Kyeote- Pronounced (Kye-oat) (Click on Image for full-size)
Population: 500
Tech Level: II
Eventhough the town map looks "barren", much of the area between buildings have gardens and vegetation around them.  I have only included very basic info.  You can change/add anything you wish.

Inhabited by PSH (35%) and Mutated (65%) Navajo Indians.  Part of the "Greater Navajo Nation".  They are at Tech Level II, and will use artifacts.  See Gallup.  The reason for the large percentage of mutants, is that many inhabitants make scavenging runs into Santa Fe looking for artifacts.

DESCRIPTIONS (for Coordinates, Read right, then up)

Council Chamber (M9): This is where the Navajo Elders meet to discuss important issues, etc.  This is not a residence.  The townspeople irrigate the area around the Council building and the well located adjacent to it.  They have also planted flowers and several trees.  This has become the town park. Children are always running around and playing here during the day.

The "Come-Back-Inn" (D4-5):  This Inn was a building of the Ancients.  No one knows what it's original function was. This is the first Inn which weary travellers see upon entering the town.  It is a two-storey building, with the first floor being a common area for eating/drinking and the second floor contains 10 guest rooms capable of holding 4 beings each (sleeping 2 per bed). An overnight stay, including breakfast, costs 5 domars.  This Inn got it's name because of strange "fields" on all windows.  You may see in and out, and they allow air to circulate; but you cannot enter the building through a window.  If you try to go out a window, you find yourself "coming back in" to where you were.  If characters try to dive out the windows, they fly though the air, and land back in the room. If they try to fire anything through the windows, it also "comes back in". (I've had lots of fun with this one-[evil chuckle])  :)

Pasture (NW corner):  This is where the town residents keep their mounts.  Travellers may also keep their mounts there at a cost of 1 domar per day.  The buildings in this area are the "industrial area" of the town,  where characters can find a blacksmith, and/or others.

Shopping District (A00-G9) Southwest portion of town: These buildings are various shops where the characters can buy food, weapons, etc.  The shop-keepers also reside in the shops.  Since many of the townspeople explore Santa Fe, there is a larger chance  of finding an artifact for sell. (Up to Referee).

Town Guard/Barracks (Six buildings in the North-Central part of map): The guard consists of a 50-person garrison, living in the largest building.  This amount is required for 24 hour operations, guard on the walls and gate, etc..  In times of emergency, they can mobilize the male population of the city (200). The other buildings are offices, Armory, Dining facility, etc.  The War-leader/Sheriff lives and works in the "L"-shaped building at L12.

The rest of the town is residential.

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