JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP                    PLACE    MONTH                        CAUSE OF
NAME                                  AGE SEX  BIRTH      DIED     OCC.            DEATH
CHRISTIAN WITTER           16    f        Baden    March    Servant            Scarlet fever
ELIZABETH WITTER           17    f        Baden    Apr.       servant             Scarlet fever
ELIZABETH                      1/12    f        Iowa    Feb.                                   unknown
PDALMI BALL                 1    f             Iowa    Sept                                Diarhea
JOHN L CAPPS                     2    m       Iowa    Feb                                 Inflamation of Lung
CHARLOTTE COX         10/12     f       Iowa    Aug                                    "           "      "
PHILLIP HERMAN               1      m      Iowa    Feb.                                Croop
FREDERICK H??                 28     m    Bavaria Nov             f Laborer           unknown
WILLIAM HEMAN             27      m    Hessan   March        farmer            Lung fever
ANTHONY BREWETT      84    m        Canada    July        A?t??? farmer    old age
FANNY THOMPSON       8/12   f        Iowa    May                                    unknown
MARY L TUCKER               1     f           Iowa    Feb.                                    Croop

CATHERINE HAYES        61    f            Ireland    Sept.                                Dropsey
MICHAEL "                        33    m          "             Oct.        farmer                Consumption
HUGH ROONEY                 1    m          Iowa       July                                   Diarhea
THOMAS KEOUGH          41    m         Ireland     Apr         farmer                Apopl??y
BRIDGET KEENEY            40    f          Ireland     Aug                                    unknown
GEORGE SLICK                 58    m        Prussia     Jany        farmer                accidental ????
JOHN SCHMIDT                 1    m         Iowa        March                               unknown
PETE ?ANDEL                     70   m        Prussia     March      Day laborer       old age
MARGARET KNIPLING    28   f           Prussia     May                                  comsumption
ELIZABETH LANING      4/12   f           Iowa        Feb                                   unknown

JOHN CONLEY                    1      m       Iowa          Jan                                      croop
MARTHA O HAMLIN        17       f        Ohio          Nov                                    typhoid fever
MARY HALLBERS            1/12     f        Iowa          Aug                                    unknown
THEO SCHLECHT             51       m      Oldenberg   Dec        farmer                  Cholier
ANNA BRUNSMAN         2/12    f         Iowa           Apr                                   diarhea
JAMES CARPENTER        17        m      Ohio            Jan        d laborer              typhoid fever
WILLIAM SPUTTON         4/12     m      Iowa           Oct                                   unknown
RICHARD NICHOLS         8?        m      Ireland         Sept      retired farmer      old age
ANNA RITTLNIGS            20        f        Luxenberg   Sept      servant                Brilins fever

A D ANDERSON               4        m           Iowa            July                                Lung fever
HENRY DECAMP            49        m          New York    Aug     farmer                 Cholier
JAMES HAGGARTY        70        m          Ireland          Jan         "                        old age
SUSAN WILEMUTT        28        f            Kentucky      July                                Dropsey