SIR ROBERT BORDEN    Prime Minister of Canada during World War I

                                               If  you are Canadian you may have seen a picture of this man before. You probably do not remember where . Sir Robert Borden is the prime minister who graces the $100. dollar bill. Who was he ? He is the man who replaced Sir Wilfred Laurier as Canada's prime minister at a very crucial time in Canadian history. Borden was prime minister during World War I. He is the man who brought in the controversial Conscription Bill that tore Canada apart. French Canada was so angry with him that they would not vote for the Progressive Conservative Party in large numbers until John Diefenbaker arrived on the scene in 1958.

    Robert Borden was from Nova Scotia . This may help to explain his ideas and mentality. He saw Canada as a major player in the British Empire. He wanted Canada to help out the Mother country. French Canadians did not see it that way which should not have come as a surprise to anyone.

     Robert Borden was also my great grandmother ,Annie Sophia Ells, cousin.