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Hi and welcomed to Wee Tyme Creations®, named so because of the Wee amount of time I have to play with all of the different creative endeavors that  interest me. I am 37 and have a wonderful family of three girls and one husband. I hope you can find something of interest here, there is some variety.

One of my first loves is sewing...handed down by my grandmother and aunts...I was surrounded by sewing medium from an early age. Another pastime that was a favorite in my grandmothers home was a love of crocheting and knitting. I haven't quite mastered the knitting part but feel as though I have learned enough of crocheting to say I am adaptable. While going through some of my grandmother's things after she had passed away I came across an old crazyquilt made by her great-grandmother. This sparked an interest within me to see what it was all about and so I have began to learn the technique of crazyquilting from a wonderful group of ladies.

A friend introduced me to cross stitching and I have found even though you have to count the squares in order to make a beautiful work of art it is very relaxing, I met a group of ladies via online connections and we started a group called the Cross Country Stitchers. We mostly chat about our love of stitching but it is still a wonderful group to be with.

Please feel free to stop back by and visit again. I will be updating my pages from time to time so check back often. The web graphics were provided free by Laurie's Free Web Graphics check her site out she has some really neat things there. I would also like to thank MovieSeek for the midi you are hearing. Also check out the links to other great pages and if you would  like to be included please e-mail me with the details. Thanks again.

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