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The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook:

A Creative and Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling
                          By Dr. Raymond S. Moore,  Dorothy N. Moore
 LARGE PRINT Paperback -
300 pages 10 edition  (December 1994)

School Can Wait
By Dr. Raymond S. Moore,  Dorothy N. Moore

Learning All the Time
by John Holt

How Children Learn (Classics in Child Development
by John Caldwell Holt

The Unschooling Handbook: How to Use the Whole
 World As Your Child's Classroom
by Mary Griffith 

The Homeschooling Handbook; From Preschool to High
School: A Parent's Guide
by Mary Griffith

The Homeschooling Book of Answers : The 88 Most
    Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling's
Most Respected Voices
by Linda Dobson (Editor)

The Basic Steps to Successful Homeschooling
  by Vicki A. Brady


Home Schooling from Scratch : Simple Living - Super Learning
by Mary Potter Kenyon, Lishi Laurance (Illustrator)

      The Home School Manual: Plans, Pointers, Reasons and Resources
by Theodore E. Wade (Editor), Lishi Laurance (Illustrator)

Homeschooling for Excellence
by David Colfax, Micki Colfax

Homeschooling : A Parents Guide to Teaching Children
by Samuel L. Blumenfeld


How to Tutor
by Samuel L. Blumenfeld


How to Homeschool (Yes, You!)
by Julia Toto


     Anyone Can Homeschool : How to Find What Works for You
by Zan Peters Tyler, Terry Dorian


Trust the Children : A Manual and Activity Guide for
   Homeschooling and Alternative Learning
by Anna Kealoha


Family Matters : Why Homeschooling Makes Sense
by David Guterson


Organizing from the Inside Out:
  The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Home,
Your Office and our Life
by Julie Morgenstern

Back to the Land
The Encyclopedia of Country Living An Old Fashioned Recipe Book
by Carla Emery

864 pages 9th edition!!!


The WhiteMoon Reading Room
Online Tarot & Dream

Sisters of the Burning Branch, Order of the White Moon
Feminine Divine

Level I Required Books

The Once and Future Goddess: A Symbol for Our Times
by Elinor W. Gadon

365 Goddess : A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
by Patricia Telesco

Casting the Circle : A Women's Book of Ritual
by Diane Stein


Johnny and the Gnome

       A New Fantasy Book for Children ages 7 - 13
    by Debbie Tassillo Brown
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