I hope you download these fantastic levels.These are some of the best in the MOBsters' opinions.
MOBster Island: This is a great level first level to have a shooting cannon,and model weapons both. This map was made by a good friend.
Siege: This level is great for ctf.
Big Town: This is the full sanctuary.
Mexican Village: Don't get blown away.
Devil's Canyon: Here is a pretty cool level.
Western Wars: This is also a good level.
Inferno: It was ok for a while.
Big Gulch: This is a big version of Dry Gulch.
Carlsbad Caverns: Make sure you have a lamp.
Die Hard: Don't fall
Flashes: This is a friend's level.
High Dive: Have a splash.
Falloff: Be careful don't fall OH NOOO!!!!!
Jailbreak: I think you may need some dmite.

The MOBs dare anyone to challenge us to any of these levels. If you don't have those levels please download them.

Here are more levels but some I haven't played
Cowboys: Small level and great for Mary.
Fats House: I havent played here in a while, but it is fun.
Ghost Town: A level I just started playing.This is ok when you have a lot of people.
Escape: I have not pleyed here but I am sure it is good.
High Noon: I have not played here either.
Ice Berg: Don't drown here.
Old Mexico: This is a good level.Almost everyone likes it.
Vietnam: Some pleople like this level,but not me.
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