Adverts: Classics, check em out
AFI: Fast and intense
Agent Orange: Cali's Origional Surf/punk
Agnostic Front": NYHC Heros
All: OFFICIAL All page! Do what Alroy sez.
All/Descendents: One of the best punk bands ever
Ann Beretta: great V.A. Punk
Anti-flag: Great Punk rock
Anti-Heros: Great punk from Atlanta
Apocalypse Hoboken: Great Music
Atom and his Package: This guy is nuts!
At the Drive In: INSANE Emo-core stuff
AVAIL: Home page of great melodic HC/punk band AVAIL
Bad Religion: a B.R. fan site
Bickley: Huston Punk, Lots of punk
Bigwig: A Bigwig Punk page
Black MOnday: Recomended for fans of old Social D.; Check it out
Blacktop Cadance: Hot Water Music side-project, emo
BLANKS 77: OFFICIAL Blanks 77 page
Blind SocietyPretty good straight forward punk
Blitz: oi oi England oi
Bodyjar: Official page for the Austrailian melodic punkers
the Boils: PA Punk!
Bollweevils: A page to the Bollweevils
Boris the Sprinkler: The best thing out of Green Bay
Born Against: Very Influential Political-Punk
Bouncing Souls: Nutty-ass punk rock
Boxer: Tight Punk on Vagrant Rec.
Boy Sets Fire: HC/Punk/emo, as seen on tour w/ Good Riddance
Bracket: A BRACKET PAGE!!!
Brandtson:More great emo.
Broadways: powerful Chicago Punk rock = good
Brown Lobster Tank : Melodic Punk on Dr. Strange
Bruisers: Working Class punk rock
Burning Airlines: Unofficial page. If you like Jawbox...
BUZZCOCKS: Official page, legendary stuff
By a Thread: Amazing Melodic HC/Emo
Casualties: Excellent spikey-haired punk
Chamberlain: Excellent Rockin stuff, formerly SPLIT LIP
Chelsea: old 77 punk
Choking Victim: crazy ska-core-punk nutty
Cigar: Great melodic punk
The Clash: THE Clash
The Cramps: They've been around forever
Crass: Amazing old UK punk
Crime Seen 13These guys are the best. Wait till they get bigger
Crimpshrine: One of Lookouts first bands
Daycare SwindlersDC area punk with some ska
Dead Milkmen: a good page gor the Dead Milkmen
D F LOfficial DFL page
Dickies: nutty old punkers
Diesel Boy: good and FAT-like
Digger: Digger=good pop-punk
Dillenger 4: Official D4 page
Discount: Female-fronted melodic emo/punk
Down By Law: ex- Dag Nasty and ALL
Dropkick Murphys: Unbelievable, Great street punks
Dwarves: official and impressive page
88 fingers Louie: 88 Louie rock.
Eugene: Great new local (No.V.A.) Band
Everready: !!!
the Exploited: OiOiOi
Face to Face: amazing CA PUNK!
Falling Sickness: Nutty Fast-Ass ska-punk
FEAR: Fear damn you!!
Funeral Oration: European (one of those cold countries) PUNK on Hopeless
F.Y.P: Powerfully PUNK!
Gameface: Melodic and intense
GBH: Fast loud early 80s english Punk
the Germs: clasic drunk old school
The Get up Kids: Popular Melodic emo greats
Gob/Another Joe: British Colombian punk/HC
GOOD RIDDANCE: need I say more?
Gorilla Biscuits: clasic old school HC
Grade: Fuckin' amazing emotional HC
Green Day: ya know
Hi-Standard: nutty tight melodic fat-punk
High RosolutionHigh Resolution: check em out
Hot Water Music: emo-core...I'm a sucker for this
H2O: one of the greatest NYHC bands
Hudson Falcons: INCREDIBLE New Jersy Punk... one of the best bands around!
I Against I: Epitaphs first foreginers
J Church: prolific pop-punkers
Jawbreaker: One of the most influential bands to date
Knapsack: Great Emo stuff. R.I.P
Lagwagon: Lagwagon...I love em!
Leatherface: Holy cow.. a must!!
Less Than Jake: you know who they are
Lifetime: Good...nay...Great Melodic Punk/HC
Lil' Bunnies: they will kill all who don't fallow
LIVING END: Australian rockabilly/punk GO THERE!!!
Madball: HC, very HC
Majority Rule: Really good stuff here
Me First and the Gimme Gimmies: everyones favorite cover band
Mighty Mighty Bostones: Popular ska-core
Millencolin: Sweedish melodic skate-punk
Minor Threat: ya know sXe
Misfits: THE MISFITS !
Mr T experience: whoooo-oooh pop-punk
Mustard Plug: one of the GREATEST ska bands ever
MxPx: official
Nobodys: PUNK porn !
NOFX: official
No Use For A Name: official with tabs lyrics etc
One King Down: NY HC!
Operation Ivy: One of the most influential bands EVER
PANTHRO UK UNITED 13 This is one of the best new bands around!
Pennywise: you know them
Peter and the Test Tube Babies: Clasic British Punk. Banned from the pubs
Pezz: melodic punk/core really good
Pinhead Gunpowder: Billy Joe's other band
Pink Lincolns: Snotty Punk and stuff
Pressure Point: CA street punk
Propagandhi: Everyones favorite Winnipagen Vegans
Pulley: ex-10 foot pole and scared straight
Queers: official, good stuff!!
RADON Check these guys out!!
Ramones: lots of info
R.K.L: Rich Kids on LSD
Riverdales: Riverdales
Samiam:a Samiam page Screechin Weasel: the best SW page around
Screw 32: Skate punk
Seaweed: Unofficial page for this intense popular band
Shades Apart: One of my Fav. Bands! Official. Their old stuff rocks!
Sham 69: one of the first
Shower With Goats: Check out the Girls section!!!
Skankin Pickle: now defunct ska-punk band
Slick Shoes: good tight positive stuff
Small Brown Bike:Intense powerful and emotional
SNUFF: Soon to be Official. PUNK Plus
Social Distortion: Official Social D page
Stiff Little Fingers: Official SLF...clasic
Strung Out: good page for a great band
[SUB][HUM][ANS]: classic political punk
Suicidal Tendencies: Classic old Cali. band
Sunny Day Real Estate: The most influential emo band
the Suspects: One of DCs best, click here you'll love them
Mary's Swingin Utters page: One of my fav. bands Swingin Utters (unofficial): Great band and a great page. thanks for the pic
Teen Idles: early DC HC; first band on Discord; with Ian McKaye
10 yard Fight: Boston sXe HC
Texas is the Reason: EMO greats
TILT: fat punk with chick vocals
Tomorrow: Intense and hot water music
Tuesday: great emo/punk on Asian Man rec.
Total Chaos:
UK Subs: Great old Brittish punks
Union 13: Epitaph HC/punk in English and Espanol
the Unseen: Boston Streetpunk legends
Vandals: great, and still going strong!
Vanilla Muffins: melodic oi punk from Europe
Voodoo Glow Skulls: they use play horns faster than god intended
Weston: pop-punk, closeley related to DIGGER
Whippersnapper: Atlanta Melodi-punk
Wizo: only german band on FAT