Mitchell Tlayer:Bill Switzer
Stanely Hope:Daniel Clark
Mr.Taylor:Bruce Hunter
Mrs.Taylor:Deborah Odell
Carrie Taylor: Lindy Booth
Mr.Crawford: Neil Crone

   A kind of spin off of the first show witch was cancled after 19 episodes.
   Because the original actors where to old Omri 
Katz in his early 20's and Justin Shenkarow between 18 and 20.
They had to use new actors.    
              Look For:
     Omri Katz as Max in Hocus Pocus
     Justin Shenkarow as the voce of Harold in Nickaloden's "Hay Aronld".

Bill Switzer:Mitchell Taylor (Left)
Daniel Clark:Stanely Hope (Right)
Eerie Books have gone to the other dimension! Yes Mitchell and Stanley are taking over the book fornt. In the first of the new Eerie Books Switching Channels. But they did leave it open so they can make some more with Marshall and Simon.
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