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Never before has a "Stockbridge" Mohican achieved professional notoriety at the esteemed Tanglewood Music Festival, but it looks like Composer Brent Michael Davids will become the first! Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has invited Composer Brent Michael Davids to the Tanglewood premiere of Davids’ "Mohican Soup." One of the world-renown choral groups from America, Chanticleer, will be performing Davids "Mohican Soup" as part of the All-American program at Tanglewood’s Seji Ozawa Hall this July 22. Davids is pleased that Chanticleer will be performing "Mohican Soup" at Tanglewood, because Tanglewood is built in the heart of Davids’ancestral grounds, and it will be one of the few times when music sung in the Mohican language will be presented there in hundreds of years. Before departing from the Berkshires, the "Stockbridge" Band of Mohicans assumed the same name as the ambitious town that eventually established itself overtop the original Mohican village -- the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Brent Michael Davids, whose Mohican name is Blue Butterfly, is a young composer who moves between the worlds of Western Classical Music and Native American Song. Davids is a member of the Stockbridge Band of the Mohican Nation and a Classically-Trained Composer. Featured on CBS "Sunday Morning" with Charles Osgood and Eugenia Zukerman, Davids is also known for his Quartz Crystal Flute. In fact, he has two such flutes: one Soprano and Bass flute, both hand-blown from quartz crystal.

Davids composes and performs for such distinguished groups as the Joffrey Ballet, Kronos Quartet, and the National Symphony Orchestra. He’s even composed for film, as one of only six composers invited to Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute. While attending the famous Institute, Davids composed music for two scenes from Sherman Alexie’s next film "Indian Killer." At Sundance, Davids received shouting applause for his music soundtrack -- high praise for music so unconventional. Brent Michael Davids will introduce his new work "Mohican Soup" at the Tanglewood performance.

Join us at Tanglewood’s Seji Ozawa Hall, on July 22, 1999, for the Tanglewood premiere of "Mohican Soup" composed by Brent Michael Davids and performed by Chanticleer. For more information call your local presenter or contact Chanticleer at 800-950-1177.

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