I’m steaming like a whistlin’ kettle
A low down dog stuck with nettles
Writhin’ like a snake that’s skinned and fried
Really got my dander up
Too much vinegar in my cup
Too much ‘lectricity runnin’ down my hide

Hog wild and pig bitin’ mad
Riled up and bone breakin’ bad
Too late now I’ve lost my senses
Kickin’ hard and jumpin’ fences
I’m hog wild and pig bitin’ mad

I’m sweatin’ like a Sunday preacher
Turned into a blood hot creature
Got my bullwhip, I’m snortin’ hard
Punch-drunk and I ain’t quitting
Standin’ up, won’t catch me sitting
Lasso all you boarhogs and turn you into lard

I’m meaner than a cornered polecat
Madder than a rabid wombat
Biggest Bigfoot you’ve ever seen
Best watch out I’m seein’ double
Really didn’t want no trouble
Too much bein’ cordial and not enough bein’ mean


One dark and rainy night I went out for a drive
And it’s a miracle that I came back alive
Now I’m here to tell you jusyt how I found The Lord
Standing on the roadside flagging down my Ford

I slammed on my breaks and I let the stranger in
He had hair down to his shoulders, he was tall and kind of thin
I asked him “where ya goin’”, but he didn’t say a word
You could smell the rubber as I slammed it into third

The stranger never looked to the left or to the right
I took a swig of whiskey as I sped off in the night
I didn’t see the sign, I was having too much fun
It said the rain had washed away the bridge on Highway 51

The car it left the pavement and it flipped into the air
I looked into the back seat but the stranger wasn’t there
All of a sudden I heard a voice comong from the sky
It said “You stupid drunken cracker! Where the Hell’d you leard to drive?”

WILLIE – Moran	
Well I killed Pretty Polly and I killed that Knoxville Girl
I’m well known in Tennessee and I’m known around the world

They call me Willie and I’m quite a lady’s man
I’m known in every single jail cell and every prison in the land

First there came Poor Ellen Smith, then came Omie Wise
Some folks say I don’t like girls but that’s a big old lie

It’s the same old story everywhere I go
From in the pines where the sun never shines To the banks of the Ohio

Some folks call me Ted, some folks call me Ed
One thing is for certain – that girl’s gonna end up dead

I was raised on the Good Book
By my daddy and Ma
To love what is moral and despise the outlaw
Some say it was bad blood
Trying to find what to blame
I traded love’s cool waters for the city’s bright flame

The train whistle’s blowin’ as I dream of the farm
The good people I left long ago
The only tracks I’ve seen lately on the ones on my arm
Making paths that will lead me back home

Please listen to one who has fell by the way
Life’s a winding dirt trail not a shining highway
Your illusion of pleasure is a sea full of pain
When you trade in your pride for a full dose of shame

One bright Sunday morning my train will pull in
The steam will surround me as I wait to get in
I’ll pay for my ticket with a palm lined with gold
But tonight I’ll need one last shot to keep out the cold


On a cold November night
I was awakened by a light
Shining in from every pain of glass
Then a voice came ringing through
About a fated rendezvous
Awaitin’ when the final die is cast

Cast away your crutches; gather up your crosses
Open up your doomsday door
Give me a fatal kiss from your sweet apocalypse
And open up your doomsday door!

The angel Gabriel came
Encircled by a flame
That rattled every plank within the place
You can leave your clothes behind
Forget your troubled mind
And see the glory shining in your face

Lifted by a feeling
I rose up through the ceiling
Below me I could hear the sinners cry
Please don’t leave us behind
They pleaded and they pined
While the chosen sang and danced up in the sky


I swear to God on my right hand
That I’m not a guilty man
In a room of bars and bricks
The victim of the Devil’s tricks

He came to her in a disguise
He had my hair, he had my eyes
He had her love, he had her trust
Left her to die and turn to dust

By the roadside they found my wife
Barely clinging to her life
Tell us who lead you to your death
She spoke my name with her last breath

I did the Lord’s work in our town
My friends and neighbors gathered ‘round
I hardly knew them as the mob
Who tore me from my house of God

And I swear to God on my right hand
That I’m not a guilty man
White collar’s gone from ‘round my throat
And in its place is a length of rope
I swear to God


A box of pine about six feet long
Bag of lye and a gospel song
Nothing fancy, but it looked just fine
A box of pine and it was mine

A box of pine, twelve rusted nails
Colt .45 and a cold dark jail
Nothing fancy, but it fit the crime
A box of pine and it was mine

Well, I found that cheatin’ bastard
And shot him where he stood
The jury they awarded me this here box of wood

A box of pine to hold my bones
Old rugged cross on my new home
Guess I’ll be here for a long, long time
A box of pine and it was mine

JOLO – Moran

The widows held court like Old Testament Queens
Beat a shimmering clatter on worn tamborines
Electrical spirit grabbed hold of the flock
With a deep breath he thrust his hand in the box

He cried to Jesus don’t let my faith fail
He reached for a fistful of muscle and scale
With eyes rolled back white he started to rock
Drawing a diamond-back out of the box

His arms bore the scars where doubt found its mark
A roadmap of veins running back to his heart

Strange tongues and Mason jars, hot glowing coals
The workings of faith held the young and the old
Then he hit the floor as if made out of lead
Stiff as a board talking out of his head

Flesh turned to meat where fangs found their mark
Veins carried poison straight to his heart

He opened his eyes and got up from the floor
The widows were clapping and praising the Lord
He had enough strength left in him to walk
And have one last look inside the box


Out foul demon spirits out!
Out foul demon spirits out!
Out foul demon spirits, neighbor don’t you fear it
Out foul demon spirits out!

I turned on my TV, switched to Ernest Angely
I tuned in just in time for the affliction line
Out foul demon spirits out

If the spirit you can feel, there ain’t nothin’ he can’t heal
Reverend Angely, I can’t hear! Ernest smacked ‘em in the ear
Out foul demon spirits out

From headaches to hysteria, from Akron to Nigeria
If you’re a sinner or a wretch, just put your hand upon the set
Out foul demon spirits out

Send your love offering in for a personal blessing from him
North, South, East, or West he’s the best TV evangelist
Out foul demon spirits out

TRIPPIN' TRUCKER (original version)- Manning

Well I was flyin’ in my rig down 66 West with a foursquare windowpane swirlin’ through my head, 
my chest was thumpin’, Jerry Reed was a-pumpin’, and I had just picked up a load of pigs . 
I could hear ‘em in the back, man they was a-squealin’, but they was nothing compared to what I was seein’.

Chorus 1:
Oranges, purples, and reds
all rushin’ ‘round my head
Pinks, purples and blues
baby, any color that you choose--
I was a trippin’ trucker, better look out buster!
‘cos I’m a comin’ to your town…

Well I was a buzzin’ fine and havin a good old time when I passed 10 Cadillacs planted in a field sublime; they was nose-first down, tops facing west, I sd, “Damn, this acid is the best.”  
Well it was a far out acid cool-aid test, I couldn’t tell if I was cursed or blessed, cos up ahead I saw a silver shimmerin’ light.  It was a UFO, a blinding sight, comin’ down 66 doin’ 95, I thought, Man, things really gettin’ kinda weird, all right, when I swear it was comin’ straight up that double yellow line.

So I cut the wheel and my truck did skid, and jackknifed and rolled and crashed in a ditch it did, and when it came to a rest I yelled, son of a bitch, I done had myself quite a wreck.  And I was shook up, cos I was fucked up, and the loose pigs was runnin’ for their lives. 
The rig was a-layin’ on its side and but for a few scratches and a bruise I was all right, and then I stumbled, looked up, and then I mumbled, “Good God, what a sight.” 

Chorus #2
I saw a swarm of green and purple men
with big silver fins
They was a-runnin’ all around, hoppin’ up and down
whoopin’ it up and gettin’ down
Runnin’ all around, hoppin’ up and down
whoopin’ it up and gettin’ down--
I was a trippin’ trucker, better look out buster!
Cos we’ll be landing in your town…

Zoomin all around up and down, zoomin all around around up and down, hoppin’ up and down, hoppin’ all around. 

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