The Crawford Family of New Brunswick,Quebec and England

My great great grandmother was Annie Harris Crawford. her name lived on until recently. My great uncle was named Alfred HARRIS Cooke. The Crawfords are a bit of a mystery. They appear to have thrived for a generation and then disappeared.
    Annie H. was the daughter of John Crawford and Margaret Knight. Family legend has it that John was born in 1810 and baptised at St. Paul's Cathedral in London,England.He was said to be the son of John Dunn Crawford.It was believed that John Dunn Crawford was married to Elizabeth Mackenzie. John D . was supposed to be a luitenant in the Royal Navy. His father was William Crawford who married a Miss Dunn. She died in childbirth.John Sr. died shortly after.John age 10 was then taken care of by a Nurse Wright who took him to Nova Scotia. He later was adopted by a Mr. Harris of New Brunswick. William's father is referred to as Andrew Crawford of Tyrone, Ireland.Andrew is supposed to have married a Miss Knight.

     The above story is half true and half false.The facts are listed below.

     John Crawford was born in 1810 (1871 N.B. census). He was baptised at St. Paul's church, Deptford, London ,England. His parents were John Crawford and Sarah Longstaff. They were married in 1807 at another church in Deptford. Deptford was an important British naval base. It is not known if John Crawford was a naval officer or not.

St. Paul's Deptford

   John Crawford and Margaret Knight were married 14 July 1835 in New Carlisle. John listed his occupation as "lumberer". and he was from Bonaventure. Margaret said she was the daughter of John Knight "of the Mirimichi". She did not give the name of her mother or the exact location of their home.
John and Margaret's children:

       i        Mary Jane Crawford        b. 15 Feb. 1842    New Carlisle
       ii       Annie Harris Crawford      b. 8 Apr.  1844    Pokeshaw, N.B.
       iii      George D. Crawford         b. 1852                Pokeshaw, N.B.
       iv      Elizabeth Crawford            b. 1850               Pokeshaw, N.B.
       v       Maria      Crawford             b. 1857             Quebec
       vi      John A. Crawford                b. 1857             Quebec
      vii      William J. Crawford            b. 1875               N.B.
      viii      James E. Crawford               b. 1865             N.B.
       ix      Bella Crawford                   b.                         N.B.
       x       Maggie Crawford               b.                         N.B.

    As you can see the family spent time on both sides of the Bay Chaleur, living in New Carlisle,Quebec and Pokeshaw, N.B. The map below shows how close the two settlements are to each other. The star represents Bathurst,N.B. Pokeshaw was up the pennisula a little bit. New Carlisle is on the tip of Quebec jutting down into the Bay. My father says that some evenings you can see the sunset shining off the metal roofs of homes in Pokeshaw from the beach at New Carlisle.
map of Bathurst,N.B. and the Bay Chaleur

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