The Anime Guitar Tab Archive

Welcome to the Anime Guitar Tab Archive.

Here you can find guitar tabs from anime songs

I've redone all the tabs with MusEdit, however keeping the format of the original transcription.

Currently I have 12 tablatures released by me and 13 tabs found on the on the net.

I'll release more when I learn some more songs. 2 new tabs added

If you have tablatures, please send them or provide a link and I'll add them to the archive

Added other anime music links with tabs.


Macross 7 tabsClick here for Macross 7 tabs


other anime guitar tabsOther Anime Tabs


Anime Tabs and Sheet Music Links

[ totsugeki LOVE HEART! MACROSS 7 - Fire Bomber - ] Contains Macross 7 and Macross Dynamite 7 tabs and sheet music

Blackbird's Anime Bass Tabs

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Anime Tabulatures

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QuietMoon 's Japanese Guitar Tablature Database

The Anime-JPOP Tab Archives

smoo's guitar tabs

Anime Guitar Tabs


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