MOBsters List

MOB_DonMax> Leader of the gang and powerful
MOB_DonAwesome> The tricky and silly 1
MOB_DonStrider> Good friend from trial an great guy
MOB_DonEARP> Earp was from trial and is great at flag
MOB_Wyatt> Cool guy once you get to know him and great with indian MOB_mattdad> Ever lasting little fart hehe MOB_Hams> Nice guy from trial willing to help out These our the MOBs. Yea you better run.

The Don after MOB on our names is because we were the originals and the others are new, but good.

Thanks For The Help

If it wasnt for my good friends DonStrider, DonMax, DonChief, and especially DOC_Deadly this site would still be a piece of crap. I hope you like our site.

Send any mail here,

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