Two men from the Vicary family of Devonshire,England married two Cooke women. This was the start to a long and close connection between the Cooke and Vicary families in the United States. This connection is so strong that even today there are members of the family who retain Cooke and Vicary names passed on to them through the generations. In the following paragraphs I will try to show you as many of these connections as I can.

    William Newell Vicary b.1810 married Charlotte Caroline Cooke b. 1818, daughter of Michael Cooke and Mary Wood of Langley Barton farm, parish of High Bickington, north Devon. They emigrated from England circa 1860 to Stafford Township, Genesee County in western New York. They had 9 children.

Charlotte Mary Vicary 1841 - July 1916 Homer Kennedy
Margaret June   1843 - 6 Mar 1868 none
Thomas Cornish  1845 - 1921 Alma Sophrenia Marsh 
Caroline Merrill 6 June 1848 - 19 Apr.1923 Edward Cooke
Annie Maria 1850 William Dallas Haight
Rebecca Newell 1854 - 14 Feb. 1856 none
Charles Newell Wood  1858 - 25 May 1921 Louise Haskins Bailey
George Merrill 1861 - June 1933 Belle Simmons
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   Most of lived for a time in Stafford. Thomas Cornish Vicary moved west to Colorado. Caroline Merrill married her first cousin, Edward Cooke and moved west to Freeport, Kansas. Charles Newell moved to Canton, Ohio to start a business. I believe that the rest of the children stayed behind in New York.
 Their graves have been located in Stafford cemetery. A link to their monument inscriptions will be place here in the future. One exception worth noting is Margaret June. She was a sickly child. It was felt that she could not survive the trans-Atlantic voyage. She stayed behind in England and lived with family there. She showed them and survived to become a young woman.


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