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From: Max
Date: Wed May 27 14:18:08 1998


ill be back after the summer ends...till then...wayne,chief and strider are the bosses.
all 3 of them have the authority to kick people out or recruit.good luck guys

From: Wildcat (
Date: Sun May 24 02:23:07 1998


Nice page Don.
I want to be on that most wanted page. Let's play sometime!!! See ya in the zone.

From: ESP_kg103 (
Date: Fri May 22 10:13:55 1998

DanMax let me into da MOB ?

hey hey..
i dont know what to talk about so...

the colour of this page is a touch bright
kinda blinding
hehehe just like giving u a hard time
cya 'round

From: Makaveli (www.the
Date: Tue May 19 09:13:08 1998

about nothing

I'm Makaveli THE DON spiritual lirics like the
holly coran, niggaz get shook like 5o my forty five is next to me when we ride for survival

I'm a Don KILLA, lefti die to ,looking out for
donnie bitch when I find you...

I'm the REAL DON

From: Leader
Date: Tue May 19 08:40:24 1998

good bad news

my CPU screen broke which is why i aint on zone for a while...and i have bad news for all :(

From: MOB_DonChief (
Date: Sun May 17 14:42:47 1998

da MOB rox!

Nice page guys!Keep up the good work.cya around!

From: MOB_Hams (
Date: Sun May 17 11:12:43 1998

Stay young at heart........

......And your dreams will never die.You can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it.As you can see by this web site! COOL!! Great tunes too.Keep up the suberb work.
P.S. Your still a punk LOL

From: VBB_Annie_Oakly
Date: Wed May 13 18:02:35 1998

This is a great web site Don!

From: SWE_Loke
Date: Wed May 13 07:48:08 1998

hehe... what i meant ?... hmm... well now i have been to your page twice.... ;-)

Go take a look here....
thats the Z-Master ladder...

From: SWE_Loke
Date: Tue May 12 17:07:00 1998

The last Z-Master has been here....

From: MOB_Leader
Date: Mon May 11 22:04:59 1998



From: MOB_DonEARP (
Date: Sun May 10 21:37:36 1998


HEY DonMax and Awesome you did great for a few hours to spend on the page!Oh yeah I am no that great at flag but I am one of DonMax's good friends:) Aight all peace

p.s. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: MOB_GodFather
Date: Sun May 10 21:19:55 1998

tsk tsk

a little egotistical are we wayne?

From: MOB_DonBigShot (
Date: Sun May 10 17:36:25 1998

Our site rules

Dang i love our site. I think it is pretty nice.

From: olmaster (
Date: Sun May 10 16:57:48 1998

Copiers from hell!!!!!!!

Eventhough Donmax is one of my Best friends on the Internet, he still copied me and my brother's gang idea. The page is cool!!! I could do better though!! hehehehehehe

From: MOB_mattdad (
Date: Sun May 10 16:28:22 1998

cool page

what a cool page Mobsters exellent job MOB_DonAwesome and MOB_DonMax

From: olmaster (
Date: Sun May 10 16:27:02 1998

Copiers from hell!!!!!!!

Eventhough Donmax is one of my Best friends on the Internet, he still copied me and my brother's gang idea. The page is cool!!! I could do better though!! hehehehehehe

From: MOB_DonWyatt (Unkown, Muhaha)
Date: Sun May 10 15:47:35 1998

What a great gang I have joined

Nice page, Im proud to be part of this organization

From: KJBD_WildBill (
Date: Sun May 10 13:40:44 1998

in responce to most wanted list

me a showoff?i don't think i realy am,but it is flattering to be on this page.i tell u what the next time i play u i will try to go EASY on u hehehehehehee

From: MOB_DonMax
Date: Sun May 10 12:42:50 1998


Wayne,bibbs...exellent job...IT WAS MY IDEA FOR THE TOP 5!!!

From: DOC_Deadly (
Date: Sun May 10 02:42:10 1998

What do ya think?

I didn't do that bad a job on this webpage in such a short time did I? hehehehehe... come pay DOC_Deadly a visit sometime. Always pays to have the MOB on your side :)

From: ICP_Milenko (
Date: Sun May 10 02:04:39 1998


i see that i'm one of those top 5, your gonna pay for this one! by the way, not bad of a page :)

From: MOB_DonStrider (
Date: Sat May 9 23:21:54 1998


nice job wayne!...I will update my links page to show this site....keep up the good work

From: Pat(Hams) (
Date: Sat May 9 23:11:07 1998

Whas UP !!!!!!

I found it.

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