THEODORE BARTON MARSH   (The Land Man of Anthony)

   Theodore Barton Marsh was born in 1847 in Racine, Wisconsin.In July 1878 T.B. left Peoria, Illinois for Kansas. He took the train to Wichita and then a stage coach the rest of the way. He was met by Edward M. Moss. Moss had married his wife's sister and had preeeded him by 3 months.Marsh received land in an area known as Mid Lothian which was one mile south and two miles east of Freeport, Harper County,Kansas.
     T.B. was an educated man. He became the Notary Public and associated with the Central Loan and Land Co. of Emporia. He would assist settlers in filing their claim papers and also in securing loans.. He acquired quite a bit of land for himself in Harper and Sumner counties in the early 80's. In 1885 he traded some land for a hardware store in Anthony, Harper County Busniess thrived from 1885 -1887 and he acquired more land.
  1889-1893 were depressed times. Marsh was forced to sell most of his land  and move back to the farm. After the turn of the century Marsh again entered the land business this time working for the Missouri Pacific Immigration Bureau which was promoting Kansas. The business prospered and it was at this time that T.B. Marsh became known as "The Land Man".
(taken from ANTHONY-FIRST CENTURY, pg61)

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