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This site features all things Dire. It has pictures, sound clips, interviews, a history, a discography, and more. . . Dire Straits came about in the late 1970's, only to find that they weren't making it because of the punk scene that had risen at the time. Once they made their first album, however, as their songs climbed the charts, and they made more albums, they became more and more popular. . . At this point, Mark Knopfler has only a small group that he calls the real Dire Straits. He hires about 5 other musicians to play on each tour, the 5 being different each time. I wouldn't mind having the pleasure of drumming for Dire Straits on a tour, but, that probably won't happen, since I'm over here in America, and they never come here. Since we never get to see them live, I would highly reccomend buying and watching the "On the Night" concert video. It only has 12 songs on it, but it gives you great feel for Dire Straits, even if you have never seen them.

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