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NT Admin Right
In Windows NT Some times you may want to act as an administrator while logging in as an normal user.
I personally get into that problem once. While writting a ping application using the raw socket, in the
windows NT environment i saw that it works fine, while I logged on as an Administrator, but the socket
creation fails when I loggen on as a normal user.

Here is the solution for that type of problem in Windows NT.

NT Drivers Not For Device But For Other Solution
It's a general idea that, Device Drivers are meant for managing a device. But In Windows NT , the Device
Drivers are not only meant for that. You can write drivers to do things which are once thought of possible
only in MS DOS environment.
To Demonstarte this, I will give here one simple example::::::

In windos NT, the DHCP Client will start automatically even if you have set its START TYPE as MANUAL in the
Windows NT registry database. In that case if the DHCP Server is not there in the network then the DHCP Client
will hang the system for some seconds. You can't also disable it by using a NT Service, because both will have
START TYPE Automatic.

To overcome this problem I write a dummy driver to disable the DHCP Client
before the Service Control Manager got the list of services during system startup.

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