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Well, some time has passed since my last post. About 2 months as a matter of fact O_o

I've had another birthday come and go. So I'm a whooping 22 years old now. Joy.

Got a bit of news on the new book, here goes:

From Brian [webmaster of]: "Ok I know it has been a long time since I sent out anything. No I did not forget you guys. the honest truth is, there is just nothign tio tell you. Terry is doing research for the next book and it will most likely come out next June. There is no other info I can share at this time. You can all rest assured that I will provide you with whatever info I can as soon as it becomes available."


Its been pointed out to me by a friend, that if I kept my page updated on a regular basis, it might actually be a good thing. ^_^

*sigh* What can I say? I'm lazy I suppose. lol. Anyway, the Wizards Rules section has been updated with rule #7. Special thanks to hunter2001 for pointing this out on the Forum.

See, the forum is good for something after all. :)

Thats it for now lads and ladies. More later as it comes.


No, no, I'm not dead. Just haven't updated in awhile is all. Nothing new to report on the TG front. Just wanted to let people know that me AND the site are still alive.

I've noticed that the Forum isn't getting much love. I know people visit the page, because the counter is up everyday. :) So why don't ya drop in and leave a lil note.

You don't even have to join in the discussions, just let us know maybe how ya found the place, and bits like that. Hope to see more people there. Thats it for now.


Well 2002 has arrived. I hope this year will be one of a little more kindness and respect amoung the people of the world than we had in 2001. Maybe we can put all this hatred behind us and build a better place for future generations. I can hope at least.

Ok, on to the news. This is a biggie folks, straight from Brian over at

"Ok folks on Saturday January the 12th. I will be hosting an online chat with Terry Goodkind on the site. You will be able to get to the chat using the Java chatroom software on the page or by using IRC software."

"This chat will take place at 9:00 PM EST. There is no set time limit (unlike other places)."

"A week before the chat I will be opening a specila forum on the message board for people to ask some questions early. This is just to get the bal rollong faster in the beginning. you may still show up and ask question that night."

"I can not guaruntee all questions will be answered and I will warn people that the new bookwill be discussed."

"I will post all of the details about what the server address is in a future e-mail. This one is just to let people know about the event."


Well, its almost the new year, and I had better update since its been over a month since my last post. Got a few things to report in the World of Goodkind. Faith of the Fallen is out in paperback (those of you who wait for that should be happy).

Got an odd little bit of information from Prophets inc. It seems that Russel Galen, who is Terry Goodkind's agent, is in the process of trying to get a bigger money deal for Terry for the next 3 SoT books. The figure seems to be 10 million. Thats right, "million". Ten of 'em. Now thats alot of money. Personally, I think Terry is worth it. :-)


OMG! Is Prophet actually updating his site? It looks like he is... LOL. Yeah, its been awile, but I'm still alive and kicking. Weather in Alaska sucks right now, we got about 6 more inches of snow lastnight, making it a total of about 30 inches in the last month.

I got some news to report in the World of Goodkind. Most of you probably know all this, but for the few who might not here it is:

Really good news for all Goodkind fans: TOR has bought the next 3 Sword of Truth novels. That means that the total of books for the series will be at least 10, and maybe more down the road.

It looks like has Pillars of Creation listed as shipping out on Nov. 20, so those of you who had pre-ordered it should get it about a day or two later. You can click on the small pic to look at the full size version. Not too bad, different, but not bad.

For those of you who didn't know, the short story entitled Debt of Bones that had first been written for the Anthology book Legends has been published in its own hardcover version. Its out in stores now and has all new artwork by Keith Parkinson. Go get it if you haven't read it. Its a story about Zedd as a young man when he was First Wizard of the Midlands.


Some news from the Barnes and Noble site, they have a little something written up on Pillars of Creation, but I must warn you, Brian over at says that its a very early version, and so completely wrong. (Don't say I didn't warn you)

New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind has created his most lavish adventure yet. Tormented her entire life by inhuman voices, a young woman named Lauren seeks to end her intolerable agony. She at last discovers a way to silence the voices. For everyone else the torment is about to begin.

With winter descending and the paralyzing dread of an army of annihilation occupying their homeland, Richard Rahl and his wife Kahlan must venture deep into a strange and desolate land. Their quest turns to terror when they find themselves the helpless prey of a tireless hunter.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds herself drawn into a struggle for conquest and revenge. Worse yet, her will is seized by forces more abhorrent than anything she ever envisioned. Only then does she realize that the voices were real.

Staggered by loss and increasingly isolated, Richard and Kahlan must stop the relentless, unearthly threat, which has come out of the darkest night of the human soul. To do so, Richard will be called upon to face the demons stalking among the Pillars of Creation.

Discover breathtaking adventure and true nobility of spirit. Find out why millions of readers the world over have elevated Terry Goodkind to the ranks of legend.

The release date for The Pillars of Creation is still listed as "November 2001".


First of all, let me say I'm sorry for the lack of updates in the last 3 months or so, I've been very busy, and haven't had time to update the site. Sorry.

The long awaited 'characters' section, as well as the 'fan art' section is way over due, as you well know, but I suffered a computer crash a few weeks back, and didn't have certain documents on my PC backedup. Poor me. I'll try to get things back as I can, and anyone who has sent in fan art in the last few months, please send it again. Thanks.


The news you have all been waiting for: Book 7's title is out! Drum roll please? Ok, here goes. The title of book seven of the Sword of ?Truth series is: The Pillars of Creation! Pretty neat huh? I though so.


Nother Update. Links page is now up, I'll be happy to trade links with you. Finally got a new guestbook, [thank you GuestWorld for killing my old one], so sing in if you drop by.

In other news, Prophets Inc. has the latest Terry Goodkind transcript up on their page, here is a snipit:

"When you read books, you are giving something more than money: you are giving your time. In return for that part of your life, I expect of myself to give you in return my absolute best job. When I write a book, it's unconditionally the best book I can write. You can decide for yourself if it's worthwhile to you or not. What you can't argue is whether or not I put in my best effort. You may judge my best effort to be insufficient for your time, but the thing you are not entitled to judge is whether or not I've done my best, because I know I have."

Terry Goodkind

I never realized all that the author coinsiders while writing his story... Read the rest of it here.


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