  "Dost thee wish for something to drink?" The feudal system is firmly entrenched in this town.  The nobles actually believe that they are of noble class, and the peasants believe that they are peasants.  The peasants are not treated harshly, nor taxed heavily.  Each peasant must serve for a number of days each year in the castle doing maintenance, cleaning, etc.  The peasants grow all of the food and supply the nobles and their families with all the food they can eat.  In return, they get the protection of the castle walls during times of war/strife.  Sunday is a day of rest, and everyone must attend church on that day or risk eternal damnation.  The priest is also a hereditary title. However if the priest dies without a direct heir, the assistant priest be elevated to the position, at which time the blood line switches to him.  Women are not allowed positions of power in the church.  The standing army consists of 50 soldiers, armed at Tech Level II.

This map is only the main portion of Lordsburg.

Castle with Keep- (Center): The lords and ladies live in the keep proper.  Inside the castle, starting from the gatehouse, going clockwise:

Feed Storage
Barracks (two rows of brown buildings)
Servants Quarters
Cloistery/Priest's residence-all of the clergy live in this large building.
Merchants/lower noble's quarters

The Castle Inn- (Complex on south-west corner of map): This is the one and only Inn in town.  It is also where entertainment, room & board, etc.. can be found.  It has stables and a blacksmith also.  It is also the town "General Store".

Lordsburg Ruins (East side of map):  These have really been scavenged for anything useful.  The peasants also scavenge building materials from here.  5% chance to find an artifact.  20% chance to find random treasure from the treasure list.

The rest of the buildings are farms.

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