Days of Merriment at Renaissance Faires in Southern California

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Faire Falconry
Faire Owlry
A Sample of My Handy Work! First the pattern for the suede is cut. A piece of leather worthy of carving is than decorated and hand sewn to the suede. The front, back and side pieces of suede are sewn to each other. The bota bag is slipped into the 'pillow case'. The plastic sheath for the dagger is attached to the inside of the suede. The sheath lays between the suede and bota bag.

Here's the overall story of how the bota bag was put together:
I went to an army/navy surplus store to purchase a butt-ugly bota bag. They come in different sizes, in liters I believe.

You'll need to decide between having to refill often and carrying a heavy-ass bag.

I then purchased pig-skin leather and a large piece of some belt-grade leather from a leather hobby shop.

I chose a design, purchased the tools and hammered away.

I hand-sewed a pig-skin cover, attached the tooled belt-grade leather to the cover and then slipped the cover over the butt-ugly bota bag.
My first attempt at a pouch.

And, I would like to point out that I currently do not have any intentions of selling any items that you see here. These were a few pieces that I have done for personal use, friends and family. Although, I am very open to fielding your questions and/or assisting with your creations.
Close up of cover and cheesy knotwork.

The real reason as to why I am not selling leather goods: These items were durable for about a season and a half.

My standards require at least 5 seasons [5 years] of durability. My products failed my test; hence, I chose not to create leather work for a fee.
Achmed's Archery at Hounds of Nobility Faire '97 in Orange County, CA
An example of a Turk costumed required to volunteer for Achmed's Archery
The backside of a Turk costumed required to volunteer for Achmed's Archery
The Aim! RPFS '97
The Bite! RPFS '97
The Swallow and the Savor! RPFS '97

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