Santa Fe- (Click on map for full-sized image)
Population: Unknown
Tech Level: Unknown (VI)
Santa Fe was the capitol of New Mexico. This merited it taking a very dirty bomb (ground burst).  The large
amount of radioactive dirt and debris scattered by the blast has maintained the radiation at higher levels than if
it were an airburst.  The wind pattern spread the fallout over an area, but the mountains to the east prevented  it
from spreading very far.  Adventuring into this city is fraught with peril!

If you wish to use this map, feel free to use it as you see fit.  The only thing I ask, is that you give me credit for making the map.

DESCRIPTIONS  These are only "bare-bones" descriptions.

Vehicles- As you can see on the map, there are several parking lots and many vehicles on the roads.  These are the vehicles which died-in-place due to the Electro Magnetic Pulse from the warhead.  The EMP fried the electrical systems.  There is a very small chance (5%) that a vehicle will function.  Some may only need the proper power supply.  Specific types of vehicles are up to the Referee.

Police station- The small blue building on the north-side of the freeway (to the left of the "H" Building) is a Police sub-station.  At any time, this building has 1-6 Police robots inside.  Upon entering the building, they will see a "living Metal" behind a counter.  Characters with exposed weapons are arrested and placed in the cells.  Characters without obvious weapons are politely asked to state their business.  If they cannot answer the question they are told to leave.  Mutated Plant characters are ignored, unless they attack or otherwise do something to draw attention.  The Station Chief's office is locked.  Inside, you find a mummified PSH corpse in a blue jumpsuit (still usable-the synthetics are very durable).  In one of the pockets is a Stage V Law Enforcement ID.

Large Apartment Complex- The large square angular building in the central north section (next to freeway) is an apartment complex.  This complex has extensive damage, but 30% of each type of apartment is usable.
This complex had 300 apartments and could hold up to a maximum of 1400 inhabitants:

70   1-bedroom (max 2 persons) (140 persons) (18 usable)
100 2-bedroom (max 4 persons) (400 persons) (30 usable)
100 3-bedroom (max 6 persons) (600 persons) (30 usable)
20   4-bedroom (max 8 persons) (160 persons) (6 usable)
10   5-bedroom (max 10 persons) (100 persons) (3 usable)
This complex is now the base of a large number of Serfs.  Adventurers can still explore this building.  Each turn roll for an encounter.  On a "1" (d6) they encounter 1-6 Serfs.  A total of 100 Serfs live here.  It has an internal subway station.

Medical Center- The "H" building to the right of the Police Sub-station.  This building was overloaded with casualties from the nuclear attack, and then was set-upon by looters and bandits trying to get the medical supplies.  This building has six floors with a landing pad on the roof, but is now deserted and mostly in ruins.  Due to the damage to the building, characters must watch where they are going, or they could step on a weakened area and fall through the floor to the level below (20%).  If this happens, they will suffer 1d8 damage;  roll 1d6; if a 5 or 6 is rolled, the impact from the fall causes the character to bust through the floor again, falling to the next floor and suffering an additional 1d8 damage.  Continue rolling until the character stops falling, or has fallen to the bottom (basement).  There is only a 10% chance to find any medical supplies.  (The Referee may decide to allow a larger chance, or a base 10% chance for each floor of the center).  In the basement is a life-ray chamber (random chance whether it works or not).  If it works, it may be guarded by Serfs from the Large Apartment Complex.  Remember, the Serfs live here and have done extensive exploration of the area.  If they find a working life-ray chamber, they will most likely guard it to prevent theft, or someone else from using it.  One of the offices on the 6th floor has a Stage IV Medical ID.  Each floor has three Medical robots.  Due to the riots and looting, most of the robots have been destroyed.  It is up to the Referee to decide whether any work. (According to how badly injured the characters are.)  This building also has a subway station, but it is off-line, and no longer works.  Characters can enter the subway tunnels from here, but they have to be careful when they enter an active tunnel, or they could get hit by a subway train.

Subway Stations- (There is one across the street from the Large Apartment Complex to the right.  It is small and grey)  There are several of these.  The subway system still functions!  They are a quick and easy way to get around.  However, other denizens of the ruins are also aware of this!  Most of the various groups keep a guard on the station in their area, to prevent any "surprise attacks" from other groups.  The tunnel leading to the medical center is off-line, and no longer works.

Frick Theater- (Large purple building near center of map) I use the "Frick Building" Adventure from the 2nd Edition Adventure Booklet.

Carrin Strronghold- (Square grey building across the street, south-east from Frick Theater) I use the "Carrin Stronghold" Adventure from the 2nd Edition Adventure Booklet.

The rest of the map is random.  Do with it as you see fit.

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