Me Marz
"My name is Marshall Teller. Not to long ago I was living in New Jersy just across the river from New York City. It was crowded,polluted,and full of crime. I loved it. But my parents wanted a better life for my sister and me-so we moved to a place so wholesome,so squeakey clean you could only see it on T.V. Unfortunatey nothing could be further from the truth. Shure my hometown *looks* normal enough,but look again. Whats wrong with picture? The American dream come true right? Wrong. No one belives me but this is the center or wierdness for the entire planet! Still don't belive me you will."
"That's my best friend Simon Holmes"
"He's only a kid but I let him hang out any wat because his parents don't seem to want him around. He's the only friend I've made sence moving to here. He's also the only one who believes me about Eerie."
Dash X
"We don't know mutch about him what he says is he woke up and he didn't rember anything. How he got here,who he was. No mom.No dad. Just him on his own."
*Real* Mr. Radford
"The weirdest thing that happend down at World O' Stuff,turns out the reason Radford was acting so wired was that he was not Radford at all. He was Fread Suggs. Turns out the *real* Radford was tied up in the basement the whole time."
My Mom (Marilyn) Dad (Edgar) Sister (Syndi as in Cindy)and me and Simon
"That's my family.They're too busy to see whats going on. Mom just started her own party planing service down at the Eerie mall. My sister Syndi is practicing for her driver's test. Personly I don't think anyone who spells `Cindy' S-y-n-d-i should be allowed to operate a vehicle. Dad works for Things, Incorporated, a testing company. Dad's job is one of the reasons we moved here. Becauce- statistically speaking-Eerie is the most normal place in the entire country. Statistics lie."