The Dragon Queen's Award of Excellence

Some people may think that the web has too many awards floating around, ones that don't mean a thing, that don't accomplish anything. They say that these things are a desperate cry for attention, and only serve to promote a web page.

So what!!??

I believe that awards do serve a purpose. They do promote web pages, but it is only those that the owner of the award feels is good enough to carry that award. When I look at pages with awards on them, I don't see crummy pages that are shabbily done. I see masterpieces, works that I can look at and get ideas for my own growing page. It is also a motivator in that it gets people to make their pages as nice as possible.

In this spirit, I have established my own award. This award is presented solely to the web pages that I believe to be deserving of the honor. Each page, however, must follow my set guideline:

1. The theme of the page must be either science fiction of fantasy, or relate to that theme.

2. There can be no pornographic material on the page, whether in pictures or in writing. Scantily clad women, or women posed in such a way as to seem erotic is considered pornographic.

3. The page must be in some way educational. There are many different types of educational pages; you can pick whatever you wish in this category.

4. There can be no racist, sedicious, or foul language in any part of the web page. If, after you win this award, such language is found you will be asked to remove the logo from your page and your name taken off the award's index. You must reapply for your page to be reconsidered.

If you fit these criteria, please email me and I'll take a look at your page. If I'm not back to you in less than two weeks it'll probably mean your page didn't quite fit the requirements. I do, however, try to make it a point to inform you either way.

If your page fits the above requirements, and you get the award, please save this picture here:

then put it on your page with the following tag. It should look like this:

<A HREF=""><img src="dqsaward.gif" alt="The Dragon Queen's Award of Excellence" border="0"></a>

I would ask that you please do not change the graphic, nor remove the award's URL from the sequence. Thank you.

Index of Winners

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