1763 List

This is a list of freeholders in Westchester County,NY. You will find the Secord family under New Rochelle. The Baddo listed below the Secords would be Badeau, Jacques Secord was married to Madelain Badeau.

A 1763 List of the Freeholders in Westchester County, NY

In the Borrough of Westchester:

Nathaniel Underhil, yeoman  Edward Stevenson, yeoman
John Williams, yeoman   Daniel Quinby, yeoman
Peter De Lancey, yeoman   John Hunt Junr, yeoman
John Oakley, yeoman   Augustin Drake, yeoman
Ichabod Lewis, merchant   James Lewis, yeoman
John Pugsley, yeoman   John Ferris, yeoman
Stephen Hunt, yeoman   James Ferris, yeoman
Nathaniel Underhil Junr, yeoman  Joseph Palmer, yeoman
Robert Hustis, weaver   Philip Palmer, yeoman
Willima Betts, tavernkeeper  Enoch Hunt, yeoman
John Genter, yeoman   Moses Mullineux, yeoman
Isaac Oakly, yeoman   Joseph Mullineux, yeoman
Basil Bartow, merchant   Thomas Lawrence, yeoman
John Bartow, merchant   Joseph Embree, carpenter
Aaron Quinley, yeoman   John Embree, yeoman
Gilead Honeywell, yeoman  Samuel Embree, yeoman
Bartholomew Hadden, yeoman  Cornelius Hunt, yeoman
Israel Underhil, yeoman   Theophilus Hunt, yeoman
Joseph Avery, carpenter   David Hunt Junr, yeoman
Edward Huchins, yeoman   William Bond, carpenter
John Smith, carpenter   John Hedger, yeoman
John Hichcock, cordwainer  John Leggit, yeoman
Hezekiah Ferguson, yeoman  Robert Hunt, yeoman
Hezekiah Jewel, yeoman   Robert Hunt Junr, yeoman
John Ferguson, yeoman   John Leggit Junr, carpenter
Stephanus Hunt, yeoman   William Leggit, yeoman
David Hunt, yeoman   Gabriel Leggit, yeoman
John Williams Junr, yeoman  Cornelius Willett, yeoman
Walter Brigs, yeoman   Thomas Hunt, yeoman
Charles Vincent Junr, yeoman  Daniel Seccord, yeoman
Leonard Vincent, yeoman   Richard Morris, yeoman
Theophilus Bartow, yeoman  Johannes Vermilia, weaver
Anthony Bartow, yeoman   Benjamin Corsa, yeoman
Israel Honeywell, yeoman   Peter Bussin, yeoman
John Hunt, yeoman   Isaac Vallentine, black smith
Joseph Castain, yeoman   John Archer, yeoman
John Smith, yeoman

In the Manor of Morrisania:

Lewis Morris, yeoman   James Graham, yeoman

In the Yonkers:

Frederick Philipse, yeoman  Stilwill Emmons, yeoman
James Van Cortlandt, yeoman  Isaac Vermilia, yeoman
Samuel Berrian, yeoman   Isaac Vermilia Junr, yeoman
William Tippit, yeoman   William Betts, yeoman
Gilbert Tippit, yeoman   Garret Brown, yeoman
Edward Meeks, yeoman   Evert Bussin, merchant
William Hadly, yeoman   Peter Nodine, yeoman
Thomas Emmons, yeoman  John Vermilia, yeoman

In East Chester:

Edward Burling, yeoman   Nehemiah Hunt, weaver
Samuel Freedwell, yeoman  Isaac Butler, merchant
Gilbert Ferris, yeoman   Joseph Fowler, yeoman
Peter Ferris, yeoman   Thomas Butler, sadler
Caleb Ferris, yeoman   Lewis Guion, black smith
George Sands, yeoman   Charles Vincent, black smith
Charles Hunt, yeoman   Isaac Dulhagen, yeoman
Elathan Hunt, yeoman   Thomas Wright, doctor
Andrew Burpo, weaver   Adolp Waldron, bolter
John Pine, yeoman   David Johnson, brick layer
Edmund Ward, yeoman   John Betts, sadler
Abraham Archer, yeoman   Thomas Fisher, weaver
Israel Pugsley, yeoman   Solomon Fowler, yeoman
Edward Barton, yeoman   Jonathan Fowler, yeoman
Stephen Ward, yeoman   David Hustis, yeoman
Israel Pinckney, yeoman   John Hustis, yeoman
Elihu Archer, yeoman   John Crookstone, sadler
John Ward, yeoman   Abraham Fincher, carpenter
James Morgan, yeoman   John Archer, weaver
Caleb Morgan, yeoman   Stephen Fowler, yeoman
Jonathan Pinkney, yeoman  Timothy Hunt, yeoman
Valentine Archer, weaver   Andrew Fowler, yeoman
John Townsend, yeoman   David Fowler, yeoman
Benjamin Drake, yeoman   Jonathan Archer, yeoman
Thomas Ward, yeoman   Joseph Drake, yeoman
William Pinckney, yeoman  Benjamin Hunt, yeoman
Thomas Pinckney, yeoman  John Fowler, tavernkeeper
Thomas Pinckney Junr, yeoman  William Baker, yeoman
William OBrien, yeoman   Thomas Farrington, yeoman
Gilead Hunt, yeoman   William Odell, yeoman
John Fowler, yeoman   Samuel Snethen, yeoman
John Fowler Junr, yeoman   Edmund Fowler, yeoman
Henry Fowler, doctor   David Oakley, yeoman
Michael Smith, yeoman   Abraham Rich, yeoman
Philip Jones, yeoman   Henry Norris, yeoman
Moses Taylor, yeoman

In New Rochelle:

John Erno, yeoman   John Schureman, yeoman
Benjamin Bound, yeoman   John Percut, yeoman
Samuel Juliet, yeoman   James Pugsley, yeoman
John Barright, yeoman   Frederick Scureman, yeoman
David Lispenard, yeoman   Oliver Besly, yeoman
John Burtine, yeoman   Michael Onara, yeoman
Moses De St. Croix, yeoman  David Guion, yeoman
Jacobus Bleeker, yeoman   James Secord, yeoman
Sovereign Bolt, yeoman   Stephen Reno, yeoman
Henry Cotant, yeoman   Joseph Anthony, yeoman
Isaac Guion, yeoman   Moses Clarke, yeoman
Daniel Angevine, yeoman   Jacob Scuremen, yeoman
Elias Guion, black smith   Abel Devoo, yeoman
Peter Baddo, yeoman   Abel Devoo Junr, yeoman
Alexander Allaire, yeoman  John Martin, merchant
Edward Smith, yeoman   James Pine, yeoman
Peter Flandero, black smith  Peter Bonett, yeoman
Elias Flandero, black smith  Joshua Solice, yeoman
Benjamin Flandero, black smith  Peter Bonett Junr, yeoman
Isaac Guion Junr, yeoman   Cornelius Devoo, yeoman
John Barright, yeoman   Frederick Devoo, yeoman
Philip Rishee, yeoman   Charles McCrady, yeoman
Jacob Hallicott, yeoman   Peter Percut, yeoman
Daniel Secord, yeoman   Jeremiah Scureman, yeoman
Paul Secord, yeoman   James Secord Junr, yeoman
Jacob Cotant, yeoman   William Londrine, mason
John Baddo, cordwainer   Joseph Rodman, yeoman
Peter Secord, yeoman   James De Blais, yeoman
Isaac Cotant, yeoman

In the White Plains:

Gabriel Lynch, yeoman   Moses Owen, yeoman
Robert Graham, merchant   John Travis, yeoman
Elisha Budd, yeoman   Peter Hatfield, yeoman
William Hooker Smith, yeoman  Caleb Griffin, black smith
Jonathan Purdy, yeoman   Samuel Purdy, yeoman
Isaac Oakley, yeoman   Joseph Horton, carpenter
David Horton, yeoman   Monmouth Hart, yeoman
Caleb Horton, yeoman   Joseph Hart, yeoman
Samuel Haight, yeoman   Anthony Miller, yeoman
John Hosear, black smith   Gilbert Hatfield, yeoman
Jacob Griffin, yeoman   Elatham [?] Haight, yeoman
Elisha Purdy, yeoman   Elisha Horton, yeoman
Caleb Hyat, yeoman   Jonathan Purdy Junr, yeoman
Joseph Lyon, yeoman   Ebenezer Boyd, cordwainer
Bartholomew Gidney, yeoman  Isaac Purdy, taylor
Benjamin Lyon, cooper   Daniel Ferris, yeoman
Joseph Purdy, yeoman   James Budd, yeoman
John Fisher, yeoman   Peter Hugford, yeoman
Abraham Hatfeild, yeoman  Amos Travis, yeoman
James Kniffin, cordwainer   William Colegrove, hatter
Joshua Hatfeild, yeoman   Gerardus Drake, carpenter
John Horton, miller   Gilbert Drake, yeoman
Jeremiah Coon, weaver

In the Manor of Pelham:

John Pell, yeoman   Benjamin Rylander, yeoman
John Pell Junr, yeoman   John Barns, yeoman
Josiah Pell, yeoman   Isaac Barns, carpenter
Samuel Rodman, yeoman   Benjamin Palmer, yeoman
Joshua Pell, yeoman   Caleb Hunt, yeoman
Caleb Pell, yeoman   William Willet, yeoman
Philip Pell, yeoman   John Wollie, yeoman

In Mamarow Neck:

Benjamin Griffin, yeoman   Thomas Nelson, yeoman
Joseph Griffin, yeoman   Rueben Bloomer, yeoman
John Townsend, merchant   Benjamin Palmer, yeoman
Samuel Fairwether, cordwainer  Joseph Disbrow, yeoman
Isaac Gidney, yeoman   John Palmer, miller
Peter Ally, yeoman   Drake Palmer, yeoman
James Horton, merchant   James Boyd, yeoman
Henry Disbrow, yeoman   Robert Coles, yeoman
James Mott, yeoman   Edward Merrit, yeoman
William Mott, yeoman   William Lownsbury, yeoman
William Sutton, yeoman   John Barker, yeoman
Daniel Barker, yeoman

In the Manor of Scaresdale:

Lewis Johnston, yeoman   Peter Cornel, yeoman
Eleazar Gidney, yeoman   Joseph Cornel, yeoman
William Barker, yeoman   John Gidney, yeoman
William Griffin, yeoman   Jonathan Griffin, yeoman
Benjamin Cornel, yeoman   Benjamin Townsend, yeoman
Andrew Hill, yeoman   Levine Devoo, yeoman
John Veal, yeoman   John Ferris, yeoman
Joseph Hadden, yeoman   Hezekiah Cudney, yeoman

In Rye:

John Thomas, yeoman   Thomas Merritt, yeoman
Isaac Carpenter, yeoman   Henry Taylor, caprenter
David Halstead, yeoman   John Haviland, yeoman
Richard Barns, yeoman   Benjamin Haviland, yeoman
Nathan Fields, yeoman   Benjamin Wilson, yeoman
Thomas Veal, yeoman   Samuel Brown, yeoman
Anthony Feilds, yeoman   Thomas Lyon, yeoman
Samuel Barns, yeoman   Andrew Lyon, yeoman
Daniel Merrit, yeoman   John Lawrence, yeoman
Roger Park, yeoman   Joseph Galpin, yeoman
Robert Bloomer, yeoman   Benjamin Kniffin, yeoman
Joshua Brundige, yeoman   Nathan Merritt, yeoman
Joseph Merrit, yeoman   Ebenezer Brown, yeoman
Jonathan Kniffin, yeoman   Nathaniel Brown, yeoman
Stephen Sherwood, yeoman  Peter Brown, yeoman
James Seaman, carpenter   Joseph Merrit, yeoman
Griffin Gale, cordwainer   John Edy, weaver
John Slaughter, carpenter   Joseph Merrit Junr, cooper
William Willett, yeoman   Nathan Kniffin, yeoman
Gilbert Willett, yeoman   Andrew Merrit, yeoman
Solomon Purdy, yeoman   Samuel Lyon, yeoman
John Clap, yeoman   Daniel Hawkshurst, merchant
Joseph Sutton, yeoman   William Crooker, miller
Thomas Sutton, yeoman   Gilbert Miller, yeoman
Anos Kniffin, yeoman   Gilbert Lyon, yeoman
Samuel Treadwell, yeoman  Joseph Wilson, yeoman
Thomas Halstead, yeoman   Joseph Brundige, yeoman
William Dusenbury, yeoman  John Purdy, yeoman
Benjamin Ferris, yeoman   John Thomas Junior, yeoman
Isaiah Maynard, yeoman   John Cromell, blacksmith
Jeremiah Fowler, merchant  George French, yeoman
Jeremiah Fowler Junr, blacksmith  Peter Totton, yeoman
James Haviland, yeoman   Edward Farington, cordwainer
Samuel Haviland, yeoman   Thomas Farington, yeoman
Daniel Lewis, weaver   Betts Chatterton, yeoman
Jothan Wright, carpenter   Marmaduke Palmer, tanner
William Anderson, yeoman  John Brown, cordwainer
Joseph Stedwell, yeoman   Thomas Lyon Junr, yeoman
Thomas Howil, yeoman   Lewis Marvan, yeoman
Solomon Merrit, mason   Abraham Bush, yeoman
Robert Merit, carpenter   Maurice Smith, yeoman
Thomas Marsh, currier   Isaac Gidney, black smith
Thomas Park, yeoman   Caleb Gidney, carpenter
Thomas Carpenter Junr, yeoman  James Gidney Junr, carpenter
Christopher Isinghart, yeoman  James Horton, yeoman
Josiah Fowler, yeoman   Gilbert Bloomer, yeoman
Israel Seaman, yeoman   Archibald Telford, yeoman
Nathan Purdy, yeoman   Joseph Miller, yeoman
James Stevenson, yeoman   Lyon Miller, yeoman
John Guion, blacksmith   Mathew Hayns, yeoman
Nicholas Haight, yeoman   Daniel Hayns, yeoman
Job Hadden, yeoman   James Gidney, yeoman
John Crawford, yeoman   James Hayns, yeoman
Peter Jay, yeoman   Godfrey Hayns, yeoman
Daniel Purdy, yeoman   Alexander Hunt, boatman
Joshua Purdy, yeoman   Ezekiel Halsted, yeoman
Hachaliah Purdy, yeoman   Thomas Brown, yeoman
Charles Theal, yeoman   Hachaliah Brown, yeoman
Joseph Haviland, yeoman   Jonathan Brown, yeoman
Daniel Strang, yeoman   Roger Park Junr, yeoman
Thomas Sawyer, taylor   Timothy Wetmore, yeoman
Caleb Purdy, yeoman   James Purdy, blacksmith
Joseph Hayns, ropemaker   David Haight, yeoman
John Doughty, yeoman   Daniel Knapp, yeoman
Gilbert Brundige, yeoman   Moses Purdy, yeoman
Ebenezer Kniffin, yeoman   Roger Purdy, yeoman
John McCollum, yeoman   William Purdy, yeoman
Thomas Kniffin, weaver   Underhill Merrit, yeoman
Henry Bird, yeoman   Samuel Haight, yeoman
Abraham Theal, yeoman   Benjamin Brown, yeoman
Gilbert Merrit, yeoman   Daniel Brown, yeoman
James Wetmore, yeoman   William Brown, yeoman
Benjamin Brown, yeoman   Zebediah Brown, yeoman
William Haight, yeoman   Michael Chatterton Junr, yeoman
Jonathan Brown Junr, yeoman  James Miller, yeoman
Joseph Theal, yeoman   Jonathan Polden Horton, yeoman
James Hart, yeoman

North Castle:

Samuel Banks, yeoman   Gabriel Worden, cordwainer
Benoni Plat, yeoman   David Brundige, yeoman
John Bundle, yeoman   Josua Lounsbury, yeoman
John Banks, yeoman   Phineas Knap, weaver
John Armstrong, yeoman   Peter Totten, cordwainer
Jeremiah Newman, yeoman  Jonathan Owen, carpenter
Zabulon Dickenson, weaver  Jno Wright, yeoman
Caleb Haight, yeoman   Francis Wright, yeoman
Caleb Fowler, yeoman   Elias Clapp, yeoman
John Carpenter, miller   Archelaus Carpenter, cordwainer
Nathan Sniffen, yeoman   Michael Hays, merchant
Albert Ogden, cooper   Robert Renolds, carpenter
David Daton, doctor   Benjamin Thorn, yeoman
Thos Fle[w]welling, yeoman  William Hunt, yeoman
Benjamin Smith, yeoman   Josiah Cock, yeoman
Josua Hutchins, merchant   Joseph Fowler, yeoman
Andrew Purdy, carpenter   Aaron Forman Junr, yeoman
Nat: Brundige, yeoman   John Brundige, yeoman
Thos Purdy, yeoman   David Anderson, yeoman
Thos Baker, cooper   Robt Fle[wwe]lling, yeoman
David Lane, yeoman   Hugh Hunter, yeoman
Wm Simmonds, weaver   Benjamin Hall, yeoman
Solomon Palmer, smith   Wm Dusenbury, yeoman
Richard Hutchins, cordwainer  Jas Baldwin, carpenter
Still Jno Purdy, yeoman   Jno Green, yeoman
James Leggett, merchant   Moses Quinby, yeoman
Gilbert Palmer, yeoman   Wm Ogden, cooper
Joseph Golding, yeoman   Robert Dickenson, yeoman
Thos Hopkins, yeoman   James Weeks, yeoman
Anthy Tripp, yeoman   Robt Davenport, yeoman
Timothy Carpenter, yeoman  Abel Weeks, yeoman
Thos Weeks, currier   John Green, cordwainer
Jno Powel, currier   Saml Hallock, yeoman
John Seales, yeoman   Joseph Sutton, yeoman
Samuel Cheesman, weaver  Jno Wood, yeoman
Thos Wright, cordwainr   William Weeks, yeoman
Elijah Miller, yeoman   John Brown, millwright
Absalom Smith, yeoman   Edmund Green, yeoman
James Miller, yeoman   Moses Powel, yeoman
James Tripp, yeoman   James Purdy, yeoman
John Worden, cordwainer   David Tuttle, yeoman
Aaron Forman, black smith  Nathaniel Tompkins, yeoman
Wm Forman, yeoman   Arthur Williams, yeoman
Roger Lyon, yeoman   Isaac Lunsberry, yeoman
Jonathan Lyon, yeoman   John Brady, yeoman
John Ferris, yeoman   Thos Thorn, yeoman
Jacob Carpenter, carpenter  William Davis, yeoman
Charles Haight, carpenter   Michael Chatterton, yeoman
Caleb Green, yeoman   John Carpenter, hatter
Joseph Washburn, wever   Thos. Merrit, yeoman
Andrew Merrit, yeoman


Nathanl Ingerson, yeoman   Thos Maynard, yeoman
Nathanl Warring, weaver   Ebenezer Miller, yeoman
Jacob Miller, yeoman   Ezra Warring, yeoman
Nathan Wood, yeoman   Ephraim Warring, yeoman
Michael Waring, yeoman   John Maynard, cordwainer
Daniel Mills, yeoman   Daniel Newman, yeoman
Benjamn Miller, yeoman   John Merrit, yeoman
John Holms, yeoman   Daniel Smith, yeoman
Hezekiah Holms, yeoman   Thos Rustle, weaver
Joseph Holms, cordwainer   Lewis McDonold, yeoman
Daniel Miller, yeoman   Abraham Caufeild, weaver
James Holmes, yeoman   Isaac Miller, yeoman
Stephen Holms, yeoman   Ebenezer Holms, yeoman
Justus Miller, yeoman   Solomon Holms, yeoman
John Miller, yeoman   John Wescot, yeoman
Zebediah Mills, yeoman   Wm Hill, yeoman
John Forman, blacksmith   Encrease Miller, yeoman
James Lord, taylor   John Smith, yeoman
Abraham Miller, yeoman   Joseph Caufeild, yeoman
Thos Foreman, yeoman   David Mills, yeoman
Andrew Mills, yeoman   James [R]aymond, yeoman
Isaac Holms, yeoman   Joseph Clark, yeoman
Jonathan Lyon, yeoman   Ephraim [R]aymond, yeoman
Israel Lyon, joiner   Moses Christy, yeoman
Gilbert Miller, yeoman   William Woolsey, yeoman
John Bull, yeoman   Stephen Fowler, yeoman
John Elliot, taylor   Ebenezer Haight, yeoman
Saml Trowbridge, cordwainer  Frederick V Cortland, yeoman
Jerediah Caufeild, yeoman  James Wright, mill wright
William Frost, weaver   Daniel McDonold, yeoman
Benjamn Kniffin, yeoman   Richar Woolsey, yeoman
Cornelius Smith, yeoman   Henry Dusunbury, yeoman
Jeremiah Miller, coopper   Caleb Sands, yeoman
Zabulon Burchall, yeoman  Thomas Bay, mason
Silas Carpenter, joiner   Joseph Owen, yeoman
Ezekiel Harris, yeoman   Thos Charteck, yeoman
David Clark, yeoman   Robert Knolton, yeoman
Jonathan Miller, yeoman   Nehemiah Lounsbery, yeoman
William Robinson, yeoman  Zurabable Haight, yeoman
Abraham West Cot, yeomn  Jonathan Tyler, yeoman
Ebenezer Ward, merchant   Eli Seely, yeoman
Daniel Haight, yeoman   Zebulen Crean, blacksmith
John Silonan, yeoman   Stephen Clark, yeoman
Nathanl Clark, yeoman   David Holms, yeoman
Abraham Higgins, yeomn   James Miller, yeoman
Samuel Barritt, yeoman   Silas Miller, yeoman
Marcus Mosman, yeoman   John Dingee, yeoman
Richard Searle, yeoman   Abraham Barritt, yeoman
Ezekiel Griffin, yeoman   Richard Honeywell, yeoman
Samuel Honey Well, yeomn  Ammon Fowler, yeoman
Elijah Bugby, yeoman   Richd Kitchum, blacksmith
Wm Williamson, yeoman   Mathew Fontaign, yeoman
Josua Mead, yeoman   Nathan Caufeild, yeoman
Michael Basset, yeoman


Mathew Bowton, schoolmastr  Thos Laurence, yeoman
Hezekiah Bowton, miller   Joseph Monroe, yeoman
Gold Bowton, yeoman   Nathan Northrop, merchant
Amos Benedict, yeoman   Nathan Northrop, yeoman
Ebenezer Brown, carpenter  Isaac Neman, smith
Pettet Baxter, yeoman   Abraham Northrop, yeoman
Peter Benedict, yeoman   Isaac Northrop, yeoman
James Brown, yeoman   John Osburn, yeoman
Ephraim Coley [Corey?], blacksmith Nathan Osburn, yeoman
Samuel Coo, taylor   Joseph Osburn, yeoman
Solomon Close Junr, yeoman  Ezekiel Olinstead [Olmstead?], yeoman
Nathaniel Close, yeoman   Nathan Purdy, yeoman
Benjamin Close, yeoman   David Palmer, yeoman
Israel Chapman, yeoman   Elias Palmer, yeoman
David Canfeild, yeoman   Benjamn Rockwell, yeoman
Daniel Dixon, yeoman   Ezra Bundle, weaver
Hezekiah Doolittle, yeoman  John Rusco, yeoman
Barnabas Doolittle, yeoman  Abraham Smith, weaver
Josiah Foster, cordwainer   Jabez Smith, cooper
Josiah Gilbert, yeoman   Nathan Smith, yeoman
Jacob Haight, yeoman   Nehemiah Stebbins, yeoman
Ebenezer Grummer, cordwainer  Peter Sheremen, yeoman
Abijah Gilbert, yeoman   Daniel Seward, yeoman
Jabez Hull, yeoman   Saml Seward, yeoman
Ezekiel Holly [Holey?], yeoman  Eliphalet Slason, yeoman
Abner Haight, yeoman   Gershom Sillack, yeoman
Thos Hays, yeoman   Jesse Trusdell, yeoman
Abraham Haight, yeoman   Elihu Townsend, yeoman
Lott Keeler, yeoman   James Tongue, yeoman
Paul Keeler, yeoman   Joseph Trusedell, yeoman
Jonah Keeler, yeoman   John Whitney, weaver
John Loader, yeoman   Ebenezer Wood, cordwainer
Nathan Wood, yeoman   James Wallice, yeoman
Jno Wallice, yeoman   James Wallice, yeoman

Pound Ridge:

Johial Weed [Wild], yeoman  Ebenezer Green, yeoman
Ebenezer Boutton, yeoman  John Boutton, yeoman
John Dixon, yeoman   David Waterbury, yeoman
Archelaus Crawford, yeoman  William Jarvis, yeoman
James Ferris, yeoman   Joseph Scribner, cordwainer
Ebenetus Howe, yeoman   Israel Lockwood, yeoman
John Boutton, yeoman   Thos Butson, miller
Jacob Wood, carpenter   Saml Ambler, yeoman
Jeremiah Scofeild, yeoman  David Miller, yeoman
Daniel Waterbury, yeoman  Abraham Ambler, yeoman
Jno. Crawford, cordwainer  Samuel Lewis, sadlor
Joseph Lockwood, yeoman  John Ferris, cordwainer
Reuben Lockwood, yeoman  Stephen White, yeoman
Ebenezer Scofeild, yeoman  John Ambler, yeoman
John Guthrie, carpenter   Saml Ferris, yeoman
Ebenezer Brown, yeoman   John Haight, yeoman
Ebenezer Lockwood, yeoman  Thadeus Haight, yeoman
Robert Andrews, taylor   Benjamin Jones, yeoman
Nathaniel Fancher, yeoman  Ebenezer Jones, yeoman
Hezekiah Wood, yeoman   George McOnneal, schoolmastr
Robert Crawford, yeoman   John Fnacher Junr, yeoman
Saml Wood, carpenter   Jno Fancher, yeoman
Elisha Avery, yeoman   John Brown, yeoman
John Pratt, yeoman   Nathaniel Boutton, yeoman
William Woolsey, yeoman   Saml Boutton, yeoman
John Craws, yeoman   Jahiel Boutton, yeoman
David Palmer, yeoman   Peter June, yeoman

James Jackson e[x] A List of the freeholdersin the County of
   dem John Watts Westchester returned into the Clerk's office
   & others [vs.]  according to a Rule of the Supreme Court in
Elisha Avery  this Cause

February 28, 1763
     Is:  Willet Sherif

  Secretary's office New York 4 March 1763
    A true Copy Examd
      Gw Banyar D Cl Cr
The red star is the location of New Rochelle, the home of the Secord family