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Hi! I'm Nikki and this is my page!!! Sorry If i'm not updating my page as much as I used to, but i'm really busy with friends, school, work, and tons of other stuff! Visit my Jensen Ackles Page (In progress ), my Message board, and my Days News Page!!!

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Days of our Lives Fan Club/Newsletter Page
One of the best Days Sites I've ever seen! PS. If you sign up for the newsletter, mention my screenname, I get bonus points!!!
Days of our lives NBC Page
A really cool site
The Days Cast History Page
If you need history of one of the characters on the show, this is where to look.
Rachel's Days of our Lives Page
This is a pretty good site bout days w/ updates and spoilers and stuff--its pretty good
Dina's Jensen Ackles Page
TONS of pictures of him and lots of facts and articles. HE IS SOOO CUTE!!!!
Days of our Lives Home Page
Cool links and a great site!
Nautica's Unofficial Days of our Lives Page
My friend Deijya's Days page
My Friend's Austin & Carrie Page
This is the place to go if you are a Austin & Carrie Fan
These sites have nothing to do with Days, but go to them anyway!!!!!
My friend Kim's homepage
You really should visit this site (it's cool!)
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I do not work for DOOL, NBC, CORDAY, or anything to do with the show. Any pictures on this page came from SOD, SOW, SON, SOU, SID, The Days of our Lives Cookbook,
or from another site online WITH their consent. I just am a huge fan of the show. If I have done anything illegal, please don't sue me, for I had no idea because i'm new at this. On my Days of our Lives recipe page, all of the recipes are from the cookbook, and I am not claiming them to be my own.
If anyone has a link for their page that they would like me to put on mine, e-mail me and I will be happy to do it.

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