Hello. I am Danielle and this is my Skuld page. And I don't want to maintain it anymore.
Although this has alway been some of my least original content it WAS all heavily edited by
me. Me personally. I spent a considerable amount of time editing images for this page. And
while I take some joy in seeing them spread, it's really not worth it. This page isn't that fun
and I have other hobbies now. If anything, my own drawings take precedence over editing images
that already exist and belong to others.

I leave the images here mostly for archival purposes. This is where a lot of these images originated
in 1. THIS COLOR, 2. WIHTOUT BACKGROUNDS. At the time, I had truly tried my best, but as my skill
increased my interest in this particular pasttime waned and these aren't really that great anymore.
Still....I've seen worse. So, make your own decisions.

Skuld Page 2. The pictures.

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