Births,Marriages and Deaths in Bonaventure County

The following BMD's are of interest to the Cooke family. This is not an attempt to fully reproduce the Bonaventure county church registers . These entries have been taken from the church registers for St. Andrew's Anglican Church , New Carlisle , unless otherwise stated.

B     Emma Winifred Cooke - daughter of Charles Harvey Cooke,farmer, and Mary Louisa Billingsley,
       born the  6th of  April baptised the 16th June 1885

B.   William Arthur Cooke, son of Charles Harvey Cooke, farmer, and Mary Louisa Billingsley,born 22
       February and baptised 19 of March , 188(6,7,8 or 9)

B.   Cluney Stillman, son of Charles Cooke and Mary Billingsley born 27th January 1889 and baptised
       11th March    sponsor: Frank Cooke

B    James Everett Cooke son of Arthur Cooke and Venita (sp) Day his wife. born 13 September 1889
      was privately baptised upon 13 December 1889.

B.   Anna Louise Cooke  daughter of Charles Cooke and Louisa Billingsley was born ? March and
      was baptised the 7th of June 1891.

B.   Lyda May daughter of Charles Cooke and Mary Billingsley was born 14 January 1893 and baptised
       February ? 1893.

B.   Mary Florence Cooke daughter of Charles Harvey Cooke b. 10 August and baptised 30 November

B.    Sophia Luce, daughter of James Day, miller and Maria Day his wife. born 22 October 1851
       and  baptised 6 April 1852. (St. Peter's Church, Paspebiac)

*     William, son of James Day of Cox township,miller and maria Day his wife ,born 2nd of March
       1841 in the Parish of Westbourne,Hampshire England and privately baptised  9th of said month,
       was received into the congregation of St. Andrew's on the 4th of November 1849, parents being
       the sponsors.

M    Archibald McNeil of New Mills, N.B. and Alice Williams Day of Bonaventure were married by
       licence of Luitenent Governor on 18th June 1887 by me.
                      F.W. George, Presbyterina Church , New Carlisle

D    Malvina Caldwell wife of Edward Isaac Mann died 15 February 1890 buried 18th (
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