The Voorhees/Cooke Family of Illinois

             Garrett H. Voorhees married Emily Cooke, daughter of William Henry Cooke on 11 April 1863. The Voorhees family has been documented in several publications.

Princeville Diectory ,p. 820:

Voorhees, ,G. H. miller, P.O. Princeville, is the son of Joseph  Voorhees of Reading, Ohio who came to Peoria county in 1841.and settled in Kickapoo township, where he now resides, and owns 480 acres of land besides 320 acries in Nebraska. He is the father of twelve children. G.H. Voorhees , his eldest son, and the subject of this sketch was born in Reading,Ohio in 1841, and in 1865 married Miss Emily Cooke who was born in Devonshire ,England in 1843 and has borne him seven children, five of them now living viz: Charles H., Sarah B. B. , Emily G. , William A. and Lucia B. Mr. Voorhees owns 330 acres of land , in Stark county, and his dwelling in Princeville. His property is woth about $23,500.

History of Peoria County ,IL, Kickapoo Directory, p. 784:

    Garrett H. born Jan 3, 1841, married April 11, 1865, Miss Emily Cooke , who was born in Devonshire,England ,Aug. 28, 1843:


Dr. William Henry Cooke, Emily's father , lived in Princeville and Kickapoo Townships. He may have lived in Jubilee as well.

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