Military/Civilian Targets

At the start of the war, the Soviet arsenal was nearly 7,500 warheads (7,354 to be exact). Less than 50% (3,558) of these were launched with about 75% (2,665) targeted at the U.S. The following file which lists all targets and results from missile impacts was downloaded from Damocles by the first team who reached the base. Unfortunately, the information pertaining to impact sites in Canada, Mexico, and South America have not been recovered to date.

A sister unit located somewhere in Europe contains information on missile impacts in Western Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Trg#  Target Description                  Nearest City         Missile    Hit Type

ALABAMA (131,484 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,062,608)

AL-01 Anniston Army Depot                 15 km W of Anniston  SS-25      Ground

       (Chem. and Bio. Weapons & Stg.)

AL-02 Bellefonte Nuclear Reactor          15 km NE of Scottsb. SS-N-18    Ground

AL-03 Birmingham++                                             SS-N-23    Underground

AL-04 Browns Ferry Nuclear Reactor 1,2,3  25 km NW of Decatur  SS-N-18    Underground

AL-05 Farley Nuclear Reactor              45 km SE of Dothan   SS-N-18    Underground

AL-06 Fort McClellan Mil Res (CBW school) 5 km NE of Anniston  SS-N-20    Underground

AL-07 Ft Rucker Mil Res                   32 km NW of Dothan   SS-18M4    Ground

AL-08 Goldberg Field US Mil Res           5 km N of Dothan     SS-N-20    Ground

AL-09 Maxwell Air Force Base              2 km NW of Montg.    SS-18M5    Underground

       (Air Univ. and War College)

AL-10 Mobile+++                                                SS-25      High air

AL-11 Montgomery*+++                                           SS-N-20    Ground

AL-12 Redstone Arsenal                    12 km S of Huntsv.   SS-25      Ground

       (US Army Missile Command)

AL-13 Vaiden AFB (Craig AFB)              10 km E of Browns    SS-18M5    Ground

ALASKA (1,478,457 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 551,947)

AK-01 Eielson AFB                    Fairbanks            SS-18M1    Low air

AK-02 Elmendorf AFB                  Anchorage            SS-17      Dud (I)

AK-03 Ft Greely                      Fairbanks            SS-18M1    Ground

AK-04 Ft Richardson Mil Resv.        Anchorage            SS-N-17    Ground

AK-05 Ft Wainwright                  Fairbanks            SS-18M1    Dud (S)

AK-06 Juneau                         Juneau               SS-N-17    Underground

AK-07 Point Barrow DEW line HQ       Barrow               SS-17      Ground

AK-08 Yukon Command Training Center  Fairbanks            SS-N-17    Ground

        miss 29 km SW

ARIZONA (293,991 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,677,985)

AZ-01 Davis-Monthan AFB                   10 km SE of Tucson   10 SS-18M4 High air (x2) 

                                                                          Low air (x4) 

                                                                          Ground (x3) 

                                                                          Dud (S)

AZ-02 Ft Huachuca                         5 km W of Sierra V   SS-N-23    High air

AZ-03 Luke AFB                            34 km W of Phoenix   SS-18M6    Ground

AZ-04 Luke AF Bombing Range               30 km SE of Yuma     SS-N-20    Dud (S)

        miss 77 km NW

AZ-05 Navaho Army Depot                   15 km W of Flagstaff SS-25      Ground

AZ-06 Phoenix*+                                                SS-25      Dud (S)

AZ-07 Tucson++                                                 SS-25      Low air

AZ-08 Williams AFB                        48 km SE of Phoenix  SS-18M6    Underground

AZ-09 Yuma Proving Grounds                40 km NE of Yuma     SS-N-20    High air

AZ-10 Palo Verde Nuclear Reactor          60 km W of Phoenix   SS-N-23    Ground

ARKANSAS (134,892 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 2,362,239)

AR-01 Arkansas Nuclear Reactor       6 mi. WNW of Russlv. SS-17      Ground

AR-02 Blytheville AFB                Blytheville          SS-18M1b   Underground

AR-03 Camp Robinson                  Little Rock          SS-17      Underground

AR-04 Ft Chaffee                     Ft Smith             SS-N-17    Ground

AR-05 Little Rock                    Little Rock          SS-N-8     Ground

AR-06 Little Rock AFB                Little Rock          10 SS-18M2 Ground (x5)

                                                                     Low Air

                                                                     Dud (S)

        miss 23 km S                                                 Ground

        miss 70 km W                                                 Dud (S)

        miss 75 km W                                                 Ground

AR-07 Pine Bluff Arsenal             Pine Bluff           SS-N-17    Low air

        miss 22 km NW

CALIFORNIA (404,809 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 29,839,250)

CA-01 Anaheim                        Anaheim              SS-N-17    Burns up

CA-02 Armed Forces Reserve Ctr       Long Beach           SS-18M1    Ground

CA-03 Beale AFB                      Marysville           SS-N-8     Ground

CA-04 Berkley                        Berkley              SS-17      High air

CA-05 Cp Pendleton US Marine Corps   Fallbrook            SS-17      High air

CA-06 Cp Roberts                     Paso Robles          SS-N-17    Underground

CA-07 Cp Pendleton                   Oceanside            SS-N-17    Underground

CA-08 Castle AFB                     Merced               SS-19      Ground

CA-09 Chocolate Mountain Impact Area Niland               SS-17      Underground

CA-10 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor  12 mi. SW of San Lu. SS-19      Underground

CA-11 Edwards AFB                    Lancaster            SS-17      Dud (S)

CA-12 Ft Hunter Ligett               Lockwood             SS-17      Low air

        miss 73 km E

CA-13 Ft Barry                       Sausalito            SS-N-8     Low air

        miss 24 km SW

CA-14 Ft Cronkhite                   Sausalito            SS-N-8     Ground

CA-15 Ft Irwin National Traning Ctr  Barstow              SS-17      Ground

CA-16 Ft Ord                         Salinas              SS-N-8     Dud (I)

CA-17 Fresno                         Fresno               SS-N-8     Ground

CA-18 George AFB                     Victorville          SS-N-17    Burns up

CA-19 Glendale                       Glendale             SS-N-17    Ground

CA-20 Hamilton Army Airfield         San Rafa'l           SS-N-17    Dud (S)

CA-21 Lemoore NAS                    Hanford              SS-N-8     Ground

CA-22 Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab  Livermore            SS-19      Underground

CA-23 Long Beach                     Long Beach           SS-16      Ground

CA-24 Los Angeles                    Los Angeles          SS-18M1    Ground

CA-25 March AFB                      Riverside            SS-N-8     Dud (S)

        miss 418 km E

CA-26 Mare Isle Naval Shipyard       Vallejo              SS-N-17    Dud (S)

CA-27 Marine Corps Training Ctr      Barstow              SS-N-17    Ground

CA-28 Mather AFB                     Sacremento           SS-17      Dud (S)

CA-29 McClellan AFB                  Sacremento           SS-N-8     Ground

CA-30 Moffett Field US NAS           Mtn View             SS-18M1    Ground

CA-31 Naval Air Miramar Stn          San Diego            SS-19      Ground

CA-32 Naval Wpns Ctr-Argus & Mohave  Ridgecrest           SS-N-8     Underground

CA-33 North Island US NAS            San Diego            SS-N-17    Dud (S)

CA-34 Norton AFB                     San Bernardino       SS-N-8     Ground

CA-35 Oakland                        Oakland              SS-N-17    Ground

CA-36 Pasadena                       Pasadena             SS-17      Low air

        miss 54 km SE

CA-37 Presidio of Monterey US Mil    Monterey             SS-N-8     Ground

CA-38 Rancho Seco Nuclear Reactor    Sacramento           SS-17      High air

CA-39 Sacramento                     Sacramento           SS-17      Ground

CA-40 Sacramento Army Depot          Sacramento           SS-N-8     Ground

        miss 100 km SW

CA-41 Salton Sea Naval Test Rng      Salton City          SS-N-8     Ground

        miss 64 km SE

CA-42 San Clemente Island US Mil Res San Clemente Is.     SS-17      Ground

CA-43 San Diego                      San Diego            SS-N-8     Low air

        miss 709 km N

CA-44 San Francisco                  San Francisco        SS-N-17    Ground

CA-45 San Onofre Nuclear Reactor     4 mi. SE of San Cle. SS-19      Dud (S)

CA-46 Santa Ana                      Santa Ana            SS-19      Ground

CA-47 Sharpe Army Depot              Lathrop              SS-17      Ground

CA-48 Sierra Army Depot              Herlong              SS-N-17    Low air

CA-49 Torrance                       Torrance             SS-17      Low air

CA-50 Travis AFB                     Vallejo              SS-N-17    Ground

CA-51 US Army Park Res Training Area Dublin               SS-N-17    Ground

CA-52 US Naval Ammunition Depot      Fallbrook            SS-N-8     Ground

CA-53 US Naval Res                   Vallejo              SS-19      Ground

CA-54 US Naval Supply Ctr            San Diego            SS-N-17    Ground

CA-55 US Naval Weapons Stn           Long Beach           SS-N-17    Ground

CA-56 US Sacremento Army Depot       Sacremento           SS-19      Ground

CA-57 Vallejo (nuclear sub base)     Vallejo              SS-17      Ground

CA-58 Vandenberg AFB                 Lompoc               SS-N-17    Burns up

COLORADO (268,319 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,307,912)

CO-01 Denver                         Denver               SS-N-17    Low air

CO-02 Ft Carson Mil Res              Colorado Springs     SS-19      Ground

CO-03 Lowry AFB                      Denver               SS-17      Ground

CO-04 Indian Mountain (NORAD HQ)     Colorado Springs     SS-18M1    Ground

        miss 162 km E

CO-05 Pueblo Army Depot              Avondale             SS-17      High air

CO-06 Rocky Flats Nuclear Wpns Plant                      SS-N-8     High air

CO-07 Rock Mtn Arsenal               Denver               SS-N-8     Ground

CO-08 USAF Academy                   Colorado Springs     SS-N-8     Ground

CONNECTICUT (12,618 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,295,669)

CT-01 Bridgeport+++                                            SS-25      Ground

CT-02 Connecticut National Guard          2 km W of East Lyme  SS-N-23    Ground

        miss 38 km NE

CT-03 Groton Nuclear Sub Shipyard         Downtown Groton      SS-19      Ground

CT-04 Haddam Neck Nuclear Reactor         20 km E of Meridan   SS-N-18    Low air

CT-05 Hartford*+++                                             SS-18M4    Dud (S)

CT-06 Knolls Atomic Power Lab 1           Downtown Windsor     SS-N-20    Dud (I)

CT-07 Millstone Nuclear Reactor           5 km WSW of New Lon. SS-N-18    Underground

CT-08 New Haven+++                                             SS-19      Ground

CT-09 New London Nuclear Sub Base         5 km N of New London SS-18M6    Ground

CT-10 Stamford+++                                              SS-25      Ground

CT-11 Waterbury+++                                             SS-19      Dud (S)

DELAWARE (5,006 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 668,696)

DE-01 Dover*++++                                               SS-25      Ground

DE-02 Dover AFB                           5 km SE of Dover     SS-N-20    Ground

DE-03 Wilmington++++                                           SS-N-20    Underground

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (163 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 609,909)

DC-01 Pentagon Building                   Downtown Washington  SS-18M6    Ground

DC-02 White House                         Downtown Washington  SS-24M1    High air

DC-03 White House                         Downtown Washington  CSS-4      Underground

FLORIDA (140,267 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 13,003,362)

FL-01 Avon Pk Air Force Rng               15 km E of Avon Park SS-19      Dud (S)

FL-02 Cp Blanding Mil Res                 20 km E of Starke    SS-N-23    High air

FL-03 Corry Field US Navy                 3 km W of Pensacola  SS-N-23    Dud (S)

FL-04 Crystal River Nuclear Reactor       10 km NW of Crst. R. SS-N-18    Burns up

FL-05 Eglin AFB                           50 km E of Pensacola SS-18M6    High air

       (Chem and Bio. Weapon Research)

FL-06 Ellyson Field US Navy               30 KM NE of Pensac.  SS-25      Dud (S)

FL-07 Ft McRee                            5 km S of Pensacola  SS-N-23    Ground

FL-08 Ft Taylor                           1 km W of Key West   SS-N-23    Ground

FL-09 Homestead AFB                       30 km S of Miami     SS-18M4    High air

FL-10 Jacksonville++                                           SS-25      Low air

FL-11 Jacksonville NAS                    7 km S of Jackvlle.  SS-N-18    Ground

FL-12 John F Kennedy Space Ctr            15 km N of Cape Can. SS-18M5    Dud (S)

        miss 626 km NE

FL-13 Key West NAS                        10 km E of Key West  SS-N-18    Dud (S)

FL-14 MacDill AFB                         5 km S of Tampa      SS-19      Low air

        miss 64 km S

FL-15 Mayport NAS                         25 km E of Jackvlle. SS-19      Underground

FL-16 Orlando Naval Training Ctr          Downtown Orlando     SS-19      Ground

FL-17 Patrick AFB (Missile Test Ctr)      7 km S of Cape Can.  SS-18M4    Low air

FL-18 Pensacola US NAS                    10 km SW of Pensac.  SS-N-23    High air

FL-19 St Lucie Nuclear Reactor            20 km SE of Ft Prce  SS-19      Ground

FL-20 St Petersburg++                                          SS-25      High air

FL-21 Saufley Field US Navy               5 km W of Pensacola  SS-N-23    Ground

FL-22 Tallahassee*+++                                          SS-N-20    Ground

        miss 174 km SE

FL-23 Tampa++                                                  SS-N-23    Ground

FL-24 Turkey Point Nuclear Reactor        42 km S of Miami     SS-N-18    Low air

FL-25 Tyndall AFB                         15 km SE of P. City  SS-N-20    Low air

        miss 81 km E

GEORGIA (150,375 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 6,508,419)

GA-01 Atlanta*++                                               SS-18M6    Low air

GA-02 Columbus+++                                              SS-25      Low air

GA-03 Dobbins AFB                         2 km S of Marietta   SS-19      High air

GA-04 Edwin Hatch Nuclear Reactor         19 km N of Baxley    SS-N-18    Ground

GA-05 Ft Benning Mil Res                  6 km S of Columbus   SS-N-20    Underground

       (Lawson Army Airfield)

GA-06 Ft Gillem (Atlanta Army Depot)      17 km S Atlanta      SS-19      High air

GA-07 Ft Gordon Mil Res                   20 km SW of Augusta  SS-N-20    Ground

GA-08 Ft McPherson                        4 km SW of Atlanta   SS-N-18    Underground

        miss 910 km N (Saginaw, MI)

GA-09 Ft Stewart Mil Res                  20 km W of Savannah  SS-N-20    Burns up

GA-10 Hunter Army Air Field               3 km SW of Savannah  SS-N-20    Low air

GA-11 Naval Submarine Supply Base         5 km N of St Mary's  SS-18M6    Ground

GA-12 Robins AFB                          20 km SE of Macon    SS-25      High air

GA-13 Savanna+++                                               SS-19      Dud (S)

GA-14 US Mil Res                          10 km E of Ft Ogle.  SS-N-23    Underground

GA-15 Vogtle Nuclear Reactor              45 km SE of Augusta  SS-N-18    Ground

        miss 21 km W

HAWAII (16,646 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,115,274)

HI-01 Aliamanu Mil Res               Oaho                 SS-N-17    Ground

        miss 89 km NE

HI-02 Barber's Point NAS             Oaho                 SS-N-8     Dud (S)

HI-03 Barking Sands Pac Missile Rng  Kauai                SS-N-17    Ground

HI-04 Bellows AFB (inactive)         Oaho                 SS-17      Underground

HI-05 Cp Catlin Nav Res              Oaho                 SS-N-17    Low air

HI-06 Dillingham AFB (inactive)      Oaho                 SS-17      Low air

HI-07 Ft Shafter Mil Res             Oaho                 SS-N-17    Underground

HI-08 Ft DeRussy Mil Res             Oaho                 SS-19      Ground

HI-09 Haiku Nav Res                  Oaho                 SS-17      High air

HI-10 Helemano Mil Res               Oaho                 SS-N-8     Ground

HI-11 Hickham AFB                    Oaho                 SS-16      Ground

HI-12 Honolulu                       Honolulu             SS-N-8     Ground

HI-13 Kaena Mil Res                  Oaho                 SS-N-8     High air

        miss 190 km S

HI-14 Kaneohe Air Stn                Oaho                 SS-17      Ground

HI-15 Kapalama Mil Res               Oaho                 SS-18M1    Ground

HI-16 Kequkaha Mil Res               Hawii                SS-N-8     Ground

HI-17 Lualualei Nav Res              Oaho                 SS-18M1    High air

HI-18 Makua Mil Res                  Oaho                 SS-N-8     Underground

HI-19 Pohakuloa Trng Area Mil Res    Hawii                SS-N-17    Ground

        miss 93 km W

HI-20 Red Hill Nav Res               Oaho                 SS-N-8     Ground

HI-21 Schofield Barracks Mil Res     Oaho                 SS-N-17    Dud (I)

HI-22 USN Bombing Rng                Maui                 SS-16      High air

HI-23 Upper Kipapa Mil Res           Oaho                 SS-19      Underground

HI-24 Wahaiwa Nav Res                Oaho                 SS-17      Ground

HI-25 Waiawa Mil Res                 Oaho                 SS-N-17    High air

HI-26 Wheeler AFB                    Oaho                 SS-17      Ground

IDAHO (213,450 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,011,986)

ID-01 Boise*+++                                                SS-25      High air

ID-02 Mtn Home AFB                        20 km W of Mtn Home  SS-N-20    Ground

ID-03 National Reactor Test Site          25 km E of Arco      SS-N-20    Ground

ILLINOIS (144,123 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 11,466,682)

IL-01 Argonne National Lab                4 km E of Bolingbrk  SS-25      Underground

IL-02 Braidwood Nuclear Reactor           39 km SSW of Joliet  SS-N-23    Ground

IL-03 Byron Nuclear Reactor               28 km SW of Rockford SS-N-23    Ground

IL-04 Chicago+                                                 SS-18M6    Ground

        miss 33 km SE

IL-05 Clinton Nuclear Reactor             10 km E of Clinton   SS-N-23    Ground

IL-06 Dresdon Nuclear Reactor             15 km E. of Morris   SS-N-23    Ground

IL-07 Elwood Ordinance Plant              10 km S of Joliet    SS-25      Ground

IL-08 Fermi National Accelerator Lab      4 km N of Aurora     SS-25      Low air

        miss 92 km N (Lake Geneva, WI)

IL-09 Ft Sheridan                         5 km SE of Lk Forest SS-19      High air

        miss 42 km S

IL-10 Granite City Army Depot             2 km SW of Gran City SS-19      Ground

IL-11 LaSalle Co. Nuclear Reactor         18 km SE of Ottawa   SS-N-23    Dud (S)

IL-12 Peoria+++                                                SS-25      High air

IL-13 Quad Cities Nuclear Reactor         33 km NE of Moline   SS-N-23    Ground

IL-14 Rock Island Arsenal                 2 km NE Rock Island  SS-19      Ground

IL-15 Rockford+++                                              SS-25      Underground

IL-16 Savanna Army Depot                  15 km NW of Savanna  SS-N-18    Ground

IL-17 Scott AFB                           11 km E of Belleview SS-19      Ground

IL-18 Springfield*+++                                          SS-25      Ground

IL-19 US Naval Training Ctr               1 km SE of N. Chic   SS-N-8     Ground

        miss 120 km SW

IL-20 Zion Nuclear Reactor                67 km N of Chicago   SS-N-17    Ground

INDIANA (93,074 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 5,564,228)

IN-01 Cp Atterbury                        12 km NW of Columbus SS-N-23    Underground

IN-02 East Chicago++++                                         SS-N-23    High Air

IN-02 Evansville+++                                            SS-25      Ground

IN-03 Ft Benjamin                         18 km NE of Indpls   SS-N-18    Ground

IN-04 Ft Wayne+++                                              SS-25      Underground

IN-05 Gary+++                                                  SS-25      Ground

IN-06 Grissom AFB                         18 km N of Kokomo    SS-18M4    Dud (S)

IN-07 Hammond++++                                              SS-25      High Air

IN-08 Indiana Army Ammunition Plant       Downtown Charlestown SS-N-23    Underground

IN-09 Indianapolis*++                                          SS-18M6b   Ground

IN-10 Jefferson Proving Ground            20 km NW of Madison  SS-N-23    High air 

IOWA (144,949 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 2,787,424)

IA-01 Des Moines*++                                            SS-18M6b   Low air

IA-02 Duane Arnold Nuclear Reactor        13 km NW of Cedar R. SS-25      Ground

        miss 115 km SE

IA-03 Iowa Army Ammunition Plant          2 km SE of Burlingt  SS-25      Low air

        miss 69 km E

KANSAS (211,818 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 2,485,600)

KS-01 McConnell AFB                       10 km SE of Wichita  SS-18M4    Ground

KS-02 Kansas City+++                                           SS-18M6b   Low Air

KS-03 Salina+++                                                SS-18M6b   Ground

KS-04 Topeka*+++                                               SS-18M6b   Ground

KS-05 Wichita++                                                SS-18M6b   Dud (S)

KS-06 Wolf Creek Nuclear Reactor          5 km NE of Burling.  SS-25      Ground

KENTUCKY (102,756 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,698,969)

KY-01 Bath Co. Hydroelectric Plant                        SS-N-8     Dud (S)

KY-02 Blue Grass Army Ammun. Depot   Lexington            SS-N-17    Ground

KY-03 Ft Campbell Mil Res            Clarksville, TN      SS-N-8     Low air

KY-04 Ft Knox                        Louisville           SS-N-17    Ground

KY-05 Frankfort                      Frankfort            SS-N-17    Dud (S)

KY-06 Louisville                     Louisville           SS-18M1b   Low air

LOUISIANA (115,307 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,238,216)

LA-01 Barksdale AFB                       8 km E of Shreveport SS-25      Low air

       miss 98 km NW

LA-02 Baton Rouge*+++                                          SS-25      Ground

LA-03 England AFB                         10 km W of Alexand.  SS-25      Ground

LA-04 Ft Polk Mil Res                     10 km SE of Leesv.   SS-19      Ground

LA-05 Louisiana Army Ammo Plant           30 km E of Shreve.   SS-19      Ground

LA-06 New Orleans++                                            SS-25      Dud (S)

LA-07 River Bend Nuclear Reactor          39 km NW of Baton R. SS-N-18    Ground

LA-08 Shreveport+++                                            SS-25      Ground

LA-09 US Naval Stn                        20 km S of New Orl.  SS-N-23    Ground

LA-10 Waterford Nuclear Reactor           32 km W of New Orl.  SS-N-18    Dud (S)

MAINE (80,277 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,233,223)

ME-01 Augusta*++++                                             SS-N-23    Ground

ME-02 Maine Augusta Nuclear Reactor       16 km N of Bath      SS-N-18    Underground

MARYLAND (25,480 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,798,622)

MD-01 Aberdeen Proving Grounds            5 km S of Aberdeen   SS-N-20    High air

MD-02 Andrews AFB                         2 km E of Camp Spr.  SS-18M4    Burns up

MD-03 Annapolis*++++                                           SS-25      Underground

MD-04 Baltimore++                                              SS-25      Dud (S)

MD-05 Blossom Pt Proving Grounds          28 km SW of Waldorf  SS-N-23    Ground

        miss 99 km S

MD-06 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Reactor      67 km S of Anpls.    SS-N-18    Low air

MD-07 Dundalk Marine Terminal             1 km S of Dundalk    SS-25      Ground

MD-08 Edgewood Arsenal                    4 km S of Edgewood   SS-25      Low air

MD-09 Ft Detrick                          4 km N of Fredrick   SS-25      Ground

        miss 602 km S

MD-10 Ft George G Meade                   7 km E of Laurel     SS-N-23    High air

MD-11 General Services Admin.             10 km S of Baltimore SS-19      High air

MD-12 Patuxent Naval Air Test Ctr         2 km E of Lex. Park  SS-N-23    Underground

MD-13 US Naval Academy                    2 km E of Annapolis  SS-N-20    Low air

MD-14 US Naval Ordinance Stn              1 km W of Indian Hd. SS-N-23    Low air

MASSACHUSETTS (20,269 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 6,029,051)

MA-01 Boston*++                                                SS-18M4    Dud (S)

MA-02 Cambridge+++                                             SS-25      Ground

MA-03 Fall River+++                                            SS-N-18    Dud (S)

MA-04 Ft Devens                           10 km E of Fitchburg SS-N-20    High air

MA-05 Massachusetts Mil Res               5 km E of Buzz. Bay  SS-24M1    Ground

       (Otis AFB)

MA-06 S. Weymouth NAS                     2 km N of Rock Is.   SS-25      Ground

MA-07 New Bedford+++                                           SS-25      Ground

MA-08 Pilgrim Nuclear Reactor             6 km SE of Plymouth  SS-N-18    Underground

MA-09 Springfield+++                                           SS-25      Ground

MA-10 Westover AFB                        5 km E of Holyoke    SS-N-20    High Air

MA-11 Watertown Arsenal                   Downtown Brighton    SS-N-20    Low Air

MA-12 Worcester+++                                             SS-25      Dud (S)

MICHIGAN (147,524 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 9,328,784)

MI-01 Ann Arbor+++                                             SS-18M6b   Low air

       miss 287 km NW (Traverse City, MI)

MI-02 Big Rock Point Nuclear Reactor      7 km NE of Charlev.  SS-N-23    Underground

MI-03 Detroit+                                                 SS-18M6b   Low air

MI-04 Dearborn++++                                             SS-18M6b   Low air

MI-05 Donald Cook Nuclear Reactor         18 km S of Benton H  SS-N-23    Ground

MI-06 Fermi Nuclear Reactor               35 km S of Detroit   SS-N-23    Ground

MI-07 Flint+++                                                 SS-18M1    Ground

MI-08 Grand Rapids+++                                          SS-25      Dud (S)

MI-09 K.I. Sawyer AFB                     20km S of Marquette  SS-25      Low air

       miss 123 km N (Lake Superior)

MI-09 Lansing*+++                                              SS-25      Low air

MI-10 Ludington Hydroelectric Dam         3 km SE of Ludington SS-N-23    Burns up

MI-11 Michigan National Guard Mil Res     5 km SW of Grayling  SS-19      Ground

       miss 5 km SW

MI-12 Palisades Nuclear Reactor           8 mi S of South Hav  SS-N-23    Dud (S)

MI-13 Selfridge ANGB                      5 km E of Mt Clemens SS-N-20    High air

MI-14 Wurtsmith AFB                       3 km NW of Oscoda    SS-N-20    Ground

MINNESOTA (206,029 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,387,029)

MN-01 Duluth                         Duluth               SS-17      Burns up

MN-02 Minneapolis                    Minneapolis          SS-17      Low air

MN-03 Montecello Nuclear Reactor     30 mi NW of Minneap. SS-N-17    Dud (S)

MN-04 Prairie Island Nuclear Reactor 28 Mi SE of Minneap. SS-N-17    High air

MN-05 St. Paul                       St. Paul             SS-17      High air

MISSISSIPPI (122,336 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 2,586,443)

MS-01 Cp Shelby                           20 km SE of Hattiesb SS-19      Ground

MS-02 Columbus AFB                        17 km N of Columbus  SS-18M1    Ground

MS-03 Grand Gulf Nuclear Reactor          42 km S of Vicksburg SS-N-8     Ground

MS-04 Jackson*+++                                              SS-N-17    Dud (S)

MS-05 Keesler AFB                         2 km W of Biloxi     SS-N-17    Ground

MS-06 Natl AeroSpace Agency Tst Site      19 km S of Picayune  SS-16      Low air

MISSOURI (178,567 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 5,137,804)

MO-01 Callaway Nuclear Reactor       10 mi SE of Fulton   SS-17      Ground

MO-02 Ft Leonard Wood                St Robert            SS-19      Ground

MO-03 Granite City Army Depot        Granite City         SS-17      Low air

MO-04 Jefferson City                 Jefferson City       SS-17      Ground

MO-05 Kansas City                    Kansas City          SS-N-17    Ground

MO-06 Lake City Ammunitions Plant                         SS-17      Ground

        miss 120 km NE

MO-07 St Louis                       St Louis             SS-N-17    Low air

MO-08 Whiteman AFB                   Sedalia              10SS-18M2  Ground (x9)

                                                                     Underground (x3)

                                                                     Low air (x2)

                                                                     High air (x3)

                                                                     Dud (S) (x2)

        miss 23 km N                                                 Dud (I)

MONTANA (376,555 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 803,655)

MT-01 Glasgow AFB                         7 km NE of Glasgow   SS-18M4    Dud (S)

MT-02 Helena*++++                                              SS-25      Underground

MT-03 Malmstrom AFB                       9 km E of Grt Falls  20SS-18M4  Ground (x4)

                                                                          High air (x2)

                                                                          Low air (x2)

                                                                          Dud (I)

        miss 764 km W                                                     Ground

NEBRASKA (198,495 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,584,617)

NE-01 Cooper Nuclear Reactor              38 km S of Neb. City SS-25      Dud (S)

NE-02 Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Reactor         32 km N of Omaha     SS-25      Underground

NE-03 Lincoln*+++                                              SS-15      Ground

NE-04 Offutt AFB                          Omaha                SS-18M4    High air

NE-05 Omaha++                                                  SS-15      High air

        miss 69 km W

NE-06 Sioux Army Depot                    Omaha                SS-19      High air

NEVADA (284,628 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,206,152)

NV-01 Carson City*++++                                         SS-19      Ground

NV-02 Hoover Hydroelectric Dam            55 km E of Las Vegas SS-N-23    Low air

NV-03 Indian Springs Gunnery Rng          4 km N of Ind Spngs  SS-N-20    Underground

NV-04 Nellis AFB                          7 km NE of Las Vegas SS-N-20    Ground

NV-05 US Army Ammo Plant                  5 km W of Hawthorne  SS-25      Ground

NV-06 USNAS                               10 km SE of Fallon   SS-N-18    Ground

NEW HAMPSHIRE (23,289 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,113,915)

NH-01 Concord*++++                                             SS-18M4    Ground

NH-02 Manchester+++                                            SS-25      High air

NH-03 Pease AFB                           5 km W of Portsmouth SS-N-20    Ground

NH-04 Portsmouth++++                                           SS-25      Ground

NH-05 Seabrook Nuclear Reactor            20 km S of Portsm.   SS-N-18    High air

NEW JERSEY (19,342 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 7,748,634)

NJ-01 Clifton++++                                              SS-25      Ground

NJ-02 Elisabeth+++                                             SS-25      Dud (S)

NJ-03 Ft Dix Mil Res                      Downtown Ft Dix      SS-N-20    Ground

NJ-04 Hope Creek Nuclear Reactor          38 km SE of Wilming. SS-N-18    High air

NJ-05 Jersey City++                                            SS-18M4    High air

NJ-06 McGuire AFB                         2 km E of Wrightsown SS-25      Low air

NJ-07 Newark++                                                 SS-N-20    Ground

NJ-08 Oyster Creek Nuclear Reactor        16 km S of Toms R.   SS-N-18    Underground

NJ-09 Pickatinny Arsenal                  1 km N of Mt. Hope   SS-18M5    Dud (S)

NJ-10 Salem Nuclear Reactor               30 km S of Wilming.  SS-N-18    Ground

NJ-11 Trenton*++++                                             SS-25      Ground

NJ-12 Lakehurst NAS                       3 km W of Lakehurst  SS-N-23    High air

NJ-13 Earle US Naval Ammunition Depot     5 km E of Freehold   SS-N-23    Ground

       (Chem. and Bio. Weapons Storage)

NEW MEXICO (314,338 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,521,779)

NM-01 Albuquerque                    Albuquerque          SS-N-17    Underground

NM-02 Cannon AFB                     Clovis               SS-N-8     Dud (S)

NM-03 Ft Wingate Mil Res             Gallup               SS-N-8     Underground

NM-04 Holloman AFB                   Alamogordo           SS-N-17    Ground

NM-05 Kirtland AFB                   Albuquerque          SS-16      Ground

NM-06 Sandia Base                    Albuquerque          SS-N-17    Low air

NM-07 Santa Fe                       Santa Fe             SS-N-17    Underground

NM-08 Walker AFB                                          SS-18M2    Low air

NM-09 White Sands Missile Range      Las Cruces           SS-19      Ground

NEW YORK (122,712 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 18,044,505)

NY-01 Albany*+++                                               SS-25      Ground

NY-02 Brookhaven National Lab             8 km NE of Patchogue SS-19      Underground

NY-03 Buffalo++                                                SS-N-18    Ground

NY-04 Cp Smith Mil Res                    3 km NW of Peekskill SS-18M5    Dud (S)

NY-05 Disease & Parasite Res. Lab         Plum Is.             SS-N-23    Underground

NY-06 Fitzpatrick Nuclear Reactor         12 km NE of Oswego   SS-N-18    Ground

NY-07 Ft Drum Mil Res                     9 km NE of Watertown SS-N-20    Ground

NY-08 Ginna Nuclear Reactor               32 mi NE of Rochest. SS-N-18    Ground

NY-09 Griffiss AFB                        2 km E of Rome       SS-18M5    High air

NY-10 Indian Point Nuclear Reactor        38 km N of NYC       SS-N-20    Low air

        miss 86 km NE

NY-11 Knolls Atomic Power Lab 2           10 km E of Schenect. SS-N-23    Low air

NY-12 Knolls Atomic Power Lab 3           20 km N of Schenect. SS-N-23    High air

NY-13 Lockport Air Force Stn              5 km W of Lockport   SS-25      High air

NY-14 New York City (Bronx)+                                   SS-18M4    High air

NY-15 New York City (Manhattan)+                               SS-18M6b   Ground

        miss 64 km S

NY-16 New York City (Manhattan)+                               CSS-4      Underground

NY-17 Nine Mile Point Nuclear React       9 km NE of Oswego    SS-N-18    Low air

NY-18 Plattsburgh AFB                     3 km S of Plattsb.   SS-N-20    High air

NY-19 Robert Moses Hydroelectric Dam      4 km N of Niag. Fa.  SS-N-23    Ground

NY-20 Rochester++                                              SS-25      Underground

NY-21 Schenectady Army Depot              Downtown Schenectady SS-25      Ground

NY-22 Seneca Army Depot                   Downtown Romulus     SS-25      Low air

NY-23 Syracuse+++                                              SS-25      Ground

NY-24 Utica++++                                                SS-25      Underground

       miss 99 km NE

NY-25 Watervliet Arsenal                  1 km S of Troy       SS-25      Dud (S)

NY-26 West Point Mil Res                  1 km W of West Point SS-N-20    High air

NY-27 Yonkers+++                                               SS-25      Ground

NORTH CAROLINA (126,503 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 6,657,630)

NC-01 Brunswick Nuclear Reactor           3 km N of Southport  SS-N-18    Underground

NC-02 Cp Lejeune Marine Base              5 km S of Jacksonv.  SS-N-23    High air

        miss 91 km S (Atlantic Ocean)

NC-03 Cp Mackall                          12 km S of Aberdeen  SS-N-20    Ground

NC-04 Charlotte++                                              SS-25      Ground

NC-05 Charlotte Army Missile Plant        Downtown Charlotte   SS-N-23    Underground

NC-06 Cherry Pt US Marine Air Stn         25 km SE of New Bern SS-N-20    Ground

NC-07 Ft Bragg Mil Res                    15 km W of Fayettev. SS-N-20    Underground

        miss 686 km N

NC-08 Greensboro+++                                            SS-19      Ground

NC-09 McGuire Nuclear Reactor             28 km S of Charlotte SS-N-18    Ground

        miss 48 km SE

NC-10 Raleigh*++                                               SS-25      Low air

        miss 90 km SW

NC-11 Seymour-Johnson AFB                 Goldsboro            SS-19      Ground

        miss 85 km S

NC-12 Shearon Harris Nuclear Reactor      33 km SW of Raleigh  SS-N-18    Ground

NC-13 Winston-Salem+++                                         SS-25      Ground

NORTH DAKOTA (179,484 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 641,364)

ND-01 Bismark*++++                                             SS-17      Ground

ND-02 Grand Forks AFB                     17 km W of Grd Forks 10SS-18M5  Ground (x5)

                                                                          Underground (x2)

                                                                          High air (x2)

                                                                          Dud (S)

ND-03 Minot AFB                           16 km N of Minot     15SS-18M5  Ground (x8)

                                                                          Underground (x2)

                                                                          Low air (x2)

                                                                          High air (x2)

                                                                          Dud (S)

OHIO (106,200 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 10,887,325)

OH-01 Akron++                                                  SS-25      Ground

OH-02 Canton++++                                               SS-25      Ground

OH-03 Cincinnati++                                             SS-N-18    Ground

OH-04 Cleveland++                                              SS-18M4    Ground

OH-05 Clinton County AFB                  3 km E of Wilmington SS-25      Dud (I)

OH-06 Columbus*                                                SS-25      Ground

OH-07 Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor         35 km SE of Toledo   SS-N-18    Ground

OH-08 Dayton++                                                 SS-25      High air

OH-09 Lockbourne AFB (Rickenbacher)       25 km S of Columbus  SS-19      Underground

OH-10 NASA                                7 km S of Sandusky   SS-25      Low air

OH-11 Perry Nuclear Reactor               12 km NE of Painesv. SS-N-18    Burns up

OH-12 Toledo++                                                 SS-N-18    Dud (S)

OH-13 Wright Patterson AFB                15 km NE of Dayton   SS-19      Ground

OH-14 Youngstown+++                                            SS-25      Underground

OKLAHOMA (177,819 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,157,604)

OK-01 Ft Sill Mil Res                     Lawton               SS-N-17    Dud (I)

OK-02 Oklahoma City*++                                         SS-18M6b   Low air

OK-03 Tinker AFB                          13 km E of Ok City   SS-25      Dud (S)

OK-04 Tulsa++                                                  SS-18M6b   High air

OK-05 US Ammo Plant                       19 km W of McAlester SS-25      Dud (I)

OK-06 Vance AFB                           4 km SW of Enid      SS-25      Ground

OREGON (249,124 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 2,853,733)

OR-01 Boadman Bombing Rng                 52 km W of Pendleton SS-N-18    Ground

OR-02 Bonneville Dam                      59 km E of Portland  SS-N-23    Ground

OR-03 McNary Hydroelectric Dam            3 km NW of Umatilla  SS-N-23    High air

OR-04 John Day Hydroelectric Dam          160 km E of Portland SS-N-23    Dud (S)

OR-05 Portland++                                               SS-25      High air

OR-06 Salem*+++                                                SS-25      Ground

OR-07 Squaw Butte Rng Exp Area            Rt 20 & Rt 395       SS-N-18    Dud (S)

OR-08 Umatilla Ordinance Depot            41 km NW of Pendletn SS-N-18    High air

PENNSYLVANIA (116,270 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 11,924,710)

PA-01 Allentown++                                              SS-25      Underground

PA-02 Beaver Valley Nuclear Reactor       43 km NW of Pittsb.  SS-19      Ground

        miss 39 km W

PA-03 Erie++                                                   SS-25      Underground

PA-04 Frankford Arsenal                   10 km SW of Phily.   SS-N-23    Underground

PA-05 Harrisburg*++++                                          SS-N-20    Ground

PA-06 Letter Kennedy Army Depot           10 km NE of Phily.   SS-25      Ground

PA-07 Limerick Nuclear Reactor            21 mi NW of Phily.   SS-N-18    Low air

        miss 64 km SE

PA-08 New Cumberland Army Depot           8 km SE of Harrisb.  SS-N-23    Low air

PA-09 Peach Bottom Nuclear Reactor        30 km S of Lancaster SS-25      Ground

PA-10 Philadelphia+                                            SS-18M6    Ground

PA-11 Pittsburgh++                                             SS-19      Ground

PA-12 Scranton+++                                              SS-25      Ground

PA-13 Scranton Army Depot                 12 km SW of Scranton SS-N-23    Ground

PA-14 Susquehanna Nuclear Reactor         12 km NE of Berwick  SS-N-23    Ground

PA-15 Three-mile Island Nuc. Reactor      17 km SE of Harrisb. SS-N-18    Low air

PA-16 Tobyhanna Mil Res                   32 km SE of Scranton SS-N-20    Ground

PA-17 Willow Grove NAS                    15 km NW of Phily.   SS-19      Dud (S)

        miss 69 km N

RHODE ISLAND (2,730 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,005,984)

RI-01 Newport Naval Base                  Newport              SS-19      Ground

        miss 256 km E

RI-02 Providence*+++                                           SS-25      Underground

SOUTH CAROLINA (78,236 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 3,505,707)

SC-01 Catawba Nuclear Reactor             10 km NW of Rock H.  SS-N-18    Dud (S)

SC-02 Charleston AFB                      3 km N of Charleston SS-N-20    Low air

SC-03 Charleston Army Depot               Downtown Charleston  SS-25      Ground

SC-04 Columbia*+++                                             SS-25      Ground

SC-05 DOE Savannah River Plant            35 km SE of Aug, GA  SS-18M4    High air

SC-06 Ft Jackson Mil Res                  10 km E of Columbia  SS-N-20    Ground

SC-07 Ft Sumter (Natl Monument)           8 km SE of Charl.    SS-25      High air

SC-08 H.B.Robinson Nuclear Reactor        40 km from Florence  SS-N-18    Dud (S)

SC-09 McEntire NG Air Base                20 km E of Columbia  SS-25      Dud (S)

SC-10 Myrtle Beach AFB                    7 km SW of Myr. Bch. SS-25      Ground

SC-11 Oconee Nuclear Reactor              52 km W of Greenv.   SS-19      Ground

SC-12 Parris Island USMC                  10 km S of Beaufort  SS-N-23    Ground

SC-13 Shaw AFB                            16 km NE of Charl.   SS-N-20    Dud (S)

SC-14 Summer Nuclear Reactor              47 km NW of Columbia SS-N-18    Ground

SC-15 USMC Air Stn                        2 km N of Beaufort   SS-N-23    Ground

        miss 45 km NE

SC-16 US Naval Base                       20 km N of Charl.    SS-25      Low air

SOUTH DAKOTA (196,726 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 699,999)

SD-01 Black Hills Army Depot              118 km SW of Rap. C. SS-19      Ground

SD-02 Ellsworth AFB                       Rapid City           10SS-18M4  Ground (x3)


                                                                          Low air

                                                                          High air

        miss 29 km N (Hereford, SD)                                       Low air

        miss 282 km SE                                                    Low air

        miss 90 km SE (Scenio, SD)                                        Ground 

        miss 184 km SW (Lance Creek, WY)                                  Ground

SD-03 Ft Meade Veterans Admin. Res        3 km E of Sturgis    SS-19    Ground

SD-04 Pierre*++++                                              SS-19      Ground

SD-05 South Dakota NG Corps               Rapid City           SS-19      Ground

TENNESSEE (106,589 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,896,641)

TN-01 Arnold Engineering Dev Ctr     Manchester           SS-17      Ground

TN-02 Holston Army Ammunition Plant                       SS-19      Underground

TN-03 Knoxville                      Knoxville            SS-N-17    Low air

TN-04 Memphis                        Memphis              SS-17      Ground

TN-05 Milan Army Ammo Plant          Jackson              SS-19      Ground

TN-06 Nashville                      Nashville            SS-18M1b   Low air

TN-07 Sequoyah Nuclear Reactor       9 mi NE of Chattan.  SS-N-8     Ground

TN-08 US Atomic Energy Comm          Oak Ridge            SS-17      Ground

TN-09 US NAS                         Millington           SS-N-8     Ground

TN-10 Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor      10 mi S of Spr. City SS-N-17    Ground

TEXAS (678,619 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 17,059,805)

TX-01 Abalene                        Abalene              SS-N-8     High air

TX-02 Amarillo                       Amarillo             SS-N-17    Ground

TX-03 Amarillo AFB                   Amarillo             SS-17      High air

TX-04 Austin                         Austin               SS-N-17    Burns up

TX-05 Bergstrom AFB                  Austin               SS-N-8     Ground

        miss 330 km NW

TX-06 Beumont                        Beumont              SS-19      Burns up

TX-07 Brooks AFB                     San Antonio          SS-16      High air

TX-08 Carswells AFB                  Ft Worth             SS-N-8     Ground

TX-09 Cp Bullis Mil Res              San Antonio          SS-17      Underground

TX-10 Cp Mabry Mil Res               Austin               SS-19      High air

        miss 68 km E

TX-11 Cp Swift Mil Res               Austin               SS-N-17    Underground

TX-12 Comanche Peak Nuclear Reactor  4 mi N of Glen Rose  SS-17      Ground

TX-13 Corpus Cristy                  Corpus Cristy        SS-N-17    Ground

TX-14 Dallas                         Dallas               SS-19      Underground

TX-15 Dallas NAS                     Dallas               SS-N-17    Ground

TX-16 Dyess AFB                      Abilene              SS-N-8     Ground

TX-17 El Paso                        El Paso              SS-18M1    Underground

TX-18 Ft Bliss Mil Res               El Paso              SS-N-17    Underground

TX-19 Ft Hood                        Temple               SS-19      High air

TX-20 Ft Sam Houston                 San Antonio          SS-18M1    Underground

TX-21 Ft Wolters                     Ft Worth             SS-17      Ground

TX-22 Ft Worth                       Ft Worth             SS-N-17    Low air

TX-23 Ft Worth Army Depot            Ft Worth             SS-17      Ground

TX-24 Goodfellow AFB                 San Angelo           SS-N-17    Underground

TX-25 Houston                        Houston              SS-N-8     Ground

TX-26 Kelly AFB                      San Antonio          SS-N-8     Ground

TX-27 Lackland AFB                   San Antonio          SS-16      Ground

        miss 740 km SW

TX-28 Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Karnack              SS-N-17    Low air

TX-29 Lubbock                        Lubbock              SS-17      Dud (S)

TX-30 Orange Grove NAS               Corpus Christi       SS-18M2    Ground

TX-31 Pelican Spit Mil Res           Galveston            SS-17      Low air

TX-32 Randolph AFB                   San Antonio          SS-17      Low air

TX-33 Reese AFB                      Lubbock              SS-19      Underground

        miss 60 km N

TX-34 San Antonio                    San Antonio          SS-18M2    Underground

TX-35 Sheppard AFB                   Wichita Falls        SS-N-17    Ground

        miss 37 km N

TX-36 South Texas Project Nuc React  12 mi SW of Bay City SS-N-17    Ground

TX-37 US CGS                         Galveston            SS-N-17    Ground

TX-38 US NAS                         Corpus Christi       SS-17      Low air

TX-39 Waldron Field US Navy          Corpus Christi       SS-17      Dud (I)

TX-40 Webb AFB                       Big Spring           SS-17      Ground

TX-41 Wichita Falls                  Wichita Falls        SS-N-8     High air

UTAH (212,577 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,727,784)

UT-01 Cp Williams                         47 km S of SLC       SS-N-20    Underground

UT-02 Desert Rng Exp Stn                  118 km NW of Cdr Cty SS-18M4    Ground

UT-03 Desert Test Ctr                     145 km W of SLC      SS-N-20    Ground

UT-04 Dugway Proving Grounds              120 km W of SLC      SS-N-20    High air

UT-05 Ft Douglass Mil Res                 3 km NE of SLC       SS-25      Ground

UT-06 Hill AF Rng                         111 km NW of SLC     SS-N-20    High air

UT-07 Salt Lake City*+++                                       SS-18M6b   Low air

UT-08 Tooele Army Depot                   Downtown Tooele      SS-25      Low air

UT-09 Utah Army Depot                     Downtown Ogden       SS-25      Ground

UT-10 Wendover Rng                        130 km W of SLC      SS-N-20    Ground

VERMONT (24,017 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 564,964)

VT-01 Montpelier*++++                                          SS-N-20    Underground

VT-02 US Mil Res                          18 km E of Burling.  SS-25      Ground

VT-03 Vermont Yankee Nuclear Reactor      8 km S of Brattleb.  SS-N-18    Ground

VIRGINIA (102,823 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 6,216,568)

VA-01 Arlington+++                                             SS-25      Ground

VA-02 Cp Peary US Naval Supply Ctr        3 km NE of Wilbg.    SS-N-23    Dud (S)

VA-03 Cp Pendleton                        28 km SE of Norfolk  SS-N-20    Underground

VA-04 Dam Neck Nav Res                    12 km W of Norfolk   SS-N-20    Dud (S)

VA-05 Ft A. P. Hill Mil Res               25 km SE of Fredrbg. SS-N-20    Ground

VA-06 Ft Belvoir                          18 km S of Arlington SS-N-20    Underground

VA-07 Ft Eustis                           19 km NW of Newp.    SS-N-20    Ground

VA-08 Ft Lee                              7 km E of Petersburg SS-N-20    Ground

VA-09 Ft Monroe Mil Res                   5 km E of Newp. News SS-25      Ground

       miss 33 km SW

VA-10 Ft Pickett Mil Res                  7 km E of Petersburg SS-N-20    Dud (S)

VA-11 Langley AFB                         4 km N of Newp. News SS-18M4    Low air

VA-12 Little Creek Naval Res              7 km E of Norfolk    SS-25      Low air

VA-13 NASA - Wallops Is.                  Downtown Chinco.     SS-25      Underground

VA-14 NASA - Wallops Is.                  10 km SE of  Chinco. SS-25      Ground

VA-15 Newport News+++                                          SS-25      Underground

VA-16 Norfolk++                                                SS-18M6    Underground

VA-17 North Anna Nuclear Reactor          67 km NW of Richmond SS-N-18    Ground

VA-18 Oceana NAS                          28 km SE of Norfolk  SS-25      Ground

VA-19 Quantico US MC Res                  27 km N of Fredrsb.  SS-N-20    Underground

VA-20 Redford Ammunition Depot            Pepper               SS-25      Dud (S)

VA-21 Richmond*++                                              SS-18M4    Ground

VA-22 Surry Nuclear Reactor               28 km NW of N. News  SS-N-18    Ground

VA-23 US Army Corps of Eng                12 km W of Norfolk   SS-25      Ground

VA-24 US Mil Res                          5 km E of Newp. News SS-25      High air

VA-25 US Naval Base                       2 km NW of Norfolk   SS-25      Low air

VA-26 US Naval Weapons Stn                6 km E of Williamsb. SS-N-23    Underground

VA-27 Vint Hill Farm Mil Res              7 km E of Warrenton  SS-19      Dud (S)

WASHINGTON (172,266 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,887,941)

WA-01 Fairchild AFB                       15 km W of Spokane   SS-19      High air

WA-02 Ft Lewis Mil Res                    18 km S of Tacoma    SS-19      Low air

WA-03 Grand Coulee Hydroelectric Dam      133 km W of Spokane  SS-N-18    High air

WA-04 Hanford Mil Res                     20 km N of Richland  SS-N-23    Ground

WA-05 McChord AFB                         10 km S of Tacoma    SS-N-23    High air

WA-06 Olympia*++++                                             SS-N-23    Ground

WA-07 Seattle++                                                SS-25      High air

WA-08 Spokane+++                                               SS-25      Ground

WA-09 Tacoma+++                                                SS-18M6    Ground

WA-10 US Naval Res                        6 km SE of Pt Townsd SS-N-20    Low air

WA-11 Washington Nuclear Reactor          20 km NW of Richland SS-N-23    High air

WA-12 Whidbey NAS                         2 km N of Oak Harbor SS-N-20    Ground

WA-13 Yakima Firing Rng                   20 km E of Yakima    SS-N-18    Ground

        miss 87 km E (Mesa, WA)

WEST VIRGINIA (62,481 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 1,801,625)

WV-01 Charleston*++++                                          SS-25      Dud (S)

WISCONSIN (140,958 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 4,906,745)

WI-01 Cp Williams Mil Rng Cp              2 km N of Douglass   SS-25      High air

        miss 135 km NW

WI-02 Ft McRoy Mil Res                    35 km E of La Crosse SS-18M4    Dud (I)

        miss 100km E

WI-03 Green Bay+++                                             SS-25      Ground

WI-04 Kewaunee Nuclear Reactor            45 km E of Green Bay SS-N-23    Low air

WI-05 Madison*+++                                              SS-25      Ground

WI-06 Milwaukee++                                              SS-N-20    Low air

WI-07 Point Beach Nuclear Reactor         22 km NW of Manit.   SS-N-23    Ground

WYOMING (251,199 sq. km.) (pre-war pop 455,975)

WY-01 Cheyenne*++++                                            SS-19      Ground

WY-02 F E Warren AFB                      2 km NW of Cheyenne  15SS-18M4  Ground (x5)

                                                                          Underground (x2)

                                                                          Low air (x2)

                                                                          High air (x3)

                                                                          Dud (S)

                                                                          Dud (I)

        miss 37 km W                                                      Underground

Summary Statistics

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