A little bit about me....

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my very first web page. I'm a struggling actor who's gotten a few lucky breaks. The following is a sampling of some stuff I've done over the years. Thanks again for stopping by!

The Resume'
Basically the same stuff on the back of my headshot.

A few clips. WARNING!! In the first one I swear twice so it might not be safe for work.

Headshot medshot
Fame LA picture
At MGM studios
Don Wu pic
"Blondes Have More
Detective Wang & dead body pic
Chen family pic
"The Chen Family"

Take a peek at these pictures and projects

Once again I got to play a geeky, nerdy, tech guy in this series of shorts...episode 1 episode 2 episode 3

Toyota ‘Daughter’
In this commercial I was cast as a middle aged dad realizing his daughter isn’t so little anymore... We actually got a teeny tiny bit of press.

Cisco Unified Fabric Innovation
Playing a confused CEO wasn't too much of a stretch as I had *no* idea what my team of engineers was saying...

Supply Frame
A somewhat "Chaplin-esque" online commercial for the above company.

Yes To Clean Face Race
My rather unique take on a new product...

Cisco Secure Mobile Access
In this corporate video for Cisco me and my colleagues help empower mobile workers while reducing risk. We also tend to say "I'm ready..." a lot.

Bamboo Rose
In this online spot, I played a manufacturing supplier. Those GIGANTIC glasses and knit scarf made me look like a cross between a gay Clark Kent and Dr. Bunsun Honeydew with hair!

I was an Intel zombie..
Sort of...

ORACLE Public Cloud
In this video I was a group of programmers who learn that "the cloud" isn't all it's cracked up to be...

How NOT to conduct an employee guidance meeting
Here I played an employee trying to get my boss to listen as I expressed my desire to further my career. He wasn't very supportive and no, I didn't cry...

ORACLE Exadata Smartscan
For this project I was a technician explaining the benefits of flash based memory over traditional disk based memory. I actually understood maybe 1% of what I was saying...

I'm a multi-armed professor of economics!! As though there were any other kind...

All 6 web-isodes where I was a nerdy, geeky, scientist! Originally they were in English (which you can kind of hear) but the fan who put ‘em on YouTube is in Russia(!)

Behind the scenes of SEGALABS
My connection to the MYTHBUSTERS who did the pyrotechnics.

"Speaking of Murder"
A murder mystery in San Francisco after dark...

"Kung Phooey!"
I'm one of the bad guys in this slapstick parody of the Kung Fu genre. KP gets reviewed in VARIETY. There was also a review in kungfucinema.com It's now available via Amazon’s on demand video!!

DVD TIP "Kung Phooey!" will play in any of the newer DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives with no problem. If you do encounter the dreaded glitch towards the end where the picture freezes and goes black here's what you do. Simply 'rewind' the DVD to the point of the 'freeze' and press 'play' when it reaches said point. Don't 'skip' back to the previous chapter as it won't work. If the picture just freezes, take it out and put it in your computer's DVD-ROM drive. The outtakes shown during the credits (mine in particular) are well worth the effort!!

I played a cop in this slapstick parody of zombie movies starring Brinke Stevens

"Eddie's Dead"
I was the title character of the above movie, I also had a full beard and mustache!

Doctor! Doctor!
On the set as Dr. Yee

Don't touch that remote...
A few commercials to look out for

To die and to live...
I'm filled with bullet holes, drowned, and reincarnated as a Communist soldier!

Fred and Bones
pictures of two unforgettable cats

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